Super Critical Fluid Extraction

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Detailed Super Critical Fluid Extraction Description:

The extraction Process: The residue consists all other substances that are present in the feed The oil soluble substances are a range of chemicals with different molecular weights. They exhibit a solubility pattern inversely proportional to their molecular weights at any given temperature and pressure. The presence of different organic substituted groups also affects the solubility. Lower molecular weight components are extracted faster and have higher solubility in CO2, while higher molecular weight components have a lower solubility and consequently lower extraction rates. Once the extract is obtained, it is clarified, and water is separated out and the material is filled in containers. This extract is called the total extract. Sometimes there is a need to separate the low boiling essential oils or other active ingredients from the high boiling components of the combined total extract. This can be done using our liquid supercritical fractionation column. This is a continuous operation w. R. T. Both the extract and CO2. The bottom end of the fractionator is a mixture of unextracted material.

Super Critical Fluid Extraction
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