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Detailed Neem Coir Peat Description:

Parker Neem Vermi compost is enriched with Neem for increased Plant resistance to pest attack. Parker neem Vermi compost is produced by using clean environment friendly pathogen free raw materials, in turn making the plants healthy. Although chemical fertilizers have many nutrients listed and higher laboratory analysis percentages, the ability of plants to optimally use these nutrients is limited. Since the nutrients are not broken down in a manner that plants can readily use. Moreover, chemical fertilizers do not have sufficient organic matter that is essential for plant growth.

Everything requires some form of balance and vermicompost contains an abundance of available nutrients providing a perfect mix that is available for long term nutritional needs. This allows plants to feed as needed for weeks and months at a time. Earthworm castings continually release the nutrients best suited for plant growth and production. In contrast, chemical fertilizers are completely unbalanced and usually provide only synthetic nutrients, much of which are quickly lost into the soil with watering. The plants root system can only absorb so much so fast. Chemical fertilizers are most often detrimental to soil microbiology, by-passing and often destroying much of the beneficial microbial and bacterial activity.

Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Neem Coir Peat in India.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Organic Neem
Address: 56-A Vasudevan Nagar, JK Pet
Region: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Contact Person: Mr. Vel
Telephone: 91-44-24743986

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