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Detailed Multifunctional Seed Drill Description:

Corn/Soybean/Peanut Planter Features
1. Labor-saving: The planter is labor-saving that it can be driven by tractor, so one person is enough to operate it.
2. High Efficiency: The planter has adopted normal tank to contain the seeds, thus it could work with high speed. If the plant space is not less than 20cm, working speed could reach 8km/hour.
3. High Precision of Sowing: The qualified data reaches more than 90% with coherent sowing depth and distance;
4. Adjustable sowing space.You can adjust the plant spacing through the seed round or the chain gear. Also, there is no need to adjust the front big wheel when adjusting the sprocket in case of the drop of the chain.

Corn Planter Structure Features
1. We have adopted special senior ABS seeder, which is strong, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Also, it's equipped with wear-resistant nylon sleeve(which has already been awarded the national patent) to prevent the rust of shaft and seed metering device.
2. It applies streamline combined sharp opener, which will reduce the power consumption. Moreover, the ditching foot has employed unique cast steel. The narrow toes is made of alloy with high abrasion resistance. Thus it will extend the life of the opener.
3. Fertilizer can applies glass-reinforced plastics or stainless steel with beautiful appearance. The bottom of the fertilizer adopts upside pyramid shape, facilitating to exhaust fertilizer.
4. The beam axle is equipped with anti-twisting roller device, which can prevent twisting of wheat straw and rank grass, then make the work more easier. In addition, it has introduced the profiling function, that is, the machine could floating with the floor. Thus the machine can make contour plant either on flat, valley or sloping land, and the planting depth is consistent.
5. The transmission axles of each row are contacted as a whole, driving with consistent turn speed. The transmitting power is strong, even though one of the row ground wheels slips suddenly, it can not affect the normal sowing.

Multifunctional Seed Drill
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Multifunctional Seed Drill in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Amisy Farming Machinery
Address: SOKEYUFA Building, NO.26 Jingliu Road,Zhengzhou,CHINA Policy Map
Region: Zhengzhou, China
Contact Person: Aimee Lin
Telephone: +86-371-65866393

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