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Systemic foliar fungicide with a broad range of activity, at 100 -150 g/ha. Specification: 95% TC, 25% EC, 15% Difenoconazole+15%Propiconazole EC. 1. On cereals, it controls diseases caused by Cochliobolus sativus , Erysiphe graminis, Leptosphaeria nodorum , Puccinia spp., Pyrenophora teres, Pyrenophora tritici-repentis, Rhynchosporium secalis , and Septoria spp. 2. In bananas, control of Mycosphaerella musicola and Mycosphaerella fijiensis var.difformis. 3. In coffee against Hemileia ...
Product Group: Propiconazole
Company: Shanghai Agochemicals Trade CO., Ltd    China

Copper Sulfate 98% Min Fungicide
Copper Sulphate 98 % (Metallic Copper 25%). Inert Ingredients: Humidity (Approximately):1%. Insoluble Water:0,20%. Soluble Fe and AL Compounds:0,30%. Impurities: Lead (Pb): Max.40 ppm. Arsenic(As): Max.8 ppm. Cadmium(Cd): Max.8 ppm. Acidity, Alcalinity or PH: Acidity % (H2SO4):0,10. PH:3,5. Fineness Degree:92 % less than 0,8mm
Product Group: Copper Sulfate
Company: Yichang Municipal Pacific Chemicals Co.,    China

Chitosan Fungicide
Chitosan is a natural biopolymer derived from chitin. Chitin is natural polysaccharide, which extracted from the shell of crustaceans animals, such as shrimp and crab. Chitosan has been used in various industries such as pharmacuticals, Foods, Water filtration, and also Agriculture. Chitosan has been used to stimulate immunity of plants, protect plant against harmful microorganisms as well as fungicidal effects. Chitosan also promote plant growth, enhanced resistance against fungi and ...
Company: Shandong Kingenta Ecological Engineering Co., Ltd.    China

Mit50% -Top
MIT (2-methyl-3-isothiazolin-3-one) , the key ingredient of the very famous preservative NEOLONE from Rohm & Haas. As we all know that it is a very powerful and very safety preservative siutable for a variety of applications, and after refining with our unique professional technology, the MIT50% -TOP is top of the line which we specially designed for usage of high level requirement such as: both rinse-off and leave-on cosmetic producs and personal care products.
Company: BoYa Fine Chemical Co., Ltd    China

Chemical name:N-(benzinmidazoly-2) methyl carbamate. Common name:Benzimidazole 44#. Molecular formula:C9H9N3O2. Molecular weight:191.2. Standards of product:GB 10501-89. Properties: Pure carbendazim is a white crystal powder,while technical is greyish or brownisl powder;begins sublime at 215-217'C,melts over 290'C and decomp at 360'C,insoluble in water,slightly soluble in acetone,chloroform and some other organic solvents,Soluble in minrtal acids and acetic acid ,forming ...
Company: Shanghai Nanling Chemical Products Co., Ltd.    China

Thiabendazole: Synonyms 2- (1, 3-Thiazol-4-yl) benzimidazole; 2- (4-Thiazolyl) -benzimidazole; 2- (Thiazol-4-yl) benzimidazole ; Molecular Formula C10H7N3S ; Molecular Weight 201. 25 ; CAS Registry Number 148-79-8 ; EINECS 205-725-8
Company: Shanghai Nanling Chemical Products Co., Ltd.    China

Phosphorus Acid & Phosphonic Acid
Phosphorus acid (H3PO3) and Phosphonat.In Grapes, Tomato, Pomegrante and other market, product based on phosphorus acid products are sold. Mainly Potassium phophonate 40% or phosphonic acid 50%. We have imported technical grade 98% water soluble crystals, which we are converting in Potassium or Copper salts as formulations 40% salt. Phosphorous acid is able to incorporate resistance against downy mildew, die back, rhizome rot, root rot and damping off in many plants, such as grapes, ...
Company: V Kumar & Sons    India

Molecular weight: 307.8. CAS NO.: [107534-96-3]. Appearance: Composition:: Racemate. / Colourless crystals; (tech., colourless to light brown powder). Content(%): ≥95%. Formulation types: DS; EC: ES; EW; FS; GF; SC; SE: WG; WP: WS. Uses: As a seed dressing, tebuconazole is effective against various smut and bunt diseases of cereals such as Tilletia spp., Ustilago spp., and Urocystis spp., also against Septoria nodorum (seed-borne), at 1-3 g/dt seed; and Sphacelotheca reiliana in ...
Company: V Kumar & Sons    India

Natural Fungicide
Bio engineered natrual fungicide for control of powdery mildew.100 % non toxic. Proven control record for commercial cucomber house. Not harmful to predator insects and completely non tpxoc to humans. No phytotoxic effects and can be sprayed 3 days before harvest. Gentle on the blossoms of all palnts. Product also cure botrytis, sour rot in grapes and bud rot in roses and other ornamentals.
Company: Bnp Distributors    Canada

Physical-chemical properties: 1) Appearance: white crystalloid. 2) Melting point: 140oC (decomp.). 3) V.p.: <5.0 x 10-3 mPa (25oC). 4) KOW: logP=l.37. 5) S.g./density: bulk density 0.38. 6) Solubility: a) In water 3.6 (pH5), 2.9 (pH7), 1.9 (pH9) (all in μg/L, room temperature) ; b) In chloroform 94, acetone 18, dimethylformamide 53, xylene 10, ethanol 4, heptane 0.4 (all in g/kg. 25oC). 7) Stability: a) Decomposed by strong acids and strong alkalis ; b) Stable to light ; c) Stable under ...
Company: Jiangsu Anpon Electrochemical Co., Ltd.    China

Chemical name: 1-(4-Chlorophenoxy)-3,3-dimethyl-1-(1H-1,2,4-triazole -1-yl)-2-butanone. PROPERTIES: Colorless crystals. Melting point 82.3°C. Vapor pressure 0.02mPa at 20°C Stable under normal storage conditions. Moderately soluble in most organic solvents except aliphatics. pH 1-13 stable under conditions of acidity and alkalinity.
Company: Lanxi Lande Synthetic Material Co., Ltd.    China

Features: 1) Chemical name: cis, trans-3-chloro-4-(4-methyl-2-1H-1, 2, 4-triazol-1-ylmethyl-1, 3-dioxlan -2-yl) phenyl-4-chlorophenyl ether (cis trans ratio 45 : 55). 2) Molecular formula: C19H17Cl2N3O3. 3) Molecular weight: 406.3. 4) CAS number: 119446-68-3. 5) Specification: 95% tech, 25% EC
Company: Sinoagro Co., Ltd.    China

1) Chemical name: 1-[2, 4-dichlophenyl]-4-prooyl-1, 3-dioxolan-2-ylmethyl]-1H-1, 2, 4triazole. 2) Molecular formula: C15H17Cl2N3O2. 3) Molecular weight: 342.2. 4) Specification: 95% tech, 25% EC. 5) Physical and chemical properties: a) Light yellow and viscous liquid ; b) Solubility (20°C): in water 110mg/L ; c) Easily solves in organic solvents ; d) Stable under 320°C; under sunlight and stable in acid, alkali and media ; e) Can't erode metals ; f) Stable for 3 years under optimum ...
Company: Sinoagro Co., Ltd.    China

Azoxystrobin (CAS no.: 131860-33-8). 1) Technical and formulations: 95% tech, 25% SC, 50% WDG. 2) Chemical name: methyl (E)-2-{2-[6-(2-cyanophenoxy)pyrimidin-4-yloxy]phenyl}-3-methoxyacrylate. 3) Molecular formula: C22H17N3O5. 4) Appearance: yellow powder. 5) Functions: as a fungicide with protectant, curative, eradicant, translaminar and systemic properties. Inhibits spore germination and mycelial growth, and also shows antisporulant activity. Used for control of the following pathogens: ...
Company: Shanghai Forever Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Difenoconazole 98% Tech Fungicide
difenoconazole 95% Technical material. Cas: 119446-68-3. Chemical Name: cis, trans-3-chloro-4-[4-methyl-2- (1H-1, 2, 4-triazole-1-methyl) -1, 3-dioxylpentane-2-] phenyl-4-chlorophenyl ether. Molecualr Formula: C19H17Cl2N3O3. Molecular Weight: 406. 3. Inspection report: Appearance: white to lightly yellow powder. Melt point: 78c. Specification: Content95% (m / m) ; PH=5-8 ; Moisture: 0.5%, Insoluble in acetone: 0.5%
Company: Shandong Linghua Chemicals CO.,LTD.    China

Dimethomorph Fungicide
Common Name: Dimethomorph ; Molecular Formula: C21H22ClNO4 ; Molecular Weight: 387.9 ; Structure Formula: Chemical Name: 4-(3-(4-chlorophenyl)-3-(3,4-dimethoxy phenyl) acryloyl)morpholine ; CAS RN.: 110488-70-5.Physical & Chemical Character: Appearance: colorless crystal or light yellow crystal; melting point: 127-148C(Z-isomer: 169.2-170.2C, E-isomer: 135.7-137.5C); vapor pressure(20C): 24nPa; solubility(20-23C): Water 2000mg/kg; acute inhalation, LC50>4.2mg/l. Products: ...
Company: Jiangyin No. 2 Pesticides Co., Ltd.    China

1) Technical and formulations: 95% tech, 10% EC. 2) Chemical name: 1-(2,4-dichloro-&beta-propylphenethyl)-1H-1,2,3-triazole. 3) Molecular formula: C13H15CL2N3. 4) Molecular weight: 284.2
Company: Shanghai Forever Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Alga Bactericide
Product character: Brown liquid, water soluble, pH=3, specific gravity:1.02-1.05. Main ingredient: Bio- Iodine≥3%. Efficacy: 1.Kill and prevent the bacteria, Fungi, Virus, such as downy mildew, gray mildew, fusarium wilt, blight, anthracnose, powdery mildew, leaf spot, bacterial soft rot, mosaic. 2. Have the good stability, efficient result and no residue. 3. Improve the plants growing, improve crops quality, increase the yield. Application: 1. For guard against: To dilute it with water ...
Company: Mudanjiang Fengda Chemicals Import and Export Corporation    China

Difenoconazole 95% Tech
Difenoconazole 95% Teck. Chemical name : cis, trans-3-chloro-4-[4-methyl-2-(1H-1,2,4-triazole-1-ylmethyl)-1,3-dioxolan-2-yl] phenyl-4-chlorophenyl ether . CAS: 1-[2-[4- (4-chlorophenoxy) -2-chlorophenyl]-4-methyl-1, 3-dioxolan-2-ylmethyl]-1H-1, 2, 4-triazole. Formula: C19H17Cl2N3O3. CAS No: 119446-68-3. Usage: It is for foliar use and seed treatment for cereals. Broad spectrum for Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes, and Deuteromycetes diseases on fruits (grapes, pome, stone, tropical) , oil seed ...
Company: Shandong dongtai agricultural chemistry Co., ltd.    China

Methylene Bis Thiocyanate
1.Appearance:Pale Yellow free flowing powder /crystals. 2.Assay:98% minimum. 3.Moisture:0.5% maximum. 4.Acetone Insolubles:1.0% maximum. 5.Inorganic Salts:1.0% maximum. CAS No.: 6317-18-6
Company: Guangdong Petrochemical Industry Research Institute    China

Specification: Tech: White crystalline solid. Melting point 250-251°C. Thermally stable under normal storage conditions. Stable to ultraviolet radiation. Stable in neutral or acidic aqueous media. Half- life of 38.1 days in aqueous media at pH 9. Non-corrosive. Odorless in pure form. Nonvolatile under normal field conditions. Vapor pressure, 5.72 × 10-7 torr at 25°C. Slightly soluble in xylene, acetone. Toxicity: (Rat): Oral LD50 >10,000 mg/kg. Inhalation LC50 Actual airborne ...
Company: Guangdong Petrochemical Industry Research Institute    China

Triadimenol As a seed treatment against smuts and bunts of cereals; foliar spray against Erysiphe, Puccini a, Septoria, Pyrenchosporium, and other diseases of cereal; Mycosphaerella, Puccinia,Rhizoctonia, and Sclerotium on peanuts; Phoma, Pyrenopeziza, Sclerotinia, Alternaria, and ycosphaerella on oilseed rape;Botrytis,guignadia,and uncinula on grapes;sigatika on bananas;Monilia on stone fruit;Ventuia and podosphaera on pome fruit.
Company: Yancheng Huan Yu Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Abamectin / Avermectin
Common name abamectin Biochemistry Abamectin acts by stimulating the release of g-aminobutyric acid, an inhibitory neurotransmitter, thus causing paralysis. Mode of action Abamectin is a insecticide and acaricide with contact and stomach action. Abamectin has limited plant systemic activity, but exhibits translaminar movement. Uses Abamectin is used for control of motile stages of mites, leaf miners, suckers, Colorado beetles, etc. Abamectin is also used for control of fire ants. ...
Company: Kenvos Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Metalaxyl 25%wdg,wp
Metalaxyl is a phenylamide fungicide with systemic function. Its chemical name is methyl N-(methoxyacetyl)-N-(2,6-xylyl)-DL-alaninate. It can be used to control Pythium in a number of vegetable crops, and Phytophthora in peas.
Company: Jiangyin Victory Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Fulvic Acid
Kaida Bio-chem Fulvic powder Specification Appearance: Light yellow powder Fulvic acid: &ge;80% Ammonium N: &ge;6% Moisture: &le;5% PH: 4-6 Water insoluble substances: &le;1% Size: &le;120 mesh Kaida Bio-chem Fulvic powder is a randomly polymerizing colloid with ingredient-unfixed and scattered natural organic compounds. It is a kind of active organic substance extracted by high sci-tech method under certain condition from the relict of animals, plants and ...
Company: Xi'an Jiaoda Kaida New Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Mcpa 95%
Biochemistry Synthetic auxin (acting like indolylacetic acid). Mode of action Selective, systemic, hormone-type herbicide, absorbed by the leaves and roots, with translocation. Concentrates in the meristematic regions, where it inhibits growth. Uses Post-emergence control of annual and perennial broad-leaved weeds (including thistles and docks) in cereals (alone or undersown), herbage seed crops, flax, rice, vines, peas, potatoes, asparagus, grassland, turf, under fruit trees, and on ...
Company: Shandong Qiaochang Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Chlorpyriphos Tech 94%
1. COMMON NAME : Chlorpyrifos 48%EC CHEMICAL NAME : O,O-diethyl O-(3,5,6-trichloro-2-pyridyl) phosphorothioate EMPIRICAL FORMULA : C9H11NO3PSCl3 STRUCTURAL FORMULA : CAS NUMBER : 2921-88-2 MOLECULAR WEIGHT : 350.6 PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES : COLOUR : Brown ODOUR : Light characteristic odor PHYSICAL STATE : Homogenous liquid INTENSITY OF SPECIFIC GRAVITY : N/A ACIDITY(as H2SO4) : 0.2%MAX l EMULSION STABILITY ...
Company: Xiamen Longchain Agro-Chemical Impt.& Expt. Co., Ltd.    China

A-naphthalene Acetic Acid
Appearance: White crystal powder; Melting point: 130-132 Purity : 98% - 98.5% max. Physical and chemical character: White crystal odorless powder, boiling point at 265.5, stable in property and incombustible, high purity, easily dissolved in water and organic solvents. Mechanism of action: Sodium &alpha;-Naphthalene acetic acid, a somatotrophin-like growth regulator in plants. It produces significant effects in promoting development of pointed ends for the root system, resulting in ...
Company: Shanghai Joint Hope International Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Product name: (Mancozeb + Dimethomorph)69%WP Chemical name: Mancozeb: [[1,2-ethanediylbis-[carbamodithioato]](2-)]manganese, mixture with[[1,2-ethanediylbis-[carbamodithioato]]-(2-)]zinc Dimethomorph: (E,Z)-4-[3-(4-chlorophenyl)-3-(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl)acryloyl]morpholine CAS No.: Mancozeb: [8018-01-7] Dimethomorph: [110488-70-5] Molecular formula: Mancozeb: C4H6N2S4Mn(Zn);Dimethomorph: C21H22ClNO4 Molecular weight: Mancozeb: 330.67; Dimethomorph: 387.9 Specification: Appearance: ...
Company: Anhui Fengle Agrochemical Co., Ltd.    China

Identification Synonyms: Benzeneacetic acid, alpha-(methoxyimino)-2-{(2-methylphenoxy)methyl}-, methyl ester, (E)-; (E)-2-methoxyimino-[2-(o-tolyloxymethyl)phenyl] methyl acetate CAS No.: 143390-89-0 EC No.: Molecular Weight: 313.3524 Molecular Formula: C18H19NO4 Structural Formula: m.p.: 101.6-102.5 deg.C Preparation Kresoxim-Methyl can be obtained by process of *** Application Kresoxim methyl is applied as fungicide to treat pathogenic fungi belonging to the deuteromycetes, ascomycetes, ...
Company: Ningbo Synkemi Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.    China

Common name: Mancozeb Chemical name: [1, 2-Ethaznediybis(carbamodithio)(2-)]manganese zinc salt Molecular Formula: (C4H6N2S4Mn) X. (Zn) y Chemical structure: Registration certification NO. Of Mancozeb Tech: PD20040028 Registration certification NO. Of Mancozeb 80% WP: PD20040029 Properties Mancozeb technical is grayish yellow powder, Melting point: 136&ordm; C(Decomposing before this degree). Flash point: 137.8&ordm; C(Tag open cup), Solubility (g/L, 25&ordm; C): 6.2mg/L ...
Company: Hefei World Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Azoxystrobin 95% Tech
Azoxystrobin fungicide cas 131860-33-8 is a broad spectrum preventative fungicide with systemic and curative properties for control of foliar and soilborne diseases including downy and powdery mildews, leaf spots, sheath blight, peg rot, and rusts of cucurbits, bananas, barley, peaches, grapes, pecans, peanuts, rice, turf, tomatoes, and other fruit and vegetable crops. Azoxystrobin is the newest fungicide which is high efficient and friendly to environment. Specification for Azoxystrobin ...
Company: Shanghai Kinding Industrial Co., Ltd.    China

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