Aerosol Insecticide

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Detailed Aerosol Insecticide Description:

Our aerosol insecticide aerosol is refined with solvent of kerosene and acohol which was more environmentally friendly.and iti kills mosquitoes,flies,and cockroaches to create an healthier,more comfortable living environment for you.Surely ,it smells nice,and no harm to you .

Aerosol Insecticide
  • Model: 400ml,600ml
  • Packing: Export Standard
  • Terms of Payment: T/T,T/C
  • Delivery Time: 30 Days
  • Products ID: 39110
  • Product Category: Agrochemicals & Pesticides
  • Post date: Apr 11, 2010
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Aerosol Insecticide in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Nanchang Merrill Lynch Tank Co., Ltd.
Address: 1st Jinsha Street , Xiaolan Economic Development Zone
Region: Nanchang, Jiangxi, China
Contact Person: Mr. Qiangping Gao
Telephone: 86-791-5297599