[TP832] GSM Wireless Metal PABX System

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Detailed [TP832] GSM Wireless Metal PABX System Description:

Model: CDX-TP832 PABX System (metal covers) Capacity:  Card expandable structure From 4 to 8 CO lines, 16 to 32 extensions.  2 CO line ports in per CO line card.  8 extension line ports in per extension line card.  Main Features:  1. Switch power 2. Backup battery interface (optional) 3. Billing software (optional) 4. Transfer caller ID (optional) 5. Intercom caller ID (optional) 6. Auto-attendant (DISA: 20s three paragraphs) 7. Auto/Operator mode 8. Automatic CO line detected 9. External music input on holding 10. Day/Night mode (optional) 11. Real time clock (optional) 12. Doorbell & door open function (optional) 13. Alarmclock (optional) 14. Private password 15. CO line transfer to CO line 16. External broadcasting interface (optional) 17. Keyphone interface (optional) 18. Intelligent Routing (LCR) (optional) 19. Four exts. Groups (optional) 20. Call switch(call pick during conversation) (optional) 21. Wireless terminal board (optional) Basic Functions:  1. Multiple communication line 2. Normal transform power 3. Power failure transfer 4. External line caller ID 5. Internal music on holding 6. Remote programming 7. Memory protect while power off 8. System password 9. Multiple dial-out mode 10. External line group 11. Call duration control 12. Call pickup 13. Outgoing call transfer 14. Call transfer 15. Call forwarding 16. Flexible coding (change ext. No. ) 17. Do not disturb 18. Automatic Ext. Reporting 19. Flash time choice 20. Ringing assignment 21. Call restriction 22. Three way conference 23. Call all extensions 24. Specific CO line dialing 25. Ring identify 26. CO line booking 27. CO line reservation 28. Operator setting 29. CO line monitor Packing Details:  Weight: 1.7~2.0 KGS/PC  Quantity: 5pcs in one carton  Giftbox size: 41x29x9cm  Carton size: 43.5x42x31.5cm

[TP832] GSM Wireless Metal PABX System
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of [TP832] GSM Wireless Metal PABX System in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Address: No.14 Hai 2Rd, Guicheng Nanhai District,Foshan
Region: Foshan, China
Contact Person: PETER
Telephone: 86-757-86228930

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