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Detailed Fertilizer with Magnesium and Boron Description:

Boron is one of seven micronutrients essential to all plants growth. Its role was recognized in worldwide range of crops, it is found upon the scientific detecting that the standard content of boron in soils should be 8ppm.But in fact, boron deficiency in the soil is becoming a focus concerned people worldwide, because of boron deficiency, some crops won't growth healthy and suffer the disease of the heart rot, crown rot, bark measles and stem crack, directly result in the heavy losses in the agriculture. As one kind of nutritional elements, Magnesium plays important role to the healthy crops growth too. As we known, Magnesium is a necessary ingredient in chlorophyll, Magnesium deficiency will surely affect the healthy growth, and hinder the forming of carbohydrate, protein and vegetable fat in the plants. Magnesium is activator for enzymes too. The plants will have deep roots and luxuriant leaves with adequate supply of magnesium. Our product, Fertilizer with Magnesium and Boron is a special multi-function fertilizer, ideally suited to the manufacture of compound fertilizer, it will ensures an adequate supply of magnesium and boron .The product is the popular fertilizer due to its immediate and sustained efficiency.

Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Fertilizer with Magnesium and Boron in Shanxi, China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Jiaocheng Knlan Chemical Co., Ltd.
Address: Yiwang Village
Region: Jiaocheng, Shanxi, China
Contact Person: Mr. Yu
Telephone: 86-351-8274488

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