Tea Seed Powder

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Detailed Tea Seed Powder Description:

Tea seed meal is the residue of tea seeds after camellia oil extraction.tea seed meal is a natural pesticide,which is widely used for cleaning the pond and killing the snails,earthworm and other pests.Tea seed meal can be also used as a kind of high effective organic fertilizer.

1.cleaning pond
As a green plant,tea seed meal can decompose by itself,which brings no toxic residue,it is very safe for human to use it
a. It can kill the unusable-fish,loach,tadpole,frog-spawn and other aquicolous insects
b. It can accelerate the growth of aquatic-gross
c. It can fasten the exuviation of shrimp and crab,and never threaten them

It can kill the snail and other un-wanted pests in rice field.

Tea seed meal is abundant in oarse proteins and other nutriments so it can fertilise the pon,and it is good for the propagation of planktons.


Tea Seed Powder
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