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Detailed Ethephon Description:

Ethephon can modulate plant growth and metabolism by releasing ethylene from root, bloom, fruit, legume and other tissues. It can accelerate maturation for fruit and vegetable. Also used as post-harvest ripening agent.
Description: Pure ethephon is colorless solid, Melting point is 74-75, density is 1.4, Solubility: readily soluble in water, readily soluble in methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, acetone, diethyl ether, and other polar organic solvents. Stability: Stable in aqueous solutions having pH <5. At higher pH, decomposition occurs with the liberation of ethylene. Sensitive to u.v. irradiation.
Toxicity: Acute Oral LD50 (Rat)>4229 mg/kg, Dermal LD50 (Rabbits)>5730 mg/kg. Irritating to skin and eyes.
Function: 1) Action: plant growth regulator with systemic properties. It penetrates into plant tissue, and is decomposed to ethylene; which affects growth processes.
2) Uses: widely used to accelerate ripening of fruits, tomato, sugar beet, coffee, etc; to increase the tillering of wheat and rice; to prevent lodging in rice, maize and flax; to accelerate boll opening and defoliation in cotton; to hasten the yellowing of mature tobacco leaves; to stimulate latex flow in rubber trees, and resin flow in pine trees; to stimulate early uniform hull split in walnuts; etc.

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Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Ethephon in China.


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Company: Shijiazhuang Yinuo Biochemical Co., Ltd.
Region: SHIJIAZHUANG, Hebei, China
Contact Person: Mr. Jim zhang
Telephone: 86311-85193616-13754519240

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