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List extensive product information of Charcoal (include activated charcoal, wood charcoal, bamboo charcoal, barbecue charcoal, raw charcoal), provided by Charcoal manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Bamboo Charcoal Bag For Bathroom
Bamboo Charcoal Bag For Bathroom as raw material, take 30 days to carbonize the bamboo into charcoal. The density of bamboo charcoal is very high, it is hard and porous. Bamboo charcoal has super absorption ability, it can adjust the moisture automatically, can absorb and decompose the sulfide, formaldehyde, benzene etc hamful chemical element. Bamboo charcoal can release negative ion which can clear air. Bamboo charcoal can release far infrared ray which can speed the blood circulation, ...
Product Group: Bamboo Charcoal
Company: Anji Lizhiyuan Bamboo and Wood Co., Ltd.    China

BBQ Charcoal, Barbeque charcoal
BBQ Charcoal,Machine-made charcoal,Barbeque charcoal: 1, Smokeless,odorless,ignite quickly,no sparking. 2, Long buring time,more than 4 hours. 3, Have no additives ,high density. Specifications: 1,Calorific value) 7600 kcal 2,Ash content:(5% 3,Fixed carbon:)85% 4,Volatile matter:(5% 5,Moisture 4% 6,Shape:square bar Length:5-8 cm,5-10cm or longer 10cm Diameter:3.6-3.9 cm hexagonal bar-- Length:5-8cm,5-10cm or longer 10cm Long diameter:4.3-4.8cm Short diameter:3.5-4.0cm
Product Group: BBQ Charcoal
Company: Yongkang Hopo Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Compressed Charcoal
We produced coconut shell-based charcoal compressed under extremely high pressure to form a very dense product with burning characteristics perfectly suitable for indoor usage as well as outdoor activity. It gives a much higher radiant heat output compare to normal wood charcoal, and being dense, it does not spark or split when burning. Burns down to 0.2% ash.

Bamboo Charcoal Insole
It is made of bamboo charcoal fabric.The Bamboo charcoal insoles are nature health care product, it can nature eliminate odor, breathable, absorbability. It has the bamboo charcoal heat reaction, improve foot microcirculation. Have nature Anti-bacteria, anti-fungus parts of function, eliminate humidity or moisture.

Bamboo Charcoal Powder
We provide super fine Bamboo charcoal powder 1500#-6000#. It is widely used in the fields of military, cosmetic, textile, washing, food, health care, chemical industry.

Charcoal Briqueet For Longtime
Our products are charcoal for domestic use(grill-bbq), We have two types charcoal : the Instant-lighting-charcoal and Lighted-by-other-fuel-charcoal, Every type\'s yaerly capacity has reached 20 000MT.

Silver Charcoal Tablet For Shisha And Hookah
SC-01 charcoal tablet is an easy-lighting silver coded tablet for Hookah or Shisha or Nargile smoking. This product has top quality, burns evenly and stays lit.Size:90x25x12 3 or 4 pieces in a bar.

Coconut Fiber, Coconut Shell Charcoal
We produce coconut oil, copra oil, coconut fiber and coconut charcoal. We export 100% ORGANIC coconut shell Charcoal Briquettes. Moisture 10% Max ; Ash 5% Max ; Volatility Matter 18% Max ; Fix Carbon 80% Min.

Charcoal Briquettes
Moisture:8% max ; Ash content:18%-20%( Unite States Standard ), Volatile matter:12%-15% ; Fixed carbon:65%-70% ; Calorific value:6,500-6,800kcal/KG ; Price: FOB, CIF, CFR. ; Order it in large quantities, the price can be consulted.

Charcoal Briquette For BBQ Cooking Or Heating
Last long over 3 hrs with hight heat ; non-chemical, non-smoke& no spark ; low ash(8.5%) ; for heating and catering services particularly use for grilled meals as it retains the original taste of foods ; environmental friendly since non-sulfur (0.00%)

Raw Charcoal
1) Widely used in the fields of food cooking, baking, stocking, fresh-keeping 2) The bleaching powder and poisonous ingredients in water soaked by charcoal can be eliminated 3) The rice will be tastier and soft cooked by charcoal together as well as nutrition is maintained 4) Putting into fish and meat, stink and spoil are to be expelled 5) In refrigerator, eliminating smell and keep food's fresh period, preventing mildew 6) Stewing food, often food and delicious cuisine is engaged ...

Light Coco Charcoal
Twin layer charcoal bricks with igniter for easy ignition. 100% biodegradable and renewable. The charcoal briquettes are manufactured from coconut shell charcoal, with high carbon content and high heat energy and other biomass for high heat release & easy ignition. The briquettes burn for approximately one (1) hour and 30 minutes . SIZE:76mm L x 76mm W x 55mm H WEIGHT : 200 gms.

Vegetal Charcoal
Our charcoal is produced with natural wood from Paraguay.The mix obtained has 270 kilos of weigth per cubic metre.It is a high caloric charcoal with long play: 2:30 hs. approx.

Wood Charcoal, Barbecue Charcoal
We are dealers for Charcoal and can supply in bulk the wood charcoal. Also sale for Barbecue Charcoal: 1) Forms of hexagonal, rhombic and inside hollow ; 2) Ignites quickly ; 3) Burns longer

Natural Wood Charcoal
Natural wood charcoal Specification: Material: Hard Wood ; Application: Barbecue (BBQ) ; Shape: Stick ; Type: White Charcoal ; Calory (J): 9200 ; Ash Content (%): 4% ; Raw material wood processing technique it is made by the high- temperature processing of 1000°C in the unique tradition kiln combustion time 240 mins per kg ash content 3% charcoal content 94% calorific value 9200kcal moisture content 4% volatile content 2.5%
Company: Yunnan Changshengda Investment Co., Ltd.    China

Hemp Straw Crushed Particles
Hemp straw crushed particles Specification: Material: Jute Straw ; Application: Agriculture ; Shape: Granule ; Type: Activated carbon material ; Material Type: Hemp straw ; Straw is crushed hemp production house after mechanical machining and production of good activated carbon filler material good material.
Company: Liu'an Huanglong Hemp Spinning Crafts Co., Ltd.    China

Sell Bbq Charcoal/sawdust Charcoal
Sell BBQ charcoal/sawdust charcoal Specification: Application: Barbecue (BBQ) ; Shape: Sawdust ; Type: Machine-Made Charcoal ; BBQ charcoal,sawdust charcoal,briquette charcoal,Shisha charcoal; 1,No smoke,no odour,ignite quickly and safely; 2,Long time burning more than 4 hours; 3,Fixed carbon:80%-85% MIN; Moisture:2%-5% MAX; Ash:3% MAX; Calorific value:6000-7500 kcal.
Company: Zhejiang Pujiang Fanya Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.    China

Wood Charcoal
wood charcoal Specification: wood charcoal,good quality We are a professional bamboo products manufacturer with 20 years experiences in China. Offering over 300 various kinds of bamboo and wooden products,like baoboo skewers,bamboo chopsticks,bamboo basket ,bamboo leaves,wood charcoal and so on .We are one of the best manufacturer that you can trust in China.A 20" container can be finished within 20 days after you confirm the order.
Company: Shaoxing Huaying Bamboo Products Co., Ltd.    China

Wood Charcoal Machine
Wood Charcoal Machine Specification: Material: wood chips,sawdust,etc. ; Application: Agriculture and industry ; Shape: Stick ; Type: Machine-Made Charcoal ; Ash Content (%): 3.68 ; Wood Charcoal Machine Product Description The machine is mainly used to make solid fuel by using wood materials,such as wood chips, sawdust, rice hulls, peanut shells, wood shavings, bamboo shavings (do not add any bonding agent) under high pressure. The Complete Set 1.Grinder Machine 2.Drying Machine 3.Wood ...
Company: Henan Province Gongyi City East China Metallurgical Coal Mine Machinery Factory    China

Bbq Charcoal
BBQ Charcoal Specification: Material: Hard Wood ; Application: Hookah ; Shape: Stick ; Type: Black Charcoal ; Calory (J): 6.8 ; Ash Content (%): 6.68 ; charcoal for hookah 1)Ignite quickly 2)Burn longer 3)Smokeless and odorless
Company: Zhuji Sengang Incense Charcoal Factory    China

charcoal Specification: Material: Soft Wood ; Type: Black Charcoal ; Usage: Hookah ; energy: black ; tablet charcoal1. Easy to light by a match 2. High heating value 3. Burning for a long period 4. Wont leave a mess on your finger when handling 5. Smokeless 6. No Spark 7. Odorless 8. Burning time: more than 60 minutes 9. Quantity of heat: 5830 calorie/kg
Company: Zhuji Xishi Trading Co., Ltd.    China

Bbq Charcoal
bbq charcoal Specification: Material: sawdust ; Application: Barbecue (BBQ) ; Shape: Stick ; Type: Machine-Made Charcoal ; Calory (J): 8000 ; Ash Content (%): 10 ; state: stick ; colour: black ; bbq charcoal Heat value 8000kcal-8500kcal/kg Density 1.3-1.5g/cm3 Burning time 5-6hours Fixed carbon 90%-94% Ash content 2.2%-3.4% Volatile matter ≤12% Moisture ≤8.8% Length 10-35cm Diameter 3.6-4.0cm Packaging 10kg/ctn, inside with PE bag ...
Company: Ganzhou Eastern Dragon Household Articles Factory    China

Bamboo Charcoal Tube
Bamboo Charcoal tube Specification: Material: Bamboo ; Usage: Deodorisers ; Bamboo Charcoal tube It is also called bamboo charcoal cylinder. It is round and symmetry. Its appearance is smooth. our bamboo charcoal tube has basic performance of bamboo charcoal. It can purify the air and treat water. It is not only suitable for healthcare decoration in the house and office, but also can be used as burning fuel. In additional, the length of tube can be cut according to customers' ...
Company: Lianyungang Highborn Technology Co., Ltd.    China

charcoal Specification: Shape: Briquette ; Usage: BBQ ; briquette charcoal is used for barcecue ,no smoke and very quick to cook the foodabout 3-4 minutes. It is really comfortable for barbecue food.
Company: Foshan City Nanhai Dali Minxin Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.    China

Sawdust Briquette Machine
sawdust briquette machine Specification: Material: Hard Wood ; Application: Agriculture ; Shape: Briquette ; Type: Other ; color: yellow ; two sets of crusher one set of vibrating screen one set of dryer four sets of briquette machines and spare parts two sets of fumbling conveyers these machine in the suva fiji ,NEW ZEALAND if you need these machine only pay 5000USD and shipping cost you can tack Contact: Ms Phoebe Niu Phone: 0086 15238020669 Ali: cn200037204
Company: Zhecheng Jingxin Superhard Abrasive Material & Products Co., Ltd.    China

High-temperature Sawdust Charcoal
High-temperature sawdust charcoal Specification: Color: Black ; 1,Raw materials:Perennial tree sawdust. 2,Production process: Drying process: the raw water to 5-10%,Forming process:the use of tods machine sawdust after drying extruded through high temperature and high sticks,Carbonization process:Our self-developed with the full power electric oven,obtained by high temperature carbonization mechanism of charcoal. 3,Product biggest bright spot:High ...
Company: Kunming Guandu Tiansheng Sawdust Charcoal Factory    China

Machine-made Charcoal
Machine-Made charcoal Specification: Material: natural wood sawdust ; Application: Barbecue (BBQ) ; Shape: hexagonal ; Type: Machine-Made Charcoal ; Calory (J): 8000 ; Ash Content (%): 3 ; Our charcoal is made from 100% natural wood sawdust. It burns quickly and has a long burning time. We can make different diameters according to the customers' concrete request.
Company: Shande Electric Factory    China

Machine Briquettes
machine briquettes Specification: Material: Coconut Shell ; Application: Chemical Industry ; Shape: Briquette ; Type: Black Charcoal ; machine briquettes: 1. Model: YHY850-2 2. Reducer: ZQ850 3. Ratio: 1:31.5 4. Roller size(mm): Φ850*436 5. Spindle speed: 14-16r/min 6. Motor power: 37-45kw 7. Yield: 35-40t/h 8. Overall size(m): 3.9*2.6*2.7
Company: Zhengzhou Yonghua Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.    China

Shisha Charcoal
shisha charcoal Specification: Material: Hard Wood ; Application: Hookah ; Shape: Briquette ; Type: Black Charcoal ; Calory (J): 6200 ; Ash Content (%): 6% ; Usage: Hookah ; 1 Diameter: 33mm Thickness: 9-10mm Weight: 6.6-7.0g Time for lighting: 30s Time for burning: around 50mins Moisture: ≤3% Volatile matter: ≤19.8 Ash content:≤12.3% solid charcoal: ≥64.87% Calorific value: 5960 Packing: 10pcs/bag, 10bags/box, 24boxes/carton 2. Diameter: 40mm Thickness: 10-11mm ...
Company: Tianjin Wide Career International Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Coconut Activated Carbon As Adsorbent For Purification
Coconut activated carbon as adsorbent for purification Specification: Material: Coconut Shell ; Application: Chemical Industry ; Shape: grain or granular ; Type: Activated Charcoal ; Ash Content (%): 8 ; Color: Black ; Type: Adsorbent ; Place: Gongyi City, China(mainland), ; Usage: water treatment, gas treatment ; Coconut activated carbon high purity of drinking water and wastewater purification of air absorption of all kinds chemical solvents remove chloride and decolorization This ...
Company: Gongyi Hongda Filter Factory    China

The Hottest Seller Straw Briquetting Machine
the hottest seller straw briquetting machine Specification: Material: Coconut Shell ; Application: Chemical Industry ; Shape: Stick ; Type: Machine-Made Charcoal ; Calory (J): 7000 ; Ash Content (%): 3 ; function: energy saving and environment protec. ; ZBJ-3 straw briquetting machine Device name: ZBJ-3 straw briquetting machine Device power: 15KW Electrothermal power :4.5kw Output: 180-200kg/h Weight:630kg OVerall dimension:2100*700*1300mm Equipment features: Making briquette ...
Company: Henan Wanda Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Bamboo Charcoal
bamboo charcoal Specification: Material: Bamboo ; Usage: health care ; Bamboo charcoal serise: The bamboo material is grop up in su-btropics monsoon climate and enjoys abundant rai-nfall and fertile soil, it made by high temperature anaerobic distillation. Bamboo charcoal can emit far ultraviolet ray, metabolism, promote blood circulation, eliminate fatigue. And have some efficacy in older ache, lumbago, neck pain, joint pain, insomnia, asthma symptoms. Features: 1,Bamboo charcoal ...
Company: Yiwu City Kangji Daily Necessities Co., Ltd.    China

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