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Ficus microcarpa
Ficus microcarpa is a survivor, tolerating many urban conditions, including shading, pollution, and root compaction. Because of this, Hills Fig is an appropriate selection where a unifying plant is needed that will take you from sunny to shady areas or from indoor to outdoor spaces.
Product Group: Ficus Microcarpa
Company: Guangdong Chencun Flower Co., LTD    China

Cycas Revolute
Features: 1) Evergreen palm tree 2) Elegant shape 3) It's cold-resistant and drought-resistant 4) It can clean out harmful gas such as sulfur dioxide, aether, ethane and carbon monoxide 5) It is the traditional ornamental plant of China 6) We can supply cycas bulb and cycas trunk
Company: Guangdong Chencun Flower Co., LTD    China

Phalaenopsis orchids
Our company mainly operates the cultivation of phalaenopsis orchids seed and stock, fresh cutting flowers and pot flowers, and has cultivated more than thirty kinds of phalaenopsis orchids. Every year there will be three million trunks of finished phalaenopsis orchids, the process of cultivation and conservation all according to the export standard, with pure and classic color and good quality.
Company: Dalian Yizhi Foods Co., Ltd.    China

Bougainvillea spectabilis Willd
Bougainvillea has become a very colorful and popular plant for spring and summer color making a great addition for a Bougainvilleas are perhaps the most popular and one of the most widely grown tropical vines.
Company: Dalian Yizhi Foods Co., Ltd.    China

Echinocactus Grusonni
Features: 1) It can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night, and it can reduce magnetic radicalization, so it's good for human body in house 2) It is regarded as the talisman in Japan
Company: Dalian Yizhi Foods Co., Ltd.    China

Amethyst Bluff Purple Sage
Starts out as a low-mounding shrub, eventually reaches 5 feet in height and continues to spread out laterally. Large, vivid purple-pink flowers on 12 inch stalks in spring to summer.

White roses and lilies
A bouquet would be made using these flowers: Nine 'Bianca' roses with long stems and velvety white petals. Five stems of the beautiful white oriental lily 'Casablanca'. Each lily will have upto four flowers or buds which will open over many days. Stylish eucalyptus foliage surrounds the flowers which have been hand-tied into an arrangement ready to go straight into a vase.

Olive tree
These lovely olives can be kept outside in the summer but need the shelter of a greenhouse or cool window sill through the winter.

Lucky Bamboo
Our product are mainly for interior design and for small plants on office desk or small spaces which need green.It will make our life more green as nature.

Crystal Soil
We are able to supply Crystal Soil, the quality from our production line is at the top. We are also able to supply Water Reserve Agent for Soil, Water Absorb Agent for Soil.

Bonsai Trees
Bonsai trees is a part of our product line, they can be made into any size upon customers request, we make big bonsai style trees up to 300cm.

Lemon tree
A remarkable little tree. Citrus i 'La Valette' produces red-tinted buds which open into deliciously fragrant white flowers throughout the summer. These are then followed by yellow lemons up to 10cm long that taste and smell nothing like the ones you buy in the supermarket.

Min Pot Plant
We are nursery and exporter of all kind of pot plants and related products, including gardening decorated, home decorated, building meterials, landscaping and stone work.

Phoenix Sylvestris Palms
Trunk diameter 32cm and above Leaves: Top leaves 30-35 The root ball size: From trunk is 20 and above, depth of root ball is 50cm and above Root ball packing: Packing of root ball by using coco peat then wrap with gunny bag. Pricing: From 2 meters to 4 meters.

Peony is national flower of China, beautiful for its flower size, color and taste. It is medicinal materials and ornamental flower.

Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower)
The sunflower is a bigger one; flower is golden. Due to the flower inclines toward the sun, it's thus called Sunflower. Its' seeds can be extracted oil and eaten. Flowering season is in spring and summer.

Canned Flower
Our company will put out all kinds of flower species or make related flowers include Magic bean, asparagus plumosus, asparagus myrioslades, carnation, dianthus, lycoperslcon esculentum, capsicum annum, zinnia clegans, sunflower, antirrhinum majus, lilum spp, tulip, purple hyacinthus, lucky weed, one leaf orchid.

biodegradable plant fiber flower pots
biodegradable plant fiber flower pots 1. The main material is natural plant fiber, such as bamboo powder, crop stalks, rice hull etc. 2. There is a wide variety of styles, patterns and colors to choose. Products can be customized with different specifications and usages according to your requirement. 3. Heat-resistant, waterproof, high strength, non-flammable, non-fragile, non-toxic and tasteless, it is harmless to human. 4. The products can be naturally biodegraded into organic ...
Company: Anhui Green Plant Fiber Production Co.Ltd.    China

We are pleased to offer: Hibiscus, Hibiscus flower TBC, Hibiscus flower whole, Hibiscus flowers sifting Please find our offer for prompt delivery as under Origin: Egypt Specs: By Sample Approval Packing: As required Sample: free after offer approval Payment: to be negotiated Quantity: any Season: around the year
Company: HERBS EGYPT    Giza

Happy Farm Flower Growing In The Book
Happy farm flower growing in the book Specification: Product Type: Natural Plants ; Type: Foliage Plants ; Use: Indoor Plants ; Climate: Temperate ; Variety: Ficus Microcarpa ; Size: Mini ; Style: Annual ; material: ceramic+seeds+Soil+SPTE ; color: blue, green,brown,caffee color ; qty/ctn: 96pcs/ctn ; product size: 10.5*7*4.5CM ; ctn size: 41.6*34.4*31.9cm ; shape: book ; ctn NW: 24KG ; CTN GW: 26KG ; 1.Enjoy the planting 2.the first plant flower in the book 3.fashionable design, hot ...
Company: Yiwu Xuanguang Handicraft Co., Ltd.    China

Mini Plant
mini plant Specification: Product Type: Natural Plants ; many different plant: logo is available ; they are portable and you can enjoy the fun of seeing them growing every time anywhere,enviroment-friendly pet trees,
Company: Yiwu Lemon Fashion Jewelry Factory    China

Rainbow Spiral Supports
Rainbow Spiral Supports Specification: Product Type: Natural Plants ; Type: Blooming Plants ; Type: tomato ; Rainbow Spiral Supports Five-foot tall rainbow spirals provide sturdy support for your plants as they grow. Simply push them into the ground at the base of a tomato plant or flowering vine. The smooth steel arcs support at every turn. Excellent space-savers, as they encourage vertical growth while ensuring good light exposure and easy picking. Set of five supports in five fun ...
Company: Dingzhou Huaxing Wire Mesh Factory    China

Pet Plant
pet plant Specification: Product Type: Natural Plants ; Type: Aquatic Plants ; Size: Mini ; pet plant ( mini plants) it is a accessory for mobile phone strip and car interior and a backpack etc. Plants provide a positive energy and they bring life to just about any environment. Trouble is, over time they grow and grow. A new generation of plant life is now a reality. Introducing the Pet Plant! A Pet Plant is a miniature plant that lives in a small glass tube. Imagine, this amazing living ...
Company: Shenzhen HAZIRO Investment Co., Ltd.    China

Bamboo Plant
bamboo plant Specification: Product Type: Natural Plants ; Type: Foliage Plants ; Use: Indoor Plants ; Variety: Lucky Bamboo ; The lucky bamboo include spiral bamboo. tower bamboo. streight bamboo.heart bamboo and also accept your design. Lucky bamboo is symbol of good luckAnd It can enhance the positive energy and add real beauty to your interiorhome environment.Have lucky bamboo in your home, Not only decorates your room, but also bring you good fortune and prosperity.
Company: Zhejiang Domcc Import & Export Co., Ltd.    China

Tree Peony - Hua Er Qiao
Tree Peony - Hua Er Qiao Specification: Product Type: Natural Plants ; Type: Blooming Plants ; Use: Outdoor Plants ; Climate: Temperate ; Variety: peony ; Size: Medium ; Style: Perennial ; color: multi-color ; 1. name: Tree Peony- Hua Er Qiao 2. form: Rose 3. flowering midseason 4. 1-3 twiges 5. 2-4 years old 6. packing: carton with moss inside Please check our website ()
Company: Heze Green Industrial Ltd.    China

Tree Peony
Tree Peony &#39,Ling Hua Zhan Lu&#39, Specification: Product Type: Natural Plants ; Type: Blooming Plants ; Use: Outdoor Plants ; Climate: Temperate ; Variety: Tree Peony 'Ling Hua Zhan Lu' ; Size: Medium ; Style: Perennial ; Seedling Style: bare root ; Category: Perennial Deciduous Shrub ; Family: Paeoniaceae ; Genus: Paeonia ; Species: suffruticosa ; Cultivar: Ling Hua Zhan Lu ; Tree Peony 'Ling Hua Zhan Lu' Bloom Color: Mauve. Tree peony is special ...
Company: Beijing Green-Sunny Eco-Science Development Co., Ltd.    China

Phalaenopsis Specification: Product Type: Natural Plants ; Type: orchid ; Use: Indoor Plants ; Phalaenopsis-Brother Sring Dancer Lovely style Flower Color : White with Red Lip Flower Size : 4~4.5(cm) Spike Height : 20~25(cm) Pot Size : 6cm , 9cm
Company: Alohas Biotechnology Co., Ltd.    Taiwan

Jasmin Flower
Jasmin flower Specification: Product Type: Natural Plants ; Type: Herbs ; English name: Jasmin flower Chinese name: Molihua Specification: dried herb Packing: in bulk Jasmin flower is very good for health, such as nourishing the liver and bright eye sight,good for skin and beauty, It can used as the tea with water, produce to the sachet, pillow,or used to decorate. We are a manufacturer and supplier of China, we have our own factory , so we can supply you as a very low price and ...
Company: Ningbo Huizhi Medicines & Health Products Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.    China

Lifelike Plant
Lifelike plant Specification: Product Type: Natural Plants ; Shape: tree ; Dimensions: according to your design ; Material: Fibre Glass ; Lifelike plant We have rich experience on artificial plant.They could be made like a real one and will never wither away or died.There beauty attact many order. We also can make the artificial plant according to your request, you just need email us the photo, drawing or picture of your design, then we can make your dream coming true with good quality ...
Company: DFL Minmet Refractories Corp.    China

Mini Plant
mini plant Specification: Product Type: Natural Plants ; Type: Herbs ; Use: Indoor Plants ; Climate: Temperate ; Variety: seeds ; Size: Mini ; Style: Annual ; this egg shell is very supernatural. Follow my step, and then you can know its magic aspect: Remove lid from top of the case and put the lid under the bottom of the case as a plate. Put in water until the egg is fully submerged The egg will crack in 8-24 hour. Keep the egg at temperature 25oC-35oC for 3-10 days Place the egg ...
Company: Fujian Greenpark Crafts Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Diy Product-mini Plant/grass Doll
diy product-mini plant/grass doll Specification: Product Type: Natural Plants ; Type: Aquatic Plants ; this product can be play by children ,and also help adult find their pure childhood when they do according as following: step 1: tear off the sticker at dolls head,dipping in the water for 10-15 minutes,make the dolls head complete moist step 2: put the doll in the sunshine place with patient step 3: watering every day step 4: grass with growing at the dolls head you can put it ...
Company: Shaoxing Dream Louland Textile & Garment Co., Ltd.    China

Foeniculum Vulgare Miller
Foeniculum vulgare Miller Specification: Product Type: Natural Plants ; Foeniculum vulgare Miller Our company can supply high quality goods with our own Brand - " Blackoa ", all the goods are export to all over the world. Welcome distributors to join with us!
Company: Ningbo Black Label Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.    China

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