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List extensive product information of Herbicides (include herbicides pesticides), provided by Herbicides manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

1) Appearance: colorless crystalline powder. 2) Melting point: 127.0 - 135.2oC (pure). 3) V.p.: <0.01mPa (25oC). 4) KOWlogP: 2.04 (pH 2. 1, 25oC). 5) S.g./density: 1.47 (20oC). 6) Solubility: a) In water: 120 (pH 5.0), 4000 (pH 6.7), 19000 (pH 8.1) (all in mg/L, 25oC) ; b) In acetone: 36000, ethanol 1900, toluene 540, n-octanol 260, n-hexane <1 (all in mg/L, 25oC). 7) Stability: a) Decomposes above the melting point ; b) No significant hydrolysis at pH 7 - 10; considerable hydrolysis ...
Product Group: Cinosulfuron
Company: Jiangsu Anpon Electrochemical Co., Ltd.    China

Glyphosate is a non selective, nonresidual used against annual or biennial herbaceous monocotyledon, herbaceous dicotyledonous and perennial malignant weed, such as imperator cylindrical beau, cupreous rotundas limn, etc. Be absorbed by foliage throughout plant and very effective on deep-roots perennial species. It is widely used in forest rubber, mulberry, tea fruit, sugarcane and etc.
Product Group: Glyphosate
Company: Anhui Huaheng Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Acetochlor is a kind of selective herbicide before sprout. It is principally used for weeds of large crabgrass, barnyardgrass, greenbristlegrass, shortawnfoxtail, goosegrass and water mouse-earchickweed, amaranth, common purslane, ducktongueweed used to control insects on rice soya beans, peanuts, maizes, rapes, cottons. Usually take surface treatment of the presprout soil. The using-quantity is according to the kinds of crops and areas. The spray, mix with soil and water mix etc. methods ...
Company: Lanxi Lande Synthetic Material Co., Ltd.    China

Clodinafop Propargyl
Clodinafop-propargyl (CAS no. 105512-06-9). 1) Technical and formulations: 95% Tech, 24% EC, 15% WP. 2) Chemical name: (R)-2-[4-[(5-chloro-3-fluoro-2-pyridinyl)oxy]phenoxy]propanoic acid, proparyl ester. 3) Molecular formula: C10H10Cl2O3. 4) Specification: Purity: 95%min, appearance: white crystal powder. 5) Physical and chemical properties: a) White crystal powder ; b) MP: 59.5°C, VP: 3.19 x 10-3MPa (25°C), specific gravity is 137 at 20°C ; c) Solubility at 25°C: 4.0mg/L in water, ...
Company: Shanghai Forever Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

1) Chemical name: N-butoxymethyl-2-chloro-2' 6'-diethy lacetanilide. 2) Chemical stability: a) Stable in neutral, weakly acidic and weakly alkaline media ; b) Hydrolyzed by strong acid (pH 1) and alkalis (pH 13). 3) Storage stability: stable under normal storage conditions in original container for at least two years. 4) Formulation: 50%, 60% ,90%EC ; 92%,95%TC
Product Group: Butachlor
Company: Suzhou Hengtai Medicines & Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Pure pretilachlor is colourless liquid. The disolvability in water 50 ppm(20 deg C). Easy dissolves in many organic solvents. Application: Pretilachlor is a kind of selective herbicide. It is principally used for weeds of barnyard grass, psrandletop, nut grass, ducktongueweed in rice seeding bed and direct seeding. The period of validity shall be for 30-40 days. In rice direct seeding usually mix with soil or spray with water-mix. In rice seeding bed you will spray with Validity water-mix.
Company: Suzhou Hengtai Medicines & Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

1) Physical state: crystal. 2) Odour: odourless. 3) Colour: colourless. 4) Density: 1.704 (20C). 5) Solubility in water (25C): 11.6g/l. 6) Solubility in organic solvents: insoluble in common organic solvents, e.g. acetone, ethanol and xylene. 7) Stability: stable at normal temperatures and storage conditions. Do not photochemically degrade and is stablein air. 8) Acute oral LD50: >5,600mg/kg bw (rat), 11,300mg/kg for mice, 3,530mg/kg for goats.
Company: Zhenjiang Star Group    China

Features Specifications: Oxasulfuron Bispyribac sodium Tribenuron methyl Diclofop methyl: Mol. wt. 406.4 M.f. C17H18N4O6S Form White, odourless powder. M.p. 158 °C (decomp.) V.p. <2 ´ 10-3 mPa (25 °C) KOW logP = 0.75 (pH 5), -0.81 (pH 7), -2.2 (pH 8.9) Henry <3.2 ´ 10-5 Pa m3 mol-1 (calc.) S.g./density 1.41 Solubility In water 52 ppm (pH 5.1, 25 °C); in buffer, 63 (pH 5.0), 1700 (pH 6.8), 19 000 (pH 7.8) mg/l (15 °C). In methanol 1500, acetone 9300, toluene 320, n-octanol ...
Company: Kingtai Chemicals Co., Ltd.    China

Herbicide & Pesticide Intermediate
Product name:3,4/dichloroaniline. CAS No.: 95-76-1. Appearance:light - brown crystals,with characteristic odour. specification:99.5%(min). Melting point: 72oC. Boiling point: 272oC. Vapour density: 5.59 (air = 1). Vapour pressure: 1 mm Hg at 81oC. Density (g cm-3): 1.33. Flash point: 166oC. Explosion limits: 2.8 - 7.2% at ca. 160 oC. Almost insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol, ether and benzene-insoluble. Application: It is a kind of herbicide and agricultural pesticide intermediate and ...
Company: Kingtai Chemicals Co., Ltd.    China

N-(Phosphonomethyl)Iminodiacetic Acid (PMIDA). Chemical Name: N-(Phosphonomethyl)Iminodiacetic acid. Mol. Formula: C5H10NO7P. Properties: White crystals, M.P.210°C, soluble in the water tinily, insoluble in ethanol,propanone,ether,benzene etc(including some organic solvents).Can be produced salt by reaction with alkali,amine. Usage: Mostly be used as the intermediate to produce the efficiently,harmfulless herbicide(glyphosate) And glyphosate can be used to kill all kinds of weed in glebe.
Company: Bnp Distributors    Canada

Mammalian Toxicology: Oral Acute oral LD50 for rats 481-693mg/kg(in sesame oil),dogs 1600mg/kg(highest dose without induction of vomiting).Skin and eye Acute percutaneous LD50 for rats> 5000mg/kg. Inhalation LC50 for rats>1.36mg/air. Formulation types:1Appearance of TECHearth yellow crystals. 228%36% Diclofop-methyl EC C97% Diclofop-methyl TC
Company: Shanghai Agochemicals Trade CO., Ltd    China

Herbi-Safe Herbicide
Helps to detox herbicide residues from the soil. Softens the soil-life assault. Encourage rapid biodegradation of glyphosate. Protects algae - an important food producer for the soil foodweb. Ideal pH for herbicide compatibility.
Company: Shanghai MIO CHEMICAL CO. , LTD.    China

Ethoxysulfuron: Alias:1-(4,6-dimethoxypyrimidin-2-yl)-3-(2-ethoxyphenoxysulfonyl)urea ; CAS: 126801-58-9 ; Molecular formula:C15H18N4O7S. Structural formula: Molecular Weight: 398.39. Appearance: white or similar to white crystalline. M.P.:144-147. Purity: 97% Tech. Use: It is sulfonyl urea herbicide mainly used for the control of broad-leave weeds and sedge
Company: Shanghai MIO CHEMICAL CO. , LTD.    China

Ecotoxicity: Toxicity to Fish LC50: 75 mg/l (Rainbow trout; 96 h). Toxicity to Algae EbC50: 22 mg/l (Green algae; 72 h). Toxicity to Algae ErC50: 54 mg/l (Green algae; 72 h). Toxicity to Aquatic Invertebrates EC50: 96 mg/l (Daphnia magna (water flea); 48 h). Toxicity to aquatic plants EC50: 0.15 mg/l (Lemna gibba, 14 days). Applications: Mesotrione will be applied pre- and post-emergence through ground or aerial application equipment. Mesotrione has herbicidal activity against broadleaf ...
Company: Shandong dongtai agricultural chemistry Co., ltd.    China

2, 4-D Tech, Sl Herbicides
2, 4-D, a chlorinated phenoxy compound, functions as a systemic herbicide and is used to control many types of broadleaf weeds. It is used in cultivated agriculture, in pasture and rangeland applications, forest management, home, garden, and to control aquatic vegetation.
Company: Shandong dongtai agricultural chemistry Co., ltd.    China

Herb-D (2, 4-D Sodium Salt)
2, 4-D is a selective hormone type weedicide which is use mainly in broad leaf for killing unwanted weeds. It's group that we are manufacturing are 2, 4-D Sodium Salt 80% wsp, 2, 4-D Acid, Technical, 2, 4-D Amine Salt both 22. 5% & 58% sl. Butachlor 50% EC, Plant Growth Regulator, Agricultural Sticking Agent.
Company: Zhejiang Shenghua Group Holding Co., Ltd    China

Acetochlor, Metolachlor 92% TC
Herbicides: Acetochlor 95% ; Atrazine 98% Tech ; Clodinafop-propargyl 95% TC, 15% WP ; Dicamba Min98% TC, 48% SL ; Diquat 40% Tech, 15% AS ; Diuron 97% Tech ; 2, 4-D 98% TC ; Glyphosate 95% Tech, IPA 41% , 62% ; Glufosinate 95% Tech ; Imazethapyr 97% ; MCPA 95% Tech ; Metolachlor 92% TC, 72% EC ; Oxyfluorfen 97% , 24% EC ; Paraquat 42% Tech, 20% EC ; Pendimethalin 95% TC, 33% EC ; Quizalofop-P-ethyl Tech ; Trifluralin 95% TC, 48% EC
Company: Zhejiang Shenghua Group Holding Co., Ltd    China

Avermectin, Abamectin: Molecular formula: B1a: C48H72O14 (=873. 1) B1b: C47H70O14 (=859. 1) Appearance: white or light yellow crystal, melting point 157-162 oC, soluble in toluene, ethyl acetate, acetone, chloroform, alcohol and etc, soluble slightly in petroleum ether, insoluble in water (10ug / l) . Toxicity: LD50 =13. 6-23. 8mg / KG Mouse oral ; LD50 =10. 6-11. 3mg / KG Rat oral ; Not cancerigenic Use: Avermectin is the new type of anti-acarid antibiotic, which is distilled after ...
Company: Zhejiang Shenghua Group Holding Co., Ltd    China

Dicamba is a selective systemic herbicide, absorbed through both roots and leaves. It translocates throughout the plant and acts as an auxin-like growth regulator. It is effective against annual and perennial broad-leaved weeds and brush species in cereals, maize, sorghum, sugarcane, turf, pastures, rangeland and non-crop areas and can be used in combinations with many other herbicides. Application: Control of annual and perennial broad-leaved weeds and brush species in cereals, maize, ...
Company: China Shenhua Group    China

Diuron: Other name: diuron (BSI, E-ISO, (m) F-ISO, ANSI, WSSA) ; DCMU (JMAF) ; dichlorfenidim* (former exception, USSR). TC: 98% tech. Formulation: 80% wdg, 80% wp. Uses: Control of weeds and mosses on non-crop areas, at 10-30 KG a. I. / ha. Selective control of germinating grass and broad-leaved weeds in many crops, including asparagus, tree fruit, bush fruit, citrus fruit, vines, olives, pineapples, bananas, sugar cane, cotton, peppermint, alfalfa, forage legumes, cereals, maize, ...
Company: China Shenhua Group    China

The main Herbicide and pesticide of weed killer of company have acetochlor over 95% TC, propisochor over 93% TC,90% acetochlor EC,50% acetochlor EC,75% acetochlor·2,4-d butyl EC,72% propisochlor EC ,20% chlorimuron-ethyl SP,10% fluoroglycofn-ethyl EC ,etc. Used in the crops, such as soybean, maize, potato,etc. and weed mainly. safe to people and animals.
Company: Sanonda Zhengzhou Pesticide Co., Ltd    China

1) Chemical name: ethyl 5-(4, 6-dimethoxypyrimidin-2-ylcarbamoylsulfamoyl)-1-methylpyrazole-4-carboxylate. 2) Usage: controls annual and perennial broadleaf weeds, and sedges in direct-seeded and transplanted paddy rice. 3) Formulation:95% TC ; 10% WP
Company: Suzhou Hengtai Medicines & Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Features: 1) Specification: 120EC. 2) Appearance: light yellow transparent liquid. 3) A.I content: 120±10g/L. 4) Water %: 0.3 Max. 5) pH value: 4-7
Company: Shandong Linghua Chemicals CO.,LTD.    China

Features: 1) Common name: hexazinone ; 2) Chemical name: 3-cyclohexyl-6-(dimethyl amino)-1-methyl-1, 3, 5-triazine-2, 4(1H,3H)-dione (CAS) ; 3) CAS number: CAS 51235-04-2, SHA 107201 ; 4) Formulation: granule, water-soluble granule, water soluble liquid, and undiluted liquid applied with exact delivery handgun. Physicochemical properties: 1) White, crystalline solid. 2) Melting point: 115 - 117°C. 3) Soluble in chloroform 388g/100g, methanol 265g/100g, benzene 94g/100g, dimethyl formamide ...
Company: Changzhou Eastchem International Co., Ltd.    China

glyphosate Specification: Classification: Herbicide ; CAS No.: 1071-83-6 ; Other Names: KERNEL(R);landmaster;ENVISION(R);(. ; MF: C3H8NO5P ; EINECS No.: 213-997-4 ; State: Liquid ; Purity: 41% ; Application: organophosphorus herbicide ; Glyphosate absorption within the conduction for the Herbicide chronic broad-spectrum, the main inhibitor of in vivo-ol acetone-based Mangcao prime-phosphate synthase, thereby inhibiting hormone Mangcao to phenylalanine, tyrosine, and Trp acid conversion, so ...
Company: Quzhou Rui Tong Trade Co., Ltd.    China

dazomet Specification: Classification: Herbicide, Nematicide ; CAS No.: 533-74-4 ; Other Names: dazomet ; MF: C5H10N2S2 ; State: Granular ; Purity: 98% ; Application: soil sterilant ; color: white ; CAS: 533-74-4 Common names:dazomet Chemical names:3,5-dimeththyl-1,3-thiadia zinane-2-thinoe Molecular formula: C5H10N2S2 Properties :Pure product is white odorless crystalline,melting point is 99.5&rsquo;C (with decomposition), solubility(20&rsquo;C),in water 3000PPM,it is easy ...
Company: Jinan Zhaolong Science And Technology Development Company Ltd.    China

Herbicide Clethodim 24%
Herbicide Clethodim 24% EC Specification: Classification: Herbicide ; Purity: 24% ; Application: herbicide ; Herbicide:Clethodim 24% EC Composition Tech. is &gt;91% pure. Mol. wt. 359.9 M.f. C17H26ClNO3S Form Clear, amber liquid. B.p. Decomposes below boiling point. V.p. &lt;1 ?10-2 mPa (20 ) S.g./density 1.14 (20 ) Solubility Soluble in most organic solvents. Stability Aqueous hydrolysis DT50 28 d (pH 5), 300 d (pH 7), 310 d (pH 9). Aqueous photolytic DT50 (sterile ...
Company: Shenzhen Qinfeng Pesticide Co., Ltd.    China

Imazethapyr Specification: Classification: Biological Pesticide, Herbicide. ; CAS No.: 81335-77-5 ; Other Names: imazethapyr ; MF: C15H19N3O3 ; EINECS No.: 81335-77-5 ; State: Powder ; Purity: 98% ; Application: insecticide ; Yellowish to off-white crystal solid: yellowish ; Common name Imazethapyr Product category Herbicide Chemical name ( RS )-5-ethyl-2-(4-isopropyl-4-methyl-5-oxo-2-imidazolin-2-yl)nicotinic acid CAS No 81335-77-5 Molecular formula C15H19N3O ...
Company: Zouping Sino Rich Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Butachlor 92tc
BUTACHLOR 92TC Specification: Classification: Herbicide ; CAS No.: 23184-66-9 ; Other Names: Amichlor, Lambast, Mach-Mach, Weed. ; MF: C17H26ClNO2 ; EINECS No.: 245-447-8 ; State: Liquid ; Purity: 92% ; Application: Selective herbicide ; PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY Type: Herbicide Form (appearance): Light yellow to purple liquid with a faint, sweet odor. M.P.: -2.8C to 1.7C B.P.: 156C/0.5 mmHg V.P.: 2.4 &times; 10-1 mPa (25C) F.P.: &gt;135C (Tag closed cup) Other properties Viscosity 37 cP ...
Company: Sunking Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.    China

Metsulfuron-methyl Pesticide
Metsulfuron-methyl pesticide Specification: Classification: Fungicide, Herbicide ; CAS No.: 74223-64-6 ; MF: C14H15N5O6S ; State: Powder ; Application: Used to control perennial wheat an. ; Type: Powder ; CAS No.: 74223-64-6 ; Common name: Metsulfuron-MethylCAS:79510-48-8Molecular formula:C14H15N506SSpecification:20%WP,60%WPChemical name:2-(4-methoxy-6-mehtyl-1,3,5-triazin-2-ylcarbamoylsulfamoyl)benzoic acidPhysical and chemical property:Colorless crystale (the original drug off-white ...
Company: Changzhou Bestar Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Glyphosate Ipa Salt 62%
Glyphosate Ipa Salt 62% Specification: Classification: Herbicide ; State: Liquid ; Specification: Item Index Appearance Yellowish Liquid Content (C3H8NO5P) 46.0%-47.0% Content (IPA salt ) 61.5%-64.0% PH Value 4.5-6.5 Stability (diluting 20 times) QC Passed Thermal stability QC Passed Low temp stability QC Passed Package: 200L/PE drum, 20MT/1&times;20GP, or customer's choice.
Company: Jiangsu Jinhaode International Trade Co., Ltd    China

Qianhe Bone Powder China
Qianhe Bone Powder China Specification: Classification: Acaricide, Biological Pesticide. ; CAS No.: Bone Powder China ; Other Names: Bone Powder China ; MF: Bone Powder China ; State: Powder ; Purity: 99% ; Application: High-grade porcelain, ceramics, me. ; Name: Bone Powder China ; Detailed Product Description Using for High-grade porcelain, ceramics, metal smelting, other uses. QINGDAO QIANCHENG MINERALS CO.,LTD. YOUFANGTAIZI VILLAGE (HETOUYUAN INDUSTRY ZONE), JIAOZHOU,QINGDAO,CHINA ...
Company: Qingdao Jiameng Import & Export Co., Ltd.    China

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