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Ferrous glycine
Ferrous glycine is the optimal product for supplement of ferric component which is synthesized through coordination chemical technology from glycine and ferrous substance. The glycine in this product can be absorbed by digestive tracts of animals firstly, and then it help the animals effectively absorb and utilize iron element, and so can relieve the sick symptoms initiated by the shortage of iron and improve the microcirculation of capillary vessels on the periphery and make the ...
Product Group: Ferrous Glycine
Company: Sunhy Biology Co., Ltd.    China

Seaweed powder
The seaweed powder is widely used in the feed industry.It is rich in nutrition ingredient and activity gene like iodine, mannitol,seaweed amylose and all kinds of protein.It mainly functions as the feed additive for aquatic product and farming.It can promote the growth of animal,prevent from sickness,augment the rate of yielding eggs,increase the milk quality of milk cow, improve the quality of meat and the palatability,fasten the speed of the animals becoming fat and reduce feed consumption.
Product Group: Seaweed Powder
Company: Sunhy Biology Co., Ltd.    China

Manganese Sulphate Mono Feed Garde
Manganese Sulphate we produced is a light pink monoclinic system crystal; very easily soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol; it is one of the micronutrient fertilizers widely used as basal fertilizer or in seed soaking, dressing and leaf surface spraying. It also can be used as feed additive; or used in paper making, printing & dyeing etc.
Product Group: Manganese Sulphate Mono
Company: Liuzhou Glory Zinc Minmetchem Co., Ltd.    China

Pecozyme Phytase
Pecozyme is a research achievement of the State 863 Strategic Program. This technology takes the lead in the world with independent intellectual property right, and has passed the strict national-level safety standard and effective evaluation experiment, reaching the goal for promoting animal growth and reducing the cost. FUNCTIONS: Decrease the dosage of dicalcium phosphate in the feedstuff and the feed cost. Improve the utilization of feedstuff for digestion, and enhance the ...
Product Group: Pecozyme Phytase
Company: Beijing Challenge Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Corn Gluten Meal
Corn gluten meal is one by-product obtained in the production of cornstarch which is hydroproduced from yellow corn and it is a feed material with rich energy and protein. The xanthophyll in corn gluten meal is 20 times or so as much as the one in corn and it has a good coloration effect on birds, egg and fish products.
Product Group: Corn Gluten Meal
Company: Hangzhou Sinodevelop Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Fish Meal
With advanced processing technology, this product is made from high quality sea fish through the processes of steaming, pressing, drying, and granulation. All the quality indexes of the product have reached or even exceeded the national standards for super fine fishmeal. This kind of product features stable quality, good greenness, thick fragrance, and high content of protein. Besides, it is easy to decompose, digest, and absorb.
Company: Hui Yuan Agriculture-Development Co., Ltd.    China

Corn Seed Cake
Corn seed cake: Specifications: 1) Protein: >17% ; 2) Moisture: <10% ; 3) Fat: <9% ; 4) Fiber: <14%. Corn seed cake is the ideal feed for breeding chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, fish, and other livestock.
Company: Hui Yuan Agriculture-Development Co., Ltd.    China

Fodder Yeast
Fodder Yeast (55%, 60%, 65% Feed Grade) is SCP produced with corn starch or brewer's grain used as the raw material through the technology of simultaneous saccharification and fermentation. The protein content is 50~65% and the ratio of digestion is more than 90%. The fodder yeast is not only rich in proteins, fats, arbohydrates, amino acid, vitamins of group B, as well as possessing high energy value. So it can balance and increase the efficiency of the used feedstuffs, promote ...
Product Group: Fodder Yeast
Company: CBH Qingdao Co., Ltd.    China

Alfalfa pellet
Alfalfa pellet or bales and powder Specifications : Diameter: 6-8mm, Moisture: 13% max, Crude protein: 17.95 min, Crude fibre:27.5% max, crude ash: 9.99% max; Besides of alfalfa , we can supply other kinds of fodders ,like fish meal,wheat bran pellet ,rice bran meal pellet etc.
Company: Qingdao Kington Industrial Co., Ltd.    China

Wheat Gluten
Moisture 98% 99%. Protein >75% 75.8%. Ash (on dry basis) 150% 158%. Fat(on dry basis) <1.3% 1.25%
Company: Qingdao Kington Industrial Co., Ltd.    China

Corn Gluten Meal
Maize Gluten Meal is a dry co-product of the extraction of starch by wet milling of maize. It consists mainly of gluten obtained after separation from the starch. Maize Gluten Meal is a protein source used in the feed industry. It contains xanthophyll, a natural pigment. Maize Gluten Meal is a bright golden granular meal. It is a protein source in feeds for poultry, pigs, cattle, fish and other species. Although it is low in lysine, it is very high in methionin+cystin. Its protein is ...
Company: Qingdao Kington Industrial Co., Ltd.    China

Soybean Meal
Soybean meal specifications: 1.Moisture max. 12% 2.Protein min. 42% 3.Oil & fat max. 4% 4.Fibre max. 6% 5.Vrease activity max. 0.3% 6.Sand stock silicate max. 2%
Product Group: Soybean Meal
Company: Hangzhou Sinodevelop Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Seaweed Extract Feed Grade
1. Seaweed extract (powder) feed grade. Color: Brown or dark brown. Odour: With smell of seaweed. Coarse Protein(%):10.0 min. LYSINE (%):0.6min. Ash(%):30.0 max. Moisture(%):15.0max. Iodine (%):0.015min. Calcium (%):4.0-9.0. Total Phosphorous(%):0.1min. Raw fibre (%):24.0 max. Soluble chloride in water (%):1.5-2.5. Particle size (mesh):60 or granule. 2. Application: 1)Additive for chicken feed; 2)Additive for cow feed; 3)Additive for pig
Product Group: Seaweed Extract
Company: CBH Qingdao Co., Ltd.    China

Dried Mealworm
1) Ideal for tropical fish, semi-aquatic amphibians, reptiles, birds, hedgehogs, lizards, iguanas and turtles. 2) Also as a kind of high protein food for livestock. 3) Dried mealworm larvae can be used in place of nuts, raisins, and chocolate. 4) Chips in many cookies, bread, and dessert recipes. 5) In powdered form, mealworm larvae can also replace part of the flour in cakes or pie crusts. 6) If they are just barely thawed, whole, or ground, they can be added to sauces or used to make ...
Company: Beijing ZJGX Technology & Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Barley Feed
Our Feed Barley is Available for Sale with Best Price. Alfalfa Seed, Oat Seed, Rice Bran, Feed Barley, Flax Seed ,Rape Seed ,Castor Seed, Natural White Sesame Seed, Sun Flower Seed Black, Sorghum Seed, Cumin Seed, Fennel Seed, Coriander Seed, White Broom Corn Millet, Yellow Broom Corn Millet, Maize, Cotton Seed.
Company: Beijing ZJGX Technology & Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Spirulina flakes
We are in a position to supply large quantity of spirulina flakes for fish feeding. artemia cysts. brine shrimp eggs. artemia flake. brine shrimp flake. spirulina flake. decapsulated artemia. freeze dried & frozen fish food.
Company: Shanghai Global Trade CO.,LTD.    China

Brine Shrimp Eggs
Freshly-hatched Brine shrimp are considered by experts to be the most nutritious first food for baby fish. 1.HATCHING CONTAINER: Use a container with a conical bottom. 2.AERATION: Add strong continuous aeration to the bottom of hatching container through the use of airstones. 3.EGGS DENSITY: Use no more than 2 grams/liter. 4.TEMPERATURE: Ideally between 25-30. 5.SALINITY: Use 15 ppt.A range of 10-40 acceptable. 6.ILLUMINATION: A strong fluorescent or incandescent light. 7.pH: pH ...
Company: innermongolia YiHeng Trade Co Ltd    China

Guar Meal
Guar meal 60% is a highest protein containing animal feed in its group, it is having up to 60% of protein with a high digesting content. Which improves cows' or buffalos' digesting system and as it is very high in protein it gives extra fat in its milk and also increases the quantity of milk. The by product of Guar Gum industry consisting of the guar germ material is called guar meal 60%. The Guar meal 60 after gum Extraction is a potential source of protein and contains about 60% ...
Product Group: Guar Meal
Company: Xi'an Honson Biotechnology Co., Ltd.    China

Animal Feed / Fodder
We can supply the several kinds of animal feed such as corn fibre / bran, gluten, feed grade L-lysine HCL, wine lees, beer lees with the specification as follows: 1. Corn Fibre / bran: A. Moisture 10% max; Protein 18% min; Ash 5% max. B. Moisture 12% max; Protein 28% min; Ash 5% max. 2. Corn Gluten: Moisture: 12% max; Protein: 60% min; Particle Size: 99. 00% min. 3. Feed Grade L-lysine HCL: Content (dry basis) : 98. 5% min; Specific Rotation: + 18. 00-21. 50; Loss on drying: 1. 0% max; ...
Company: Jiangsu Tiansheng Chemical and Industry Co., Ltd    China

Cattle Feed
We manufacture high quality cattle feed extra supplemented with several multi-enzymes and live yeast culture for high milk and fat yield. It also contains immune polysaccharide, oligosaccharides for overall development of animal.
Company: Prism Biosciences    India

Whey powder (Feed)
Liquid whey is aby-product of the production of cheese. Wheypowder is obtained by spraydryingliquid whey. Gentle spraydrying preserves the good quality ofthe dairy proteins. These proteins and the high amount of lactose makewheypowder a rich and unique ingredient for piglet feeds.
Company: Prism Biosciences    India

Wheat Protein
Specifications: 1) Protein: &gt;75% 2) Moisture: &lt;9 3) Ash (on dry basis) : &lt;1% 4) Water absorption rate: &gt;160% The wheat protein concentrate looks bright and the color is offwhite. It is the byproduct of wheat starch which is rich in nutrients mainly used to feed animals. It plays an important part in helping animals growing and against illness. As a Good additive, it helps animals eat more and grow stronger. Particularly, we can Make sure that animals would be in ...
Company: Prism Biosciences    India

Artemia Cysts
Our products include feed, artemia cysts, brine shrimp eggs, and hatchery larval Feeds and tropical fish food. We are genuine producers. Our product is produced in the bohai bay of china. Hatch rate 90%,80%,70%; moisture content is smaller than 8%. Impurity is smaller than 1%. That quality and price possess competitive strength. The product quality matches with the quality of big salt.
Company: Wudi fuye aquaculture Co., ltd.    China

Fish Feed Additive
Fish Feed Additive is the most technically advanced enzyme based feed additive for tilapia, catfish and other fin fish species. My enzymes are specifically designed to make the nutrients in the feed more "Bio-Available" to the fish. The enzymes contained in DE100F when added directly to the fish feed will significantly enhance growth and servivibility while shortening culture time & consequently reducing FCR.
Company: Beijing Hofa Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Distiller Dried Grains
Ethanol plants blend and dry these two residues to produce distiller dried grains. The distiller dried fraction has the highest concentration of nutrients compared with DDG. It is a rich source of vitamins, and is the lowest in fiber and highest in fat, yielding a DE value that is approximately 91% of that found in corn. Since DDGS is a blend of DDS and DDG, the nutrient composition of DDGS is between DDS and DDG. This is generally the case with the following exceptions: crude protein, ...
Company: Beijing Hofa Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Guar Meal
One of the specialist & dedicated processors of Guar Gum Products, We offer Guar Korma Meal with protein 50% Min & Guar meal Churi with 40% min protien. Our quality system has duly been certified by TUV Germany, and we are ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2000 certified company.
Product Group: Guar Meal
Company: Jainsons (India) Industries    India

ryegrass Specification: Type: Fish Meal ; Use: Fish ; ryegrass is known as multiflorum ryegrass,or ,and belongs to gramineous ryegrass which is an annual forages growing quickly in cool season..The general stem height is 80-120 cm.The root of whiskers is flourishing, its leaves are much softer,tender,juiced.In addition,,so the herbivorous livestock and poultry like cow,sheep,pig,rabbit,goose,fish etc.are all pleased to eat. It is suitable for growing in the region where is warm and humid.The ...
Company: Beihai Green Kingdom Biology And Landscape-Creating Co., Ltd.    China

Florphenicol Specification: Type: Other ; Use: Other ; Packaging: 25kg ; white or yellow white: white ; Appearance White to yellowish white,crystalline powder White crystalline powder Melting point 152 to156 153.5 Identification Complies Complies Specific optical rotation 16 to 19 17.6 Acidiy PH4.5-6.5 5.7 Chloride not more than 0.02% less than 0.02% Fluorine assay not lette than4.8% 5.0% Total impurities not more than2% ...
Company: Shaanxi Shunyi Co., Ltd.    China

Munchy Twists / Dog Chew
10&quot,14-15MM Munchy twists / dog chew Specification: Type: Dog chew ; Use: Dog ; Packaging: Pvc bag ; 10&quot;14-15MM Munchy twists / dog chew Model: HLDOGB28 Packing: 4 pcs /Pvc bag + Head card Weight: 280 -300G Other information 1.We can produce these items on OEM basis. 2.All the products are of China origin 3.Enquiries will be entertained if they met the minimum order quantity (m.o.q) as mentioned with item. 4.Sample lead time 7-15 days subject to product nature. ...
Company: Yuyao Hualun Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.    China

Sodium Compound Amino Acid Powder
Sodium Compound Amino Acid Powder Specification: Type: Blood Meal ; Use: Cattle, Chicken, Dog, Fish, Horse, Pig, mi. ; Grade: HIGH ; Packaging: 20KG/BAG,25KG/bag ; light yellow granules: light yellow granules ; Sodium Compound Amino Acid Powder Characters: It is light yellow granules, excellent fluidity, all dissolved instant, while easy to absorb moisture. To be formed with sodium hydroxide and re-spray drying after raw materials hydrolysis, this product does not contain ammonium ...
Company: Chengdu Chelation Biotechnology Co., Ltd.    China

Artemia Cysts
Artemia cysts Specification: Type: brine shrimp eggs ; Use: Fish, Young shrimp and fry ; Admixture (%): No ; Moisture (%): 8.5% max ; Grade: Great ; Packaging: In cans or pails or bags ; hatching rate: 65%, 75%, 80%, 90% ; protein: 60% ; Ash: 4.4% ; Fat: 24% ; Moisture: 8.5% ; Artemia Cysts 1. Feature: We are the leading manufacturer of artemia, due to excellent quality and competitve price.our artemia have being exported to many countries, and enjoy the high popularity. If you are ...
Company: Xiamen Mincheng Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.    China

Corn Gluten Meal
60% Corn gluten meal Specification: Type: Fish Meal ; Use: Dog ; Variety: Corn Gluten Meal ; Corn gluten meal is a yellow powder or granular created as a by-product during a milling process corn. It is a high-protein concentrate typically supplied at 60% protein. It is a valuable source of methionine. It is primarily used as a supplement in farm animal feeds, dog food, and fish food. Corn gluten meal also has a level of xanthophylls, which offers the poultry feed formulators an efficient ...
Company: Fano Group Limited    China

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