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List extensive product information of Fertilizer (include Compound Fertilizer, Nitrogen Fertilizer, Organic Fertilizer, Phosphate Fertilizer, Potassium Fertilizer, Urea), provided by Fertilizer manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Seaweed Powder For Fertilizer
The main component: Carbohydrates 50-55%. Protein 6-12% ; fat 2-3% ; Alginic Acid 25.3-28.4% ; Ash 20-39% Laminarin 3.2-11.6% ; Moisture 8-13% Mannit 3.8-5.6% ; Fiber 5-10% ; Methylpentosan 6.5-8.7% ; Salt 2-10% ; Undefined sugars 11.5-13.4%. Amino acid content: Lysine.4.9 ; Alanine.11.79 ; Histidine.6.64 ; Valine..2.22 ; Arginine.12.56 ; Methionine3.38 ; Aspartic Acid.6.9 ; Isoleucine7.77 ; Threonine.2.8 ; Tyrosine. 8.2 ; Serine..4.42 ;Phenylalanine..5.78 ; Glutamine acid10.0 ; ...
Product Group: Seaweed Fertilizer
Company: Sanonda Zhengzhou Pesticide Co., Ltd    China

Organic Fertilizer
It is a natural, solid organic fertilizer for plants growth, is a mixed organic ingredients of high quality as manufactured by the advanced fermented process, contains humus, nitrogen, phosphor, kalium, ect, keeps the normal growth of plants consistently by providing necessary nutrition ingredients. It is an economical and convenient product for vegetable, crop, fruit, lawn, etc..
Product Group: Organic Fertilizer
Company: Qingdao Continent Biotech Co., Ltd.    China

Potassium Humate
Potassium humate fine grade. Appearance: shine black crystal powder. Soluble matter in water (dry base): 95.0%min. Humic acid (dry base): 75.0%min. K2O (dry base): 12.0%min. Moisture: 15.0%max. PH: 9.0-10.0. Size between 0.1-1.0mm: 95.0%min
Company: Liaoning Putian Technology Co., L    China

NPK fertilizer
NPK: 15/15/15 basic type, other type following customers requirements. Size: 2-5mm 90%min. Color: Grey, brown, black, green, red, yellow, etc. Raw material: Nitrogen Fertilizer, MAP, MOP, SOP, etc. Application: The NPK fertilizer can supply the plants with three major elements, nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus for its growth and productiveness. N (nitrogen) promotes leaf growth and forms proteins and chlorophyll. P (phosphorus) contributes to root, flower and fruit development. K ...
Product Group: Npk
Company: Qingdao Qintai Industrial Products Co., Ltd.    China

Calcium Nitrate (Granular)
It is white granular and easily soluble in water. Applications: It is a new nitrogenous and calcareous fertilizer with characteristics of high efficiency and quickly make-up Nitrogen, applied in greenhouse and large-area farmland. It improves the soil and granulates the soil making it anti-caking. When employed in industrial crops, flowers, fruits and vegetables, it extends florescence, spurs the root, the stem and the leaf to grow normally, guarantees fruits in gay colors and increases ...
Product Group: Calcium Nitrate
Company: Jiaocheng Knlan Chemical Co., Ltd.    Shanxi, China

Chemical name: Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, ferric sodium complex. CAS-No: 15708-41-5. Formula: EDTA-FeNa. 3H2O (C10H12FeN2NaO8). Molecular weight: 421.1. Characteristics & Application: it is a stable water soluble metal chelate, mainly used In agriculture and horticulture and iron is present in a chelated form, it is a kind of foliar fertilizer/micronutrient. Appearance: yellow crystalline powder. Specification: Iron chelated: % 12.5. Water insoluble: % 0.05max. PH value (1% ...
Company: Sichuan Highlight Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.    China

Formula: (NH4)2HPO4 ; Molecular weight: 132.0 ; Appearance: White crystalline powder. Specification: Assay. (NH4)2HPO4 % 99min. P2O5: .% 53.0min. N:.% 20.8min. PH of 1% solution: 7.8-8.2 Water solubles:% 0.1max. Moisture: % 0.15max.
Company: Sichuan Highlight Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.    China

Prill Tower Compound Fertilizer
1) NPK fertilizer: 100% water soluble ; 2) N=nitrogen, P=phosphorus, K=potassium ; 3) NPK 15-15-15, NPK 16-16-16, NPK 17-17-17, NPK 18-18-18, NPK 22-5-13, NPK 25-12-8, NPK 30-5-5.
Product Group: Compound Fertilizer
Company: Stanley Fertilizer Co., Ltd    China

Nitrogen Fertilizer
Nitrogen fertilizer from neem seed neem cake: Fertilizer comes from the residue left after neem seed kernels are crushed to extract key pest control ingredients, including neem oil. Containing biological active and degradable allelochemicals such as nimbidin and thionemone, some growers notice reduced incidence of soil nematodes after the application of neem cake. Analysis can be as high as 5-1-1. Application rates: use 600 lb / acre around the root zone at seeding or transplant time or use ...
Product Group: Nitrogen Fertilizer
Company: Ultimate Merchandise Ventures Limited    Nigeria

Liquid Microbial Manure (liquid fertilizer )
Ingredients: Liquid fermentation product of Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus Licheniformis. Total live microbials: 2.0x109 CFUs per milliter. Contains no hazardous components. Functions and Benefits: Growth and development promotion. Improvement of fertilizer efficiency 20%. Improvement of absorb 15%. Stimulating the immune system of plants. Protection of plants and prevention of harmful bacterial infections. Improves the quality of plant products such as the tomato, cucumber, apple etc. ...
Company: Qingdao Continent Biotech Co., Ltd.    China

Vedagro Fertilizer
Vedagro Pellet is the organic fertilizer with the highest nutrient contents in its class. Besides can replace urea and potassium it is also formulated with high grade macro & micro nutrients, Amino acids, and vitamins that very useful for plants. Vedagro is suits to use in any kind of plants and has been proven successful applicated in Paddy, Oil Palm, Sugar Cane, Coffee, Chili, Corn, Rubber Tree, Tea, Tobacco, Clove, Cacao, Tapioca, Vegetables & Fruits such as Tomatoo, Carrot, ...
Product Group: Organic Fertilizer
Company: BUMI SARI PRIMA PT    Indonesia

seaweed fertilizer
It mainly used on the spraying for the plants leaves.Seaweed fertilizer is an efficient green and new type of fertilizer.The main raw materials,which consist of plentiful nutriments and some special biochemical components, are economic algae in the sea.There is no poisonous, harmlesss,no pollution. It can be applicable to wide use.It can meliorate resistance of plants to stress,such as cold, disease,raise the yield and and improve the quality of plannts.
Product Group: Seaweed Fertilizer
Company: BUMI SARI PRIMA PT    Indonesia

Organic Enzyme
Super Organic Enzyme. 1. Reduce, avoid, and stop the rices straw and stubble burning.2. Decrease the number and the spreading of golden apple snails. 3. Inhibit the growth of Khao Deed (jumping rice), weedy rice and grass seeds. 4. Help loosing, softening and raising the soil structure, and also increase nutrient in the soil. 5. Save the fertilizer cost up to 80%. 6. Decrease the production cost down by more than 50%. Super Organic Enzyme Inoculants Extract from up to 40 herbs without any ...
Product Group: Organic Enzyme
Company: Xiamen Vison Chemical Co., Ltd    China

Biogrowth Organic Fertilizer
A new concept agricultural multi-action formula fertilizer. Utilizes natural vegetative extract components to inhibit or impair the basic biological functions of insects or fungi and at the same time, enhancing the growth of the plant. Active Constituents: Neem oil and natural pine extracts. BioGROWTH MultiAction does not contain any toxic elements and therefore leaves no toxic residue on vegetables and fruits. Fungicidal Property: BioGROWTH MultiAction is a systemic fungistat which confers ...
Product Group: Organic Fertilizer
Company: Zhejiang Sunrise Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.    China

Azospirillum Bio-Fertilizer
Azospirillum is the associate symbiotic nitrogen fixer, aerobic free living does the job of making the atmospheric nitrogen available to various crops. This nitrogen-fixing bacterium when applied to the soil undergoes multiplication in billions and fixes atmospheric nitrogen in the soil (plant root region). Advantage: Nitrogen fixation in the rhizosphere through the action of nitrogenase enzyme. Fortification of the soils with bacterial metabolites and by secreting growth promoters. ...

Mono-Ammonium Phosphate
Molecular formula: NH4H2PO4. Relative molecular weight: 115. Property: White granular crystal; relative density at 1.803, melting point at 190 , easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in ketone, PH value of 1% solution is 4.5. Specifications: Nitrogen: 11% min. Available P2O5: 44% min. Moisture: 2% max. Particle Size 90% min. between 1mm 4mm, Color Brown. Free Flowing, Free from harmful substances. Use: It contains N and P2O5 nutritious elements and almost can be ...
Product Group: Mono-Ammonium Phosphate
Company: Dahuachem International Economic & Trade Corp    China

Mono Potassium Phosphate 98% Min
Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate; Monopotassium Phosphate. [molecular formula] KH2PO4. [molecular weight] 136. 09. Specifications. Industrial grade Food grade. Appearance White crystals. Main content, >=% 99. 0 99. 0. Phosphorus pent-oxide, >=% 52. 0 52. 0. Potassium oxide, as K2O, >=% 34. 0 34. 0. Water insoluble, <=% 0. 1 0. 05. Chloride, as CL, <=% 0. 2 0. 02. Moisture, <=% 0. 2 0. 2. Heavymetals, as Pb, <=% 0. 001. Arsenic, as As, <=% 0. 0003. Fluoride, as F, <=% ...
Company: Dahuachem International Economic & Trade Corp.    Indonesia

Map, DAP, Mkp, Up
We supply: Monosodium phosphate, tech / food grade. Disodium phosphate, tech / food grade. Trisodium phosphate, tech / food grade. Sodium hexametaphosphate, tech / food grade. Monoammonium phosphate, 99% min, Diammonium phosphate, 98% min. Monopotassium phosphate, 99% min, Dipotassium phosphate, 98% . Potassium nitrate, 13-0-45, Urea phosphate, 17-44-0. Sodium pyrophosphate, Sodium Tripolyphosphate and other fine chemicals.
Company: Dahuachem International Economic & Trade Corp.    Indonesia

Phosphate Rock
Moisture<3.00 ; Bone Phosphate of Lime 84.65-85.00 ; Phosphate as P2O5 38.74 ; Calcium as C2O 52.43 ; Iron as Fe2O3 0.18 ; Aluminium as AL2O3 0.34 ; Fluoride as F 2.75 ; Magnesium as Mg0 0.29 ; Carbon CO3 as Ca CO3 5.55 ; Carbon Organic as C 0.4 ; Sodium as Na2O 0.2 ; Sulphur as SO3 0.28 ; Silica as SiO2 0.16 ; Cholride as Cl 32 ; Cadmium as Cd 90 ; CaO as P2O5 1.35 ; Bulk Density 1.6t/m3 ; 2" Citric Acid Soluble as P2O5 - 9.5" ; Neutral Ammonium Citrate Soluble as P2O5 - 4.2"
Company: AMC COX Commodities Group    Australia

Map, Fmp, Ssp, Mkp, Dcp, Mdcp, TCP NPK, Edta, Eddha Fertilizers: one of the TOP suppliers of Rock Phosphate RP, Mono-Ammonium Phosphate MAP fertilizer, Fused Magnesium Phosphate FMP fertilizer and Single Super Phosphate SSP fertilizer, Mono Potassium Phosphate MKP fertilizer, NPK water soluble fertilizer, EDTA & EDDHA micronutrients fertilizer, Mono-Ammonium Phosphate MAP, tech grade, Dicalcium phosphate DCP, Mono Dicalcium Phosphate MDCP, Tri Calcium Phosphate TCP and Resorcinol. Our ...
Company: AMC COX Commodities Group    Australia

Fulvic Acid
Main Function: Fulvic Acid is a kind of short carbon chain molecule extractible from the natural humic acid. It is of high loading capacity and biological activity. Appearance: Brown powder. Application: Fulvic Acid applied in agriculture and gardening industry, have benefit as following: (1) Chelating ordinary amount and trace nutrient material can make it be used by plant much better, (2) Preventing plant from disease, enhance anti-waterlogging.(3) Stimulate microcosmic biology ...
Company: Mudanjiang Fengda Chemicals Import and Export Corporation    China

Humic Acid Potassium
Humic acid potassium is a high polymer heterogeneous aromatic hydroxyl carboxylic acid salt. It is black powder soluble in water and is of weak alkalescence. It comprises hydroxyl, carboxylic acid salt and nitro etc. Active groups. Specification: Humic acid (dry basis) 50.0%min. Potassium content (k2o dry basis) 8.0%min. Moisture 15.0%max. Ph 8.0-9.5. Appearance: Black powder. Application rates: In agriculture: After this product is combined with nitrogen, phosphorus which are essential for ...
Product Group: Potassium Fertilizer
Company: Mudanjiang Fengda Chemicals Import and Export Corporation    China

Potassium Humate
Potassium Humate is a Potassiumsalt of Humic Acid. It is used as regulator of plant nutrition. Itincreases the effectiveness of the mineral fertilizers, ensuring that nutrientsare better used, so that it is possible to reduce the quantity of fertilizersused. An increase in yield has been reported in 90% of thecases where Potassium Humate has beenused. The quality of the yield is improved, it reduces the amount of nutrientsthat is washed out of the soil, and increases the soils ability to ...
Product Group: Potassium Humate
Company: Stanley Fertilizer Co., Ltd    China

Prilled Urea N46%
Specification: Prilled Urea N46% ; Prilled, free flowing,100% treated against caking ; Non-clotted - free from harmful substances ; Nitrogen:46% minimum ; Moisture:0.5% maximum ; Biuret:1.0% maximum ; Melting point:132 degree Celsius ; Colour: Pure white ; Radiation: Normal - Fully Non-Radioactive ; Granulation:1-4mm <90% ; Prilled urea 46% With very competitive prices.
Company: Xiamen Vison Chemical Co., Ltd    China

Urea, formula: CO(NH2)2,its chemical name is carbamide or carbomite with a white appearance of acicular type or orthorhombic crystal, easy soluble in water and liquid ammonia. As a kind of neutral fertilizer with high nitrogen content, urea can be applied alone as well as compounded with other kinds of fertilizers or elements to form various compound fertilizers, which are suitable for all kinds of plants and soil. It can also be widely used in resin, plastic, paint, medicine and food ...
Company: Shandong Kingenta Ecological Engineering Co., Ltd.    China

Properties: White crystal, easily soluble in water, but not in organic solution; melting point at 117.3 °C , its water solution is strongly acidic, PH value of 1% solution is 1.89, It has got bad heat stability and easlily decomposed when heated. Uses: Mainly used as a high quality feed additive, a high quality acid N, P compound fertilizer with ureic nitrogen. It is suitable for alkaline soil, also used fire retardant agent, finishing agent for metal, fermentation nourishment, cleaning ...
Company: Shandong Kingenta Ecological Engineering Co., Ltd.    China

Diammonium Phosphate DAP CAS 7783-28-0
Diammonium Phosphate DAP CAS 7783-28-0 CAS:7783-28-0 Formula:cas 7783-28-0 specs :agrochemical - fertilizer /food/indusrty grade Diammonium Phosphate ,Diammonium hydrogen phosphat FOOD/INDUSTRY grade: Specification Appearance White crystals (NH4)2HPO4 98%min P2O5 53%min N 21%min Water insoluble 0.05 %max Moisture 0.2 %max Pb 0.001 %max As 0.0003 %max F 0.002 %max FERTILIZER grade: Diammonium Phosphate DAP cas 7783-28-0 Diammonium hydrogen phosphate ...
Product Group: Diammonium Phosphate
Company: Hangzhou Onicon Chemical Co. LTD    China

Product: Fe EDDHA CAS No.: 16455-61-1 Appearance: dark red-brown granular or powder Iron content, typical: 6% PH (1% solution): 7.0-9.5 PH stability range: 3.0-10.0 Solubility in water: About 60g/L Applications: Mainly used on the crops, fruit trees, vegetables, to provide them nutrients for the lack of microelements.
Company: Fronboon International

Organic Fertilizer (Fourks JAPAN)
ISO 14001 Certified 'FOURKS Organic Fertilizer': Allow crops and plants to grow healthily. Characteristic: - Main ingredients are leftovers and waste food materials. - It does not harm nor pollute human and the environment. - A 100% guaranteed earth-friendly product. - Usage of 'FOURKS Organic Fertilizer' reduces the use of harmful pesticide as well as chemical fertilizers - With the help of organic matter micro-organism, the fertility of your soil will ...
Product Group: Organic, Organic Fertilizer, Fertilizer, Agriculture
Company: Fourks Corporation    JAPAN

Ammonium Sulphate Fertilizer
Ammonium sulphate fertilizer Specification: Classification: Nitrogen Fertilizer ; Type: Ammonium Sulphate ; CAS No.: 31022100 ; Purity: 21% ; color: white ; Type: Solid ; Release Type: Quick ; Ammonium sulphate big crystal Specifications N. : 21%Min H2O : 0.3%Max Free acid (As H2SO4) : 0.03% Max Content of Iron ( Fe) : 0.007% max Content of Arsenic (As) : 0.00005% max Content of Heavy Metal (Pb) : 0.005% max Content of Water insoluble substance : ...
Company: Auspicious World Int'l Trade Ltd.    China

Agri-sc Soil Conditioner
Agri-Sc Soil Conditioner Specification: Classification: Organic Fertilizer ; Release Type: Slow ; Agri-sc no-deep tillage regulator is produced by Chengdu New Sun Biochemistry Co., Ltd.It is one kind of high-efficient, safe, no residue, mechanism-characteristic and new-type soil regulator.It improves soil environment basically. Major functions are follows: 1.Improve soil granular structure, loose soil 2.Improve soil water storing ability and osmosis stress 3.Mend overmuch salt in soil and ...
Company: Chengdu NewSun Biochemistry Co., Ltd.    China

Urea 46%
Urea 46% Specification: Classification: Nitrogen Fertilizer ; Type: Urea ; .Specs : nitrogen 46 pct min moisture 0.5 pct max biuret 1.0 pctmax size 2-4.75mm 90 pct min Packing: in 50kgs pp pe bag with English marking. Loaded in container Loading into bulk vessel Loading into vessel in bulk
Company: Shandong Luhua Tiancheng Trading Co., Ltd.    China

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