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Electronic Cigarette
1. No ignition and no fire hazard. Free of tar and other carcinogenic substance or harmful ingredients. 2. No environmental pollution. The exhaled smoke is a kind of gas dispersoid, which is generated during the atomizing of tobacco alkaloid liquid. So there is no harm from hence second-hand smoke. 3. The electromagnetic wave is shielded so as to avoid electromagnetic radiation. 4. Contain high-purity nicotine; enable smokers to abstain from smoking non-painfully. 5. The nicotine content ...
Product Group: Electronic Cigarette
Company: Shenzhen Oceanwide Battery Co., Ltd.    China

We offer 3 tobacco: Americain Blend, Virginia, Menthol. Usd 95/Master carton FOB Durban. 1 master carton= 10.000 sticks. 500 display of 10 pck of 20's or 500 display of 20 pack.
Company: GRAYS INC LTD    Mauritius

Cigarettes, Tobacco Products
We have been manufacturing and marketing cigarettes and other tobacco products and can offer you either our own brands (bronco, mustang, premier, president, gt one, silver, starlite, tropical, universal, fly or continental) or private label brands.

Cigarette Rolling Papers, And Bongs
We manufacture, produce, and supple cigarette rolling paper, hem paper, rolling paper, acrylic bongs, ceramic bongs, glass bongs and german acrylic bongs in all sizes and shape.

Dominican Cigar
Our biggest plus is flexibility. We adapt to the needs of our customers. Long filler ; Short filler ; Mild ; Strong ; Vanilla flavor ; Cherry flavor ; Connecticut wraper

Hand Made Cigars
Our prices start at 35cents US for short filler cigars in bundles. Of course, Long Filler Cigars are available. We use the trimmings from our premium cigars to manufacture the short fill cigars.

Cortesano Churchill Cigars
EL CORTESANO is made with cuban tobacco, dominican tobacco, and dominican binder all growth in the Cibao Valley region of the Dominican Republic. This great selection of tobaccos is wrapped in Sumatra or Connecticut shades imported.

Cigar Humidor
1) Material: Bubinga veneer 2) Inside lined with Spanish cedar 3) Item size: 261 x 223 x 107mm 4) Color: 3-gloss cerise 5) Includes: humidifier and hygrometer 6) Inside with a removable divider.

Tobacco Leaf
Our tobacco leaf offers a suitable ratio of sugar and nicotine. Best filler for all blended cigarettes.

Cigarettes & Tobacco
We are interested to export of cigarettes/cut rag/blended tobacco/tobacco related packing materials/cigarette related materials.We also get prepared cigarettes/tobacco as per customers requirement and blend.

Indian Cigarettes
We are looking for serious buyers from middle east and other countries for cigarettes. We are exporters of all types and sizes of cigarettes.

Cigarette Paper, Filter Rods, Tipping Paper
Cigarette Paper, Filter Rods, Tipping Paper, Cigarette Tow. We can supply a wide variety of cigarette accessories applicable to different grade cigarettes.

Maesan Tobacco Without Stem
Maesan Tobacco:1. Variety Samporis/Kasturi. 2. Plant on Dry Soil and 100 to 200mtr above sea level. 3. Special Character is not Oily(dry). 4. Witout stem. 5. Slices 0,5 to 1,5 ml

Adopt the latest Uni-diectivity antijam switch shown below: E-cigarettes: 2 pcs C.smoke bombs:5 pcs Usb cable:1 pc Charger:1 pc Specification: one Packaging:one set Length:120mm Diameter:9.2mm Weight : 290g Content of battery:200mAh Size of packing:17.2*13.4*3cm
Company: Shenzhen HEDWIN Technology Co.,Ltd    China

tobacco blend and cigarettes
We are established to service International tobacco and cigarette market requirements at custom level.The assortment of products we specialize in have access to ISO quality and multinational approval.Our vision is to strive to host numerous customers.

High Quality Red Tobacco
Hookah ,shisha, water pipe, narghile. Length: 25 -70cm with different style and size Colour: red, yellow,blue, black, green and so on. Pipe stem: aluminum or zinc alloy, iron, marble House: 1 in a coordingting colour and style. All hookah including: glass, bass, shaft, grommets, tong, silica,gel, tray, hose, clay bowl(head) Packing:1pc/colour box, 12-24boxes/carton as customized artwork and requirement.

e-cigarette 1x Atomizer 1x battery 1x charger box 5x Cartridges ( 2x High nicotine,1x Medium nicotine,1x Low nicotine,1x Non-nicotine) Packing : Mouthfuls for each cartridge : 150 Weight : 72 g G.W./Med box:0.75 KG Battery life: more than 300 times
Company: Everbright Technologies Co., Ltd.    Hong Kong

Our products have the following advantages: Following the newest desigh Adopting lampwork by skilled workers Having the fast color,unique style,reliable quality and reasonable price Such products are widely sold at home and aboard because of our honest dealings.
Company: Cangzhou Sunshine Glass Arts&Crafts Co., Ltd    China

Manual Switch E-cigarette Ego
Manual Switch e-cigarette ego Size: 115.5*28.5*17mm Weight of single cigarette: 46g Nicotine content for each cartridge: 0.6g Mouthfuls for each cartridge keep: 200 mouthfuls Nicotine content of each cartridge equals traditional cigarette: 20pcs Content of battery: 750mAh Normal working voltage: 3.3~4.2V Full battery can keep for:900mouthfuls Charge time: 3--4 hours Life of battery: 380 times charger 1. Atomizer, 2pc ...
Company: Everbright Technologies Co., Ltd.    Hong Kong

Mini Electronic Cigarette
Mini Electronic Cigarette Product Name EGO Size 118*14mm Battery Capacity 750mAh Battery 2pcs Charger 1 pc Fast Charger ,1 pc Wall Charger Fast Charger only takes 1-2 hours to fully charge the batts Working Voltage 3.0-4.2V Atomizer 2 pcs Cartridges 10 pcs Cone 1 pc Cartridge Using Time 200-250 puffs per cartridges Battery Using Time Full charged battery can keep 800puffs Battery’s ...
Company: Shenzhen Hedwin Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Super E-liquid Electronic Cigerattes 905
super E-liquid electronic Cigerattes 905 E-liquid electronic Cigerattes Content: 1 x Complete E-cig(1x atomizer,1x cartridge,1x battery,1X Li-ion battery) ; 1 x Extra rechargeable battery, 5 x cartridges; 1 x Li-ion battery charger; 1 x user manual; 1 x bottle of E-liquid(free) --Each cartridge can be sucked in 480-540 mouthful; --One cartridge equal to 30 cigarettes; --Battery capacity:750mAh; --working Voltage:3.7V --130mm(L)X21mm(D)
Company: MIXC GROUP CO LTD    China

E-cigarette eGo E Go, excellent. Big Battery Capacity: 750mAh Standard Battery: can keep 1200 puffs Long Battery life: 500 tims Atomizer life: 200000 times Great vapor,Puffs of each cartridge: 200-250 puffs Full Sets Size: 118mm(L) X 14mm(D) Eack eGo kit including: 1. 510 atomizer: 2pcs , 2. 750mah battery: 2pcs 3. USB charger: 1pcs 4. Wall charger :1pcs 5. Cartridge:10 pcs 6. Cone :1pcs

Hottest Tobacco Machine
Tobacco rolling machine Electronic cigarette maker DIY cigarette at home, low cost, Easy to handle New products & new design Material: ABS OEM acceptable EU or USA standard AC Big place for logo printing. Different colors: Instruction: 1. Push the black handle downwards 2. While doing this, glide the cigarette tube entirely over the needle. 3. Adjust the pressure-button to regulate the amount and pressure of the tobacco 4. Fill the container with tobacco. 5. Push the black ...
Company: Shenzhen Duolilong Industrial Co., Ltd.    China

Tobacco Combustion Adjuvant Potassium Malate
tobacco combustion adjuvant Potassium Malate 1. Description: Molecular formula: C4H5KO5 Molecular weight: 172.18 CAS NO.: 585-09-1 Appearance: white powder Solubility: It can be easily dissolved in water, but not in ethanol. Application: When used in tobacco, it can speed up the rate of tobacco combustion and reduce the emissions of tar, to achieve full combustion of tobacco. To some extent, it can increase the acidity of tobacco, improve taste and enhance flavor, reduce irritation ...
Company: Zhengzhou Ruipu Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.    China

Electronic Cigarette
Kanger VGO Starter Kit Our starter kit contains everything you need to Kanger . It includes : 2 Lithium ion rechargeable electric cigarette batteries 1 USB home charger kit (includes USB charger and wall adapter) (100-240VAC) 5 Nicotine cartridges (choose any flavor/level you want) 1 English user manual 1 vGo hop-pocket Features : Length : 126mm Diameter : 14mm Battery capacity : 650mAh , can be made 1300mAh Cartomizer : disposable , 500 - 600 puffs Size of cartomizer : 50mm ...
Company: Shenzhen Kanger Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Electronic Cigarettes With -20 To 60 Degree Celsius Working Temperature
Available in assorted molds, colors classic and popular pen-style look Huge/long vapor and easy to inhale Packing dimension: 170 x 130 x 40mm Gross weight: 345g Weight: 23.6g Size: 9.2 x 154mm Charging voltage: 100 to 240V AC, 5V DC Content of battery: lithium, 3.7V/280mAh Charge time: 2 to 3 hours Puffs per full battery: 340 to 360 puffs Puffs per cartridge: 250 to 280 puffs Battery life: 300 cycles
Company: Jinjiang Chaoxing Shoes Firm    China

Electronic Cigarette
Electronic cigarette Length : 153mm Weight for single cigarette: 24 g Nicotine content for each cartridge : 1.1g Mouthfuls for each cartridge keep : 300mouthfuls Nicotine content of each cartridge equals traditional cigarette: 20pcs Content of battery : 280mAh Normal working voltage : 3.3—4.2V Full battery can keep for : 300mouthfuls Charge time : 3—3.5 hours Life of battery: 300times charger 1. Atomizing device, 1pc 2. ...

regal / superkings black/ mayfair cigarettes/cigarettes/Lambert Butler / cigarette/cigs Famous Cigarettes with Cigarettes Company, Cigarette Business Company. Regular Packing. None for Small Quantity WholeSale.

E-Cigarette(E-cigar,health cigarette) SD-EC508:Electronic Cigarette: 1. It looks,feels and tastes like a traditional cigarette. 2. No tar and other carcinogenic substance or harmful ingredients to human body. 3. No ignition and fire hazard. 4. No problem with disposing of cigarette butts or ashes . 5.No nasty smells and air pollution (no release of CO2). 6. Enable smokers to abstain from smoking non-painfully . ...
Company: Wenzhou Shenda Electrical Appliances Factory    China

E-Cigarette HH401 Electronic Cigarettes, You can smoke anywhere. Best atomizer with huge smoke Fancy packing and outstanding quality CE,SGS,Rohs approved Specification: Health e-cigarette Diameter 9.2mm Length 112mm Weight for single cigarette: 18g Each cartridge can keep 200 mouthfuls. Each Cartridge equals to 15pcs traditional cigarettes. Content of Battery 200Mah Working voltage 3.3-4.2V Full battery can keep for 280-320puffs. Charge time 1-2hours. Life of battery can be charge for ...
Company: HYGEA HOME SUPPLY CO LTD    Hong Kong

Janty Ego Electronic Cigarette
Model Janty eGo electronic cigarette Diameter 14mm Length 118mm Weight 36.8g Cartridge 140-160puff Battery 650mAh Voltage 3.3-4.2V full charged 300puff Charging time 2-3hour Recharing times 320 times Switch model Manual Certificate CE/ROHS/SGS Waranty 120 days Each Set Contain 1.Cigarette 2pcs (atomizer,tips,battery) 2.USB Charger 1pcs 3.Adaptor 1pcs 4.Dry Cartridge ...
Company: Shenzhen MEGAS Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Union Step gets two tobacco taste debugging workshop,more than 2300Workers,also our own delivery team. Union Step gets GDX Serious High Speed Machinery Conbination , Molins ZJ Serises,and Hauni Protos . The Producing ability is one 40HQ Per Day. None for Small Quantity WholeSale.

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