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Detailed tea seed powder tea seed meal Description:

The application of tea seed powder .
Tea seed powder is the by product of the camellia oil, it is produced after extracting the camellia oil. The camellia powder contains 12-18%tea Saponin, it can be used in Cleaning up the Pond in Aquaculture; killing snail, insects; getting rid of the pests in the lawn, especially it can be use in golf course.
The tea seed powder is good for getting out of the shrimp shell, fatting the water, it also can be used as organic fertilizer, ecology agricultural chemicals and so on.
The tea seed powder ,Cleaning up the Pond in Aquaculture:
tea Saponin has strong toxicity to fishes,but it is harmless to shrimp.it is because that there are different hemoglobin between fish and shrimp, the fish contains heme,while the shrimp contains copper hemocyanin and the tea saponin mainly reponse to heme.
method of application:
Use tea seed powder 30-40g per cubic meter water, the useless fish will be killed in three to four hours.
The tea seed powder , after being hydrolyzing, is no pollluation and no residual poison; the remainder still contain abundant crude protein,which would be the nourishment of water-based creatures,and then water creatures become the food of shrimp,so it can help shrimp growth more quickly. So ,the tea seed meal is the best material for Cleaning up the Pond in Aquaculture.

tea seed powder tea seed meal
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