Mepiquat Chloride

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Detailed Mepiquat Chloride Description:

regulation Orlistat; DPC; DPC; strong cotton factors; mepivacaine Ong; Pix

Other names: BAS 08300W; BAS 08305W; BAS08306W; BAS 08307W; Pix; Terpal TerpalC.

Chemical name: 1,1 - dimethyl piperidine chloride

Purity: 96% 98% of the original powder

Molecular formula: C7H16C1N

Molecular Weight: 149.7

Physical and Chemical Properties: pure product is odorless, white crystal, melting point 285 °C (decomposition), vapor pressure less than 1.0mPa (20 °C). 20 °C Solubility: water> 100g, ethanol, 16.2g, chloroform 1.1g, acetone, ethyl ether, ethyl acetate, cyclohexane, olive oil are 10g/kg. Rabbit eyes and skin caused by stimulation. In vivo accumulation of small, in the experimental conditions, no mutagenic, teratogenic and carcinogenic effects. Rat 3-generation reproduction test results were normal. Two-year chronic feeding tests in rats had no effect dose 3g/kg. Required doses of fish, birds, bees without poison. Such as rainbow trout LC50 for the 1.5g / L (96 hours).


(1) The agent in conditio

Mepiquat Chloride
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