Multifunctional Thresher

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Detailed Multifunctional Thresher Description:

Multifunctional Thresher
Multilfunctional Thresher model GGTK-25 ,35 ,45 , show the characters as fellows ,
1 . Mult function , for wheat , rice , corn , legume etc .
2 . Repeat shelling ,
3 . The shelling yield is high .
4 .Bagging with 20 bags , save works .
Model GGTK-25
Motor Y90S ,Y90L-2 power
Weight 60 kg
Rotating speed of main axis(r/min) 1730 1000 600
Shelling yield (kg/h) Wheat RICE Corn
200-300 300-400 800-1000
Outline Dimension (mm) 930*600*990 mm
Model GGTK-35
Outline dimension (mm) Bagging model 1380*1150*1180
Normal model 1380*760*1145
Weight Bagging model 120 kg
Normal model 110 kg
Shelling yield Wheat Rice Corn
300-500 250-450 300-400
Rotating speed of main axis(r/min) 1636-1690 883-947 510-545
Motor Y112M-4 Motor or 5-12 Housepower (diesel engine)

Model GGTK-45
Outline dimension (mm) Bagging model 1470*1190*1380
Normal model 1470*950*1380
Weight Bagging model 150 kg
Normal model 120 kg
Shelling yield Wheat legume Corn
400-600 400-600 3000-4000
Rotating speed of main axis(r/min) 1410 1000 500
Motor Y132S-4 Motor or 8-12 Housepower (diesel engine)

Multifunctional Thresher
  • Model: GGTK
  • Packing: wooden packing as export standard
  • Terms of Payment: T/T,L/C,Western union
  • Delivery Time: 7 working days
  • Products ID: 51615
  • Product Category: Agriculture Products Processing
  • Post date: Mar 27, 2011
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Multifunctional Thresher in china .


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Henan Gelgoog Commercial &Trading Co., LTD
Address: Yufeng industry area
Region: Zheng zhou/Henan, china
Contact Person: Lily Feng
Telephone: 86--371--86110690

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