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List extensive product information of Agrochemicals & Pesticides (include organic pesticide, food pesticides, natural pesticides, chemical pesticides), provided by Agrochemicals & Pesticides manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Gum Rosin
Specifications Typical Properties: Grades X Appearance Transparent Solid Color (USDA) Slight Yellow Conform to Chinese glass colorimeter standard cubes for rosin grading Softening Point (R&B) Min. 76 Acid Number (mg KOH/g) Min. 166 Non-saponification content. Max. % 5 Insoluble matter in alcohol Max. % 0.03 Ash content. Max. % 0.02 Advantages Packaging: 225 kg (496 lbs) net in galvanized iron drum. Gross weight is approximately 513 lbs. Methods ...
Company: Fushishan Industrial Co., Ltd.    Hong Kong

Paclobutrazol 95%tc,25%sc
Paclobutrazol Common Name Paclobutrazol CAS NO. 76738-62-0 Description Appearance:grayish-white powder Boiling Point:165~166 Vapour Pressure:0.1×10-6Pa at 20 Solubility:easily solves in most organic solvents. Formulation 95%TC,15%WP,25%SC Application It is a new plant growth regulator, which can be use in varieties plants like fruit trees,rice etc,and is also a broad-spectrum fungicide.
Company: Orient Resources International Co., Ltd.    China

Pesticide Emulsifier
GPRO Jiangsu zhongshan Chemical Co.,Ltd. manufacture agrochemical emulsifier or monomers well used in EC/WP/WDG/SC/OD/EW and other latest formulations . Those adjuvants are specialized in different tech product as herbicide, germicide, insecticide, organophosphate, acaricide, pyrethroid,etc..We also have our R&D power and can provide tailored formulations for our customers. We manufacture emulsifiers ever since 1954 and gains a famous reputation in domestic adjuvants market. ...
Company: Jiangsu GPRO International Business Co., Ltd.    China

Calcium Hypochlorite
Alias: Calcium hypochlorite, chloride of lime, bleaching powder. Color: white powder Available chlorine: 28% use: Disinfectant, disinfectant, bleaching agent, deodorizer, depilate, oxidant, purifying agent and so on UN NO.2880.1748 IMB:5.1
Company: Nanning Wuxing Feed Additive Co., Ltd.    China

Fast knock-down effective against both flying and crawling insects. Long lasting residual action ideal for suface spraying. Does not stain. We make products according to the clients's requirements.
Company: Wawang (Fujian) Daily Chemistry Co., Ltd.    China

Triphenylphosphine Oxide
Triphenylphosphine oxide(TPPO) Chemical name: Triphenylphosphine oxide (TPPO) CAS NO.:791-28-6 Molecular formual: C18H15OP Molecular weight: 108.1 Technical conditions: Appearance: white to off-white crystal Content: 99.5%Min Melting point: 154-158°C Usage:Triphenylphosphine oxide (TPPO) is a coordinating solvent used to activate crystallization of chemical compounds. It has been used in flame retardant applications, as an epoxy cure catalyst, and more recently, to produce ...
Company: Dalian Huiyuan Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.    China

Paraquat 42%
PARAQUAT 42% Formula: C12H14Cl2N2 Mol. Wt 257.2 CAS No. 1910-42-5 Alias:Paraquat;1,1,-dimethyl-4,4,-bipyridyldichloride;Gramxone Chemical name:1,1,-dimethyl-4,4,-bipyridyldichloride Structural formula: Description: Non-selective contact herbicide, absorbed by the foliage with some translocation in the xylem. Broad-spectrum control of broad-leaved weeds and grasses in fruit orchards(including citrus), plantation crops(bananas, coffee, cocoa palm, coconut palms, oil ...
Company: China Chem Source (HK) Co., Ltd. Dalian Office    China

Amplifier Installion Wiring
Description: 1) 20FT 8GA power cable, red 2) 4FT 8GA ground cable, black 3) 16FT RCA cable 4) 20FT 18GA remote control wire 5) 20FT 12GA speaker cable 6) Accessories: A) Split loom tube B) 1pc AGU fuse holder, golden C) 1PC AGU fuse, 60A, golden D) 4pcs 12AWG quick disconnecters, golden E) 2pcs ring terminals, golden F) 2pcs spade terminals, golden G) 1pc butt terminal H) 10pcs wire ties, black I) 2pcs screws, black J) 1pc grommet 7) Can be made as per customers requests
Company: Linan Super Linke Electron Co., Ltd.    China

Phosphorus Trichloride
Trade NamePhosphorus trichloride Molecular formula: PCL3 Molecular weight: 137.3 CAS NO: 7719-12-2 UN NO: 1809 Specifications: Appearance Colorless transparent liquid Content ≥98%≥99% Free phosphorus ≤0.005 Boiling range (74.5-77.5Cv/v) ≥96
Company: Shanghai Richem International Co., Ltd.    China

Humic Acid
Fertilizer: Humic acid organic fertilizer More Information: 1, Appearance: brown, small granules, without lumps and mechanical impurities. 2, Technical requirements Item Index Total nutrient (N+ P205+ K20), %≥ 4.5 Organic matter, %≥ 30 Moisture, %≤ 20 Humic acid , %≥ 15
Company: Lianyungang Famous Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Pest-killing Lamp
JIADUO frequoscillation pest-killing lamp is dramatically effective to control theinsect pests on Agriculture, forestry, vegetable, tobacco,warehousing, wine brewing,garden, orchard, urban landscaping and aquiculture etc.SPC:40cm*40cm*80cmGW: 7kgFUC:Auto turn on in evening and turn down in morning
Company: Tangyin County Jiaduo Science Industry And Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Voltage:200-240V Power:6W Frequency:50-60Hz Size:500x350mm The mosquito can fly in the unit by blue light which mosquito like much emited from the unit and then air-dryed by the fan twirling in the unit.
Company: Beijing Renhe Husbandry Machinery Factory    China

Cockroach Pad
lanju brand cockroach pad to kill cockroach, insects. 1. packing: 9 pcs/box, 20 boxes/carton active material: chlorpyrifos>0.1% 3pcs be used in 15m2 room is enough. 2. packing: 6 coils/box 1 coil be used in 15m2 room is enough.
Company: Zhongshan Lanju Daily Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.    China

Adenine CAS NO.: 73-24-5 MF: C5H5N5 MW: 135.13 supply pharmaceutical raw material and intermediates Pharmaceutical intermediates: 3- Indolebutyric acid CAS 133-32-4 4-Phenoxyphenol CAS 831-82-3 4-Bromo-2-nitroaniline CAS 875-51-4 Amoxapine CAS 14028-44-5 Adenine CAS 73-24-5 Pharmaceutical raw material: Amantadine CAS 768-94-5 Amoxicillin CAS 26787-78-0 Azithromycin CAS 83905-01-5 Chloramphenicol 56-75-7 Ciprofloxacin CAS 86393-32-0 Dirithromycin CAS 62013-04-1 Doxycycline CAS 564-25-0 ...
Company: Jiangxi Dongxu Chemical Technology Co., Ltd    China

Cartridges membrane is folded with CN-CA membrane and diverting layers. Cartridges cover, housing and central pole are all made of PP. All parts are sealed by hot welding technology without any chemical infectant.
Company: Wenzhou Jhen Ten Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Sulfur: CAS:7704-34-9 Grade Industry Assay 99% Minimum Quality standard GB/T 2449-2006 Appearance Light yellow crystal formula weight 32.06 Boiling Point 444.6°C fusion point 119°C Flashing point 207°C vapour pressure 0.13kPa Application Mainly used for sulfuric acid, also used in rubber, papermaking, medicine, pesticide, bleach, match industry etc

Wetting Agent For Textile
2. The main technical standard Item Parameter PH value(1% water-solution) 7--8.5 Content of iron %,≤ 0.01 Content of water %,≤ 5 Penetrating force(compared to standard)% 100±2 3.Performance and use This product is white powder, an anionic surfactant. Soluble in water, acid, alkali and hard water, with excellent wettability and thermability, and has a certain emulsification, dispersion and foaming properties. 1)Widely used in ...
Company: Anyang Double Circle Auxiliary Co., Ltd.    China

Fluazuron: CAS No.: 86811-58-7 Chemical name: N-(((4-chloro-3-((3-chloro-5-(trifluoromethyl)-2-pyridinyl)oxy)phenyl) amino) carbonyl)-2,6-difluorobenzamide Molecular structure: Specification: Appearance: A white to pink crystalline. Assay: ≥99% Melting point: 219°C Water: ≤1% Heavy metals: ≤20ppm Package: 5kg Aluminium tin, 25kg fibre drum Welcome to send us an inquiry for more details.
Company: Qingdao Dacon Trading Co., Ltd    China

Fly Killer
Pharmacology action: Cyramazine is regulator for growth of insect. When concentration of this product reach 1mg/kg in feed, the growth of maggot in dejecta can be controled.and 5mg/kg is enough to regulate all kinds of maggot. In common use this product after 6-24 hours it will come in to effect. This product can be used in 1-3 consecutive weeks. After being taken, this product can be obsorbed quickly and 99.1% of the obsorbed Cyramazine premix can be evacuated. Little of this will residue ...
Company: Hebei Junyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.    China

3-indolebutyric Acid
3-Indolebutyric Acid Product Name 3-Indolebutyric Acid CAS No. 133-32-4 Molecular Weight C12H13NO2 Molecular 203.24 Structural Formula Appearance White crystal powder Purity 99% min. Melting Point 123 - 125 °C Loss on Drying 0.5% max.. Residue on Ignition 0.1% max.. Packing 25 KG net PE drum Usage Broad-spectrum plant growth regulator. It is used to stimulate rooting of cuttings of herbaceous and woody ...
Company: Shijiazhuang Lemandou Chemicals Co., Ltd.    China

Common name: Tebuconazole Chemical name: (RS) - 1 - (4 - chlorobenzene) - 454-2-3 - (1H) - 1,2,4 triazole - 1-3 - e), methyl alcohol. - Molecular Weight: 307.8 Molecular Formula: C16H22ClN3O CAS: 107534-96-3 Appearance: colorless crystalline Melting point: 102.4 ° C, Steam pressure: 0.0133 mPa (20 ° C), Solubility (20 ° C) : water 32mg/L, toluene 50 - is 100 gold/L. Content: 97%, USES: high-effect fungicide used for important economic crop seed ...
Company: Nantong Jinrui Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Veratridine is a steroid-derived alkaloid from the family of Liliaceae that functions as a neurotoxin by activating sodium ion channels. It is a derivative of veracevine. It is primarily obtained from the herb Veratrum and sabadilla seeds. It binds to intramembrane receptor site 2 and increasing intracellular Ca2+ concentration. It acts by preferentially binding to activated Na+ channels causing persistent activation that leads to increase nerve excitability. It is used in ointments for ...
Company: Shaanxi Sciphar Hi-Tech Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Seebio is based in Shanghai P.R.C. We also have a full in-house laboratory which enables us to offer assistance to customers who require product development or technical support. Seebio adheres to Standard Operating Procedures covering all aspects of the business which ensures our facility meets the requirements and approval of multi-national manufacturers as a world class distributor. Seebio supply chemicals in very competative price, ISO-9002 verified manufacturer,Professional logistic and ...
Company: Seebio Biotech Inc.    China

Acrylic Processing Modifier For Pvc
Acrylic Processing Modifier for PVC (ACR) Introuduction: Processing Modifier ACR-JX series products are the new generation of acrylate macromolecule copolymer. It was produced by using advanced polymerization and desiccation technical on the bases of our years producing experience. As it has low dust, non-corrosive, excellent fluidity and dont dissolve in water, it was considered to be an ideal processing modifier of PVC. Product performance: It can promote plastication and improve the ...
Company: Hebei Jingxin Chemical Group Co., Ltd.    China

Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate
Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate fertilizer grade * Zn: 21% min (20% available also) Pb: 50ppm max As: 50ppm max Cd: 20ppm max * SPEC & MSDS: to be offered upon request * Special Features: * -Low heavy metals & high assay -Excellent solubility -Low insoluble matter * Please keep informed with email and phone for contact.
Company: Kirns Chemical Ltd.    China

Gibberellic Acid 10% Tablet
Appearance: white to pale yellow tablet Content of Gibberellic acid: 10% min Moisture: 5.0% max PH value: 5.0-7.0 Water insoluble: 0.5% max Fragment: 1.5% max Collapse time limit: 10min max Heart stroage stability: confrom Packing: 1kg inner packing, 25kg/carton
Company: Ningbo Petrochemicals Import & Export Co., Ltd.    China

Glyphosate Adjuvant
Glyphosate Isopropyl Amine Salt Water Aqua Emulsifying Agent Introduction: Glyphosate,isopropyl amine salt aqueous solution synergistic agent (S-8208) is produced from the composition of 15EO, surfactant-APG and other surfactants. It is non-toxic and completely bio-degradable. Technical Spec.: Item: S-8208 Appearance: light yellow viscose liquid Solid content: % ≥50 pH-value: (1% aqueous solution) 7-9 Heat resistance: 54±2°C Cold resistance: -8°C ...
Company: Jiangyin Tianxiang Plastic Chemical Belt Making Co., Ltd.    China

Specification 98 TECH; 50 WP; 40SC; 500g/l SC Physical Chemisity Pure Carbendazim Colourless Crystals. M.p.302-307decomp.V.p. 1.33×10-5Pa(20); Solubility In water 5.8mg/l; in methanol and ethanol 300mg/l; benzene 36mg/l; in methylenechloride 68mg/l (all in 20). Stability not inflammable; stable for at least 2 y below 50. Slowly decomposed in alkaline solution (22); no corrosiveness. Mode of action Systemic fungicide with protective and curative action. Absorbde through the ...
Company: Xinyi Jingwei Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.    China

Commercial quantity Competitive price Superior quality Chengdu Ablexienuo Chemical Technology Limited Company located in the western part of high and new technology section of Chengdu Business philosophy Good service Good faith technical innovation prime quality
Company: Chengdu Ablexienuo Chemical Technology Limited Company    china

Chengdu Ablexienuo Chemical Technology Limited Company located in the western part of high and new technology section of Chengdu Business philosophy Good service Good faith technical innovation prime quality
Company: Chengdu Ablexienuo Chemical Technology Limited Company    china

Chengdu Ablexienuo Chemical Technology Limited Company located in the western part of high and new technology section of Chengdu Business philosophy Good service Good faith technical innovation prime quality
Company: Chengdu Ablexienuo Chemical Technology Limited Company    china

Chengdu Ablexienuo Chemical Technology Limited Company located in the western part of high and new technology section of Chengdu Business philosophy Good service Good faith technical innovation prime quality
Company: Chengdu Ablexienuo Chemical Technology Limited Company    china

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