Gibberellic Acid

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Detailed Gibberellic Acid Description:

Product:Gibberellic Acid

CAS NO.: 77-06-5

Molecular Formula: C19H22O6
Molecular Weight: 346.4

Molecular Structure:

Feature: Gibberellic acid is the growth adjustment of plant, it is used to improve the growth, prematurity and output of plant. It can break the dormancy of seed, tuber and bulb, and improve burgeon, growth and fruit rate. Especially, it has very good effect on crossbred rice. It is widely used on cotton, grape, tomato, fruit and vegetable.

Toxicity: Oral LD50 63000mg/kg not injury was observed to small white rat,it is nontoxic substance according the six-level taxonomy.

1) crystal powder:80%,90%,93%,95%
2) emulsion concertrate:4%,6%
3) tablet:10%,16%,20%
4) soluble powder:3.1%,10%,20%
5) gibberellic paste:2.7%
6) apple caretaker 3.6%GA4.A7+6BA
7) GA4.A7 tech:90%

Precautions: You should comply with the stipulation of inflammables. When using emulsion. Be sure not to mix with basic material, and prescript it in time of using, as the liquid can't be stored for a period of time.

Storage: Store in low temperature, dry place and shelter from light.

Package: 25kg/drum. 1kg aluminum bottle

Expiry: Two years.

Gibberellic Acid
  • Model: HC0100
  • Packing: Export Standard
  • Terms of Payment: T/T,T/C
  • Delivery Time: 30 Days
  • Products ID: 40315
  • Product Category: Plant Growth Regulator
  • Post date: Aug 18, 2010
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