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6-Benzylaminopurine(6-BA): Synonyms : N-Benzyl-adenine; 6-Benzyladenine; N-(Phenylmethyl)-1H-purin-6-amine; Benzyl(purin-6-yl)amine ; Molecular Formula C12H11N5. Specification: Appearance:White crystals; Purity: 99%; Melting point: 230-233 Deg.C; Loss on drying: 0.5%; Residue on ignition: 5000mg/Kg for mouse (male & female). Median tolerance limit(TLm) for carp, 400ppm. Irritative to eyes. Application: 6-BA is the first synthetic cytokinin. It can inhibit degradation of hlorophyll, ...
Product Group: 6-Benzylaminopurine
Company: Qingdao Continent Biotech Co., Ltd.    China

SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer)
1) Highly water-absorbent macro molecular material. 2) Can absorb several hundred times its weight and is non-toxic and odorless. 3) Used in the agriculture and forestry industries in resisting roughts, preserving water and nutrition, accelerating crop growth, improving soil quality, and increasing crop output. 4) For the best results, mix with pesticide and fertilizer.
Company: Jiangsu Tiansheng Chemical and Industry Co., Ltd    China

Mepiquat chloride 99%
Mepiquat chloride 99% white crystal, content:99.5%, N-methyl pyridine HCL:0.34%max. Plant Growth Regulator--Mepiquat Chloride. Common name:Mepiquat Chloride. Common name :Mepiquat Chloride. Bioactivity :plant growth regulator. Structural formula. Molecular formula C7H16ClN. Molecular weight 149.7. Physiochemcial property Colorless crystal, melting point:223(technical grade),vapor pressure:0.01Pa(20). Solubility:(20): water>1kg/kg , acetone<1g/kg, ethanol 162g/kg; Kow 0.0015 (pH 7)
Product Group: Mepiquat Chloride
Company: Xiamen Vison Chemical Co., Ltd    China

Paclobutrzaole 15%WP. Content of Paclobutrazole:14.5-16.0%. Suspensibility:65%min. Wetting time: 90 S max. Finess (through 44 um mesh):95%min. PH:6.0-10.0. Paclobutrazol 95% tech grade. Appearance:grayish-white powder. Assay:95% min. Acidity( As H2SO4):0.5% max. Indissolvable substances in acetone:0.5% max. Loss on drying:1.0% max
Product Group: Paclobutrazol
Company: Xiamen Vison Chemical Co., Ltd    China

CPPU (Forchlorfenuron) 99%
CPPU (Forchlorfenuron) 99% ; CAS:68157-60-8; chemical name:1-(2-chloro - 4- pyridyl)-3- phonylurea; molecular formula:C12H10CIN3O ; molecular weight:247.68; appearance:white crystalline powder; assay:99%min; melting point:171173; moisture:0.5%; ash:0.1%
Product Group: Forchlorfenuron
Company: Xiamen Vison Chemical Co., Ltd    China

Neem Cake
Neem Cake, Neem Cake Powder, Neem Cake Fertilizer: 1. Totally prevents the hatching of the pests/insecticides eggs in the soil ; 2. Enriches the soil natural nutrients ; 3. The chlorophyll content gets increased day by day ; 4. Provides more and more nitrates for the plants, which in turn induces the nitrogen metabolism ; 5. Total organic matter no harm to soil, water as well as environment. Increase the nutrients and microorganisms of the soil and develop its total organic matter it acts in ...
Company: Organic Neem    India

Plant Growth Regulator
Organic plant growth regulator (pant extract) is used for improving soil and dispelling pests. The product is adwarded the fifth National Patient Prize. APPLYCATION: An antibacterial agent in agriculture. A deodorant applied to socks, shoes, etc. Fertilizer for crops. An insect repellent (it has a smoky, sharp, vinegary smell). Food and drink processing (again taking advantage of its anti-bacterial properties). Cosmetics (acetic acid is known to soften skin). Water purification in sewage ...
Company: New Landscape Agriculture Co; Ltd.    China

3-Indolebutyric acid
3-Indolebutyric acid. Synonyms : 4-(3-1H-Indolyl)butyric acid; 4-(3-Indolyl)butyric acid ; Indole-3-butyric acid; Hormodin; Seradix. Molecular Formula C12H13NO2. Molecular Weight 203.24. CAS No.133-32-4. EINECS 205-101-5. Specification: Appearance: Off-white crystals. Purity: 99%. Melting point: 123-125 Deg.C. Loss on drying: 40ppm. Non-toxic to bees at normal dosage. Application: Broad-spectrum plant growth regulator. It is used to stimulate rooting of cuttings of herbaceous and ...
Company: Dalian Chem Imp. & Exp. Group Co., Ltd.    China

Concept plants growth accelerater
Agrisonic is a system that uses specially designed sound (sound unit) and organic nutrients to create amazing organic food and plants. It works on everything. On every leaf there are thousands of such small openings. Each stoma--less that 1/1000 of inch across--allows oxygen and water to pass out of the leaf, or transpire, while other gases, notably carbon dioxide, move in to be transformed by photosynthesis into sugars. During dry conditions, the stomata close to prevent a wilting plant ...
Company: Dalian Chem Imp. & Exp. Group Co., Ltd.    China

Neem Coir Peat
Parker Neem Vermi compost is enriched with Neem for increased Plant resistance to pest attack. Parker neem Vermi compost is produced by using clean environment friendly pathogen free raw materials, in turn making the plants healthy. Although chemical fertilizers have many nutrients listed and higher laboratory analysis percentages, the ability of plants to optimally use these nutrients is limited. Since the nutrients are not broken down in a manner that plants can readily use. Moreover, ...
Product Group: Neem Coir
Company: Organic Neem    India

Yellow Sulphur Powder
We can offer you yellow sulphur powder with the following Analysis: ACIDITY (AS) % : 0. 0010 MAX ; ORGANIC & CARBON CONTENT: % 0. 0470 MAX ; ASH: % 0. 0285 MAX ; CHLORIDE: % 0. 0006 MAX ; HUMIDITY & VOLATILITY: % 0. 0150 MAX ; PURITY: % 99. 9245 MAX ; H2S: NA% 0. 000 ; MESH: 150~180
Product Group: Yellow Sulphur
Company: Siva Kalaye Bakhtat Trading Co., Ltd.    Iran

Dichlormid. CAS#: : 37764-25-3. Structural formula: C8H11Cl2NO. Property: Technical grade of this products is amber to brown liquid; Melting point: 5. 0-6. 5; Density: 1. 192-1. 204. Solubility: In water: About 5g/1; In kerosene oil: 15g/1; Can be dissolved together with acetone, ethanol, dimethylbenzene etc; Not stable when the temperature is above 100oC; It will be discomposed quickly if the iron exists. Under the condition of PH7, 25oC, with the sunlight of 12 hours, 3-1%is lost after 32 ...
Product Group: Dichlormid
Company: Siva Kalaye Bakhtat Trading Co., Ltd.    Iran

Compound Sodium Nitrophenolat
Compound Sodium Nitrophenolat.Physics and chemical character: This material is compound jacinth plate crystal, deep red needle shape crystal and yellow sheet crystal, easy to dissolve in water, soluble in organic solvents, such as carbinol, ethylalcohol and acetone, It's property is stable normal temperature. Characteristic phenols odour. Applications: A broad spectrum of plant growth regulator, can promote rooting, sprout, prevent shatter and fruit dropping, make fruit bigger and ...
Product Group: Sodium Nitrophenolat
Company: Zhengzhou Biaodian Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.    China

DA-6 Plant Growth Regulator
Name: Hexanoic, 2-(diethyl amino) ethyl ester citrate. Physical and chemical property: pure white crystalline, dissolve in water easily and dissolve in ethanol, carbinol and acet. It has the smell of ester; it is stable in the normal temperature. Application: plant growth regulator, especially for the bean, earthnut, tuber and leaf vegetables. It has significant effects on banana, mango and so on. It can be used as synergist of fertilizer and antiseptic.
Company: Zhengzhou Biaodian Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Porchlorfenuron. Other name: CPPU, KT-30, 4PU-30. Physiochemical property: pure white crystalline, it's hard to dissolve into the water, it can dissolve in the ethanol, carbinol, acet, and other organic impregnant. It will be stable if it is stored in the normal temperature, it has a little smell of pyridine. Applications: a kind of plant growth regulator which has higher activity, can improve the plant's growth, .It can speed up the forming of the bud, promote growth of haul, root ...
Company: Zhengzhou Biaodian Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Chlormequat Chloride
Name:chlormequat chloride; CCC. Molecular weight: 158. 07. Formula: C5H13NCl2. Physical, chemical properties: solid white powder, fish flavor; Melting Point: 240~241°C. Soluble in water, alcohol. Extreme deliquescence when disclosed to the air. Applications: The product can be used broad as a plant growth regulator, improve wheat, cotton, rice, rye, Oat, resistant lodging; make potato tubers increased. Increase cotton production.
Company: Zhengzhou Biaodian Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Efficient plant hormones, in a very low concentration, which can significantly increase the vegetative plant growth and the promotion of fertilization. Have auxin, cytokinin, and the multiple functions of gibberellin, and the hormone is known physiological activity in the strongest. PH:5.4. Melting point: 254-256ºC. Loss on drying: < 0.5%. Residue on Ignition: < 0.1%. Assay: 90%. appearance: white crystals powder. effective composition: 90%min, Moisture:0.5%max. main composition: ...
Product Group: Brassinolide
Company: Shanghai Honghao Chemicals Co., Ltd.    China

Benzyl Adenine
We Can Supply immediately the following products at competitive prices: 6 Benzyl Amino Purine (Benzyl Adenine), Naphthalene Acetic Acid "NAA". Murashige. Monochloroacetic acid And many other agrochemicals.
Company: Mikonik Technologies, Ltd.    United States

Plant Growth Regulator
Manufacturer of effective plant growth regulators, based on 24-epibrassinolide with purity more 90%. Specifications: Epin: -is the first representative of a new generation of agricultural chemicals with one of brassino,24-epibrassinolide, as an active ingredient; -acts in extremely low doses, which are comparable with the natural content of epibrassinolide in plants; -is ecologically safe, nontoxic in relation to human, mammals, useful insects and fish; -stimulation by epin of physiological ...
Company: Mikonik Technologies, Ltd.    United States

Sodium Humate Granule
Sodium humate is a high-molecular non-uniform hydroxyl carboxylic acid of aromatic series, in black particles or powders, soluble in water, alkaline, containing multiple active groups including hydroxyl group, carboxyl group, potassium-oxygen-base and quinonyl. It has the functions of ion exchange, adsorption, complexation, flocculation, decentralization and adhesive bonding. This product can be used as plant growth stimulin, animal feed additive, ceramic pug additive, petroleum drilling ...
Company: Qingdao Hytang Group Corp.    China

Fulvic Acid
Fulvic acid is a kind of short carbon chain molecule extractible from the material humic acid. It is of high loading capacity and physiology activity. Usage: In the field of agriculture and horticulture, benefits in agricultural use: 1.Chelate with plant nutrients to improve their uptake by plants, and reduce their immobilisation in the soil; 2.Promote quicker seed germination and faster root and shoot growth; 3.Provide a valuable source of carbon for soil microorganisms; 4.Stimulate ...
Product Group: Fulvic Acid
Company: Shanyang Humica Technology & Development Co., Ltd.    China

We can supply various of Plant Growth Regulator with good quality and low price. Plant Hormones Products: 1. 90% Gibberellic Acid (GA3) 2. 90% Gibberellin 4+7(GA4+7) 3. 99% 6-Benzylaminopurine (6-BA) 4. 99% KINETIN 6-Furfurylaminopurine (6-KT) 5. 98% 3-Indolebutyric Potassium IBA-K 6. 85% Daminozide (B9) 7. 99% 3-Indoleacetic acid(IAA) 8. 98% 3-Indolebutyric Acid (IBA) 9. 98% a-Naphthylacetic acid (NAA) 10. 98% S-NAA 11. 85% Triacontanol 12. 98% Zeatin 13. 24-Epibrassinolide 14. ...
Company: Shanghai Agochemicals Trade CO., Ltd    China

Gibberellic Acid
1) Chemical name: gibberellic acid. 2) Molecular formula: C19H22O6. 3) Molecular weight: 346.37. 4) Application scope: gibberellin (GA3) belongs to one of five natural plant hormones. It is a growth regulator. It may promote cell division in the growing stage of plants. Thereby it is mainly applied to accelerating maturation, increasing output, breaking dormancy and promoting germination and tiller. GA3 is specially applied to seeds of rice hybridization for higher yield. GA3 is also ...
Product Group: Gibberellic Acid
Company: Hunan Yahua International Corporation Limited    China

Gibberellic Acid
90% Technical, 10%&amp;20% Tablet, 10%&amp;20% SP are all on supply according as the different demand from clients. GA3 is popular to be used for agriculture and horiculture. It has a variety of applications, e.g. to improve fruit setting of clementines and pears; to loosen and elongate clusters and increase berry size in grapes; to control fruit maturity by delaying delevopment of the yellow colour in lemons; to reduce rind stain and retard ring ageing in navel organges; to ...
Company: Shenzhen Yufull Import & Export Company Limited    China

Sodium Humate
Sodium Humate Properties: 1) It is a high polymer heterogeneous aromatic hydroxy carboxylic acid salt 2) It can be in powder and granular form 3) It is soluble in water and of alkaline features 4) It comprises many active function groups of hydorxyle and carboxylic acid salt 5) It has multifunction of ion exchanger, absorption, complexion,helation, flocculation,dispersion and adhesion,etc. Specifications 1)Water solubility:75-80%( on dry basis) 2)Humic acid: 55-65%(on dry basis) ...
Company: Mekatrade Beijing    China

4-cpa 98% Tc
4-CPA 98% TC CAS NO.: 122-88-3 HS Code: 2916399014 Formulations: 98% TC, 95% DP, 95%WTX, 2.5% AS, 10% WP Chemical Name: 2-(4-Chloro-phenoxy) acetic acid; 4-Chlorophenoxyacetic acid Physical and chemical properties Appearance: White powder Empirical Formula: C8H7ClO3 Molecular Weight: 186.59 Structural Formula: Melting Point: 156-159&deg;C Application like plant growth regulator, absorbed by plant via root, stem, leaf, bloom and fruit. It is used to prevent abscission of bloom ...
Company: Zhengzhou Zheng Shi Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Product Name:1-Triacontanol Synonym:Melissyl alcohol; 1-Hydroxytriacontane; Triacon-10;Triacontanol CAS NO.:593-50-0 Description: Triacontanol is a linear saturated fatty alcohol as plant growth stimulator found in the plant cuticle waxes, which is healthy and safe for human and animal use. Its efficiency is proved for high yield in the case of number of field crops like rice, wheat, tomatoes, maize, lettuce, cucumber, potatoes, cauliflower, etc. The best results have been extremely ...
Company: Hangzhou Starshine Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.    China

Atrazine 97%tc
We are a capacity manufacturer therefor we can provide the best quality and a reasonable price! Detailed Product DescriptionProperties: colorless crystal. Melting point 173 ~ 175 . Vapor pressure 0.04mPa (20 ). At 25 in water solubility of 70mg / L, methanol, 1.8%, chloroform 5.2%. Rat acute oral LD503080mg/kg, rabbits with acute percutaneous LD507500mg/kg, low toxicity for fish. Preparation of 50% and 80% of the wettable powder, water, suspending agents. Herbicide soil treatment. From ...
Company: Shandong Qiaochang Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

1-naphthalene Acetic Acid Tc98%
CAS No: [86-87-3] Structure formula: Appearance: Content: MP: Kind of white powder &ge;98% 130-132&deg;C Functions : Naphthalene products of Naphthylacetate is the auxin plant growth regulator. Naphthaleneacetic acid is widely used in agriculture, forestry, vegetables, flowers, fruit trees and other fields.
Company: Shinechem Trading Co., Ltd.    China

Gibberellic Acid
Molecular Formula : C19H24O6 CAS Number : 77-06-5 Description : mp : 227 &deg;C Specification Crystal powder : 80%,90%,93%,95% Emulsion concentrate : 4%,6% Tablet :10%,16%,20% Soluble powder :3.1%,10%,20% Packing : 250kgs net iron drum or 20'ISO=TANK container
Company: Hebei Smart Chemicals Co., Ltd.    China

Gibberellic Acid,ga3 90%,ga4+7
# Gibberellic Acid 85%, 90%, 93%, 95% TC # Gibberellic Acid 2%, 4% EC # Gibberellic Acid 10%, 20% Soluble Tablet # Gibberellin Paste 2.7% # Gibberellic Acid 10%, 20% Soluble Powder # Apple Caretaker 3.6% GA4/A7+6BA # GA4+7 90% TC
Company: Zhejiang Qianjiang Biochemical Co., Ltd.    China

Lufenuron Tech Content 95% Appearance White crystal powders Melting point 168.7-169.4 &deg;C Density 1.66 Formulation: 50g/L EC Packing: 95%Tech: 25kg/drum or as required. 50g/L EC: 200L/ drum, 25L/ drum, 5L*4drum/carton, 1L*10bottle/carton, 500ml*20bottle /carton, 250ml*40bottle /carton, 100ml*100bottle /carton or as required. Use: Insect growth regulator for control of Lepidoptera and Coleoptera larvae on cotton, maize and vegetables; and citrus ...
Company: Northern International Holding Tianjin Hometex Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.    China

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