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Detailed PSTN GSM Wireless Telephone Description:

Main Functions: 2-1 Base Unit  ? Supporting GSM-900MHz&GSM-1800MHz  digital mobile communication network  ? SMS function. ? 32 pre-dialing numbers. ? Rejecting the incoming call function. ? Adjusting the volume of handset and handfree. ? Supporting redialing, HF, and dialing back functions. ? Supporting inter-communication between handset and handfree of base unit. ? One base unit can be with four handsets at most. ? Connecting external power adapter with rechargeable battery.  ? Displaying date, time, week, battery status, and signal strength on the LCD. ? Displaying the numbers and current talk time of received calls and dialed calls on the LCD. ? Making local calls, mobile phones, domestic calls and international calls. ? Many kinds of   chords and no sound for you to choose and chords volume can be adjusted. ? Storing, searching and deleting 16 groups of missed calls, received calls and dialed calls. 2-2 Handset ? Locking keypad. ? Adjusting the contrast light of LCD. ? Supporting HF, redial and dial back function. ? Conferences function among base unit, handset and incoming call. ? 10 groups of dialed calls records for you to search, delete and dial back. ? 10 groups of incoming calls records for you to search, delete and dial back. ? Many kinds of melody ring for selection and you can adjust the volume or close the ring tone. ? Displaying date, time, week, signal strength, and battery status on the LCD. ? Handset to handset, handset to base unit can communicate with each other and call transference with complete dual-work mode. ? Multi-voice channels that when you will make calls by base unit or handset, others also can make intercom among handsets or base unit. ? You can save 50 groups of phone numbers in phone book. 3. Technology Perameters Environment Temperature: -10??~40?? Relative Humidity: 10%~95% Atmospheric Pressure: 86~106kpa Base Unit:                                                               Handset:     Working Power: DC5V 1000mA               Charge Power: DC5V 600mA     Back-up Battery: Rechargeable battery     Back-up Battery: Rechargeable battery Standby Time: 24h Talk Time: 3h  Annotation: Talk time and standby time is according to the local network.

PSTN GSM Wireless Telephone
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of PSTN GSM Wireless Telephone in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Address: No.14 Hai 2Rd, Guicheng Nanhai District,Foshan
Region: Foshan, China
Contact Person: PETER
Telephone: 86-757-86228930

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