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Detailed Biodegradable Resin Description:


BSR-06 granule is film blowing grade, it is suitable for manufacture all sorts of anti-static packing purpose, e.g. Shopping bags, T-shirt bags, Die-cut bags, Trash bags, Zipper bags, tear-on-roll bags, electronic products packaging, electronic appliance packaging, agricultural mulch film, etc. etc.

Product Feature
BSR Granules are in light yellow and come in cylinder and round shape, with slight fragrance.
They absorb moisture easily and are easily biodegradable by microbes. They are anti-static.
The processing temperature of them is lower than that of conventional plastic. They are easily colored.
Product Testing:
Compliance with ISO148551999
The biodegradable rate is 62% in 122days
Test report from China National Center for Quality Supervision & Test of Plastics Products can be provided.
Free heavy metal - SGS (REACH) Test Report can be provided.

Recommended Applications:
BSR resin can be directly molded into finish products.
Its melt flow rate is 0.8-1.05g/10min

Processing Technology:
Newly molded products feel crispy and fragile due to severe dehydration during production. After 24hours of curing time, molded properties and hardness will increase noticeably.
It also can be mixed with LDPE, LLDPE well.

Due to the high starch content, the resin easily absorbs moisture. So it needs to be stored in a dry environment. The package should be sealed properly to prevent the ingress of moisture.
Its processing temperature is 10-15degree lower than that of LDPE. During processing, the temperature is correct when corn starch fragrance can be smelled at the hopper.
It can be easily biodegradable into soil friendly substances in microbial environment.
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Biodegradable Resin
  • Model: BSR-06
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  • Post date: Nov 6, 2010
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