Diammonium Phosphate DAP CAS 7783-28-0

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Detailed Diammonium Phosphate DAP CAS 7783-28-0 Description:

Diammonium Phosphate DAP CAS 7783-28-0
Formula:cas 7783-28-0
specs :agrochemical - fertilizer /food/indusrty grade
Diammonium Phosphate ,Diammonium hydrogen phosphat

Appearance White crystals
(NH4)2HPO4 98%min
P2O5 53%min
N 21%min
Water insoluble 0.05 %max
Moisture 0.2 %max
Pb 0.001 %max
As 0.0003 %max
F 0.002 %max

Diammonium Phosphate DAP cas 7783-28-0 Diammonium hydrogen phosphate agrochemical fertilizer
china suppliers supplier supply MSDS
packing 50kgs/bag
Capability 700000MT
According to GB10205-2001/ Excellent Grade (18-46-0)
Appearance brown granule, Non- Mechanical impurities
Total nutrient (N+P2O5) 64%min
Active phosphate (P2O5)/Citrate soluble phosphate: 46% min
Total of N( Nitrogen) 17% min
water (K.F) (H2O) 2.0% max
Granule size (1mm-4mm) 90 % min
Water Soluble phosphate 41% min

Diammonium Phosphate DAP CAS 7783-28-0
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Diammonium Phosphate DAP CAS 7783-28-0 in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Hangzhou Onicon Chemical Co. LTD
Address: Bldg 18 Wenshayayuan, No.198 Yanjiangdadao
Region: Yichang, Hubei, China
Contact Person: Yummy
Telephone: +86-717-6307507

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