Compound Sodium Nitrophenolat

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Detailed Compound Sodium Nitrophenolat Description:

Compound Sodium Nitrophenolat.Physics and chemical character: This material is compound jacinth plate crystal, deep red needle shape crystal and yellow sheet crystal, easy to dissolve in water, soluble in organic solvents, such as carbinol, ethylalcohol and acetone, It's property is stable normal temperature. Characteristic phenols odour.
Applications: A broad spectrum of plant growth regulator, can promote rooting, sprout, prevent shatter and fruit dropping, make fruit bigger and equality, it can increase production. Mainly for seed presoaking, such as rice, barley, wheat, beans, melons, peanuts, cabbage and other crops. Purity: 98%.

Compound Sodium Nitrophenolat
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Compound Sodium Nitrophenolat in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Zhengzhou Biaodian Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Address: No.1,Nongye Road
Region: Zhengzhou, Henan, China
Contact Person: Ms. Yang
Telephone: 86-371-65758215

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