Gibberellic Acid 90%

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Detailed Gibberellic Acid 90% Description:

Common name: Gibberellins; Trade name: Gibberellic acid, 920; Active ingredient: Gibberellin A3(Ga3).

Molecular formula and Molecular weight: C19H22O6 346.37

Assay: TECH is divided into high-grade products (GA3≥90%), First-grade products (GA3≥80%), Up to grade (GA3≥75%). EC≥4000μg/mL.

Description: TECH is white and yellowish crystal powder. Melting point is between 223-225. It is soluble in organic solvents such as alcohols, acetone, ethyl acetate and buffer solution of pH6.2 Phosphoric acid. Solvency in water is 5g/L. EC is a brown transparent clear liquid, which is easy flammable, and soluble in water.

Stability: The product is quite stable in dry state and acid solution. It can easily resolve when basic is added.

Toxicity: Ld50 of intravenous injection for rats is 6.3g/kg. No carcinogenic, tertogenic, mutagenic effect.

Package: TECH: 1g per plastic bags, 50 bags per carton, 40 cartons each box.
EC: 1g (25ml) or 4g (100ml) per plastic bottle, 100 bottles each box.. Export or big package according to customers' demand.

Storage: Store in below 50, dry place and shelter from light. Avoid mixing with basic material while using gibberellins. EC should be far away from the fire.

Expiry date: 2years.

Gibberellic Acid 90%
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