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Detailed Oilseeds Roaster oilseeds Cooking Machine Description:

Three points pressing and seven points roasting materials. Choosing a reliable oilseeds roasting machine is very important.The oilseeds roasting machine is suitable to roast cottonseeds, soy beans, sesames, peanuts, sunflower seeds and rapeseeds etc before oil pressing and helps improve oil yield.
Oilseeds Roasting Machine Features
●Simple structure, easy operation.
●Time and labour saving, high efficiency.
●Even and uniform heating can ensure the seeds roasting quality.
Oilseeds Roasting Machine Structure and Working Principle
Oilseeds roasting machine mainly consists of rack, transmission set, reduction gear, steaming pot and in-and-out tube. Stir the oilseeds for certain time in the roasting machine. When the temperature rises, the raw oil molecules soften gradually. The half liquid oil molecules are easier for pressing, and can improve the oil yield, decrease the machine parts wear.

Oilseeds Roaster oilseeds Cooking Machine
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