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Detailed Ring Die Wood Pellet Machine Description:

Ring Die Wood Pellet Machine Introduction
Ring die wood pellet machine is specially designed for pressing combustible materials into solid wood pellets. It conducts large-scale or industrial wood pellet production and the end pellets can be used for fuel in fireplace, boiler, gasifier or biomass power plant. Equipped with a forced feeder, it can produce excellent wood pellets with high density and combustion value. Ring dies with different bore diameters can be customized according to clients’different demands; here we would like to recommend the wood pellet mill with whole diameters of 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, etc. Solid pellets produced from which are proved incentive and smokeless.

Industrial Wood Pellet Press Features
☆It adopts professional forced feeder and strengthened transmission parts; the ring die, press roll and hoop are specially customized, robust and reliable.
☆Adopts high-precision gear driving so that the output is improved by about 20% compared with belt drive ones.
☆Imported high-quality bearings and oil seal are adopted to ensure efficient, stable and low-noise operation. The granulating room is equipped with air suction temperature-reducing system.
☆The feeder adopts variable frequency and speed-changing motor to prevent blockage and keep smooth feeding.
☆Stainless steel ring dies with multiple bore diameters for options, thus ensures the long service life and good pellet appearance.
☆International advanced compensation type snakelike spring coupling has the properties of novel and compact structure, high safety, low noise and low fault rate.

Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill Advantages
1. Ring die pellet mills generate less wear and tear since both inner and outer edges of the roller traverse the same distance.
2. Ring die pellet machines are more energy efficient than flat die wood pellet mill. Roller slip during the pelletizing process brings extra friction, but this extra friction is a good element in the production of qualified wood pellets due to the additional heat.
3. The ring die pellet mill has wide applicable scope. It can process different materials like wood chips, sawdust, straw, pasture, palm leaf, wood waste, wheat stalk, corn stalk and many other organic waste resources.

More information about this machine:http://www.woodpelletmachine.net/product/ring-die-wood-pellet-machine.html
If need or have any question, feel free to contact with:whirlstonalma@gmail.com

Ring Die Wood Pellet Machine
  • Model: MZLH series
  • Packing: Wood Case
  • Terms of Payment: T/T, L/C. WETERN UNION, MONEY GRAM
  • Delivery Time: 7 Days
  • Products ID: 140505
  • Product Category: Feed Processing Machinery
  • Post date: Dec 11, 2013
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Region: Zhengzhou, China
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Telephone: 86-371-65956636

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