Fulvic Acid

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Detailed Fulvic Acid Description:

Fulvic acid is a kind of short carbon chain molecule extractible from the material humic acid. It is of high loading capacity and physiology activity.
Usage: In the field of agriculture and horticulture, benefits in agricultural use: 1.Chelate with plant nutrients to improve their uptake by plants, and reduce their immobilisation in the soil; 2.Promote quicker seed germination and faster root and shoot growth; 3.Provide a valuable source of carbon for soil microorganisms; 4.Stimulate enzymic systems in plants to increase plant respiration; 5.Improve moisture retention in plants and reduce moisture stress; 6.Anti-drought; 7.Prevent and cure the plant pathema; 8.Stimulate the plant micro-biological activity; 9.Slowly release fertilizer; 10.Enhances the up take of available nutrition; 11.Improve the fertilizer and pesticides; 12.Improve soil structure; 13. Promote residue decomposition; 14.Enhance plant germination and growth.

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Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Shanyang Humica Technology & Development Co., Ltd.
Address: Suite 905, Songhuajiang Street No.3, Huanggu District
Region: Shenyang, Liaoning, China
Contact Person: Mr. Sy
Telephone: 86-24-86202088