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Detailed Soybean Extruder Description:

1. The machine is mainly used for extrusion of Soybean, Maize (Corn), Rcie and pretreatment of grease industry with featuring cooking, sterilizing, extruding, dehydrating and stabilizing functions.
2. 130-150 celsius degree material cooking temperature is reachable without conditioner or boiler due to its self-heating while working. After extruded, the product could be pressed for long time owing to its appropriate moisture. And it could be packed directly after cooled.
3. The feeder is all made of stainless steel, the bearings increase the working life of machine and the worn-out components are made of special alloy to reduce the cost of components for customers.

Soybean Extruder
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Soybean Extruder in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Hebei Nanpi Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd
Address: No.72, West Guangming Road
Region: Nanpi, Hebei, China
Contact Person: Mr. zhou
Telephone: 86-317-8864245

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