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List extensive product information of Fruit, provided by Fruit manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Frozen strawberry
1.Item:frozen strawberry. 2.size:2.5cm-3.5cm,1.5cm-2.5cm,red colour. 3.quantity:200tons/month,can supply all the year round. 4.certificate: HACCP,ISO9001,FDA. 5.quality:A Grade. at-18 centigrade,expiry date 18 monthes
Company: Qingdao Kington Industrial Co., Ltd.    China

Fuji Apple
Product Description Features of raw materials: I apply production company is preserved in our company's growing base of origin mainly pear quality, and optional field quality varieties Preserves features : I apple production company prolyl red in color, apples In his incense, and the maximum retention of the nutritional value of apple. apple chest so rich variety of vitamins and minerals, has maintained a-apple "- cardiopulmonary, Lee 71, cough Phlegm, money-designate downbear ...
Product Group: Apple
Company: Jinxiang Golden Horse Fruits and Vegetables Products Co., Ltd.    China

Frozen blackberry
We export frozen blackberry from china. Features: 1) natural and pure blackberry, without impurities. 2) Hygiene, microorganism, pesticide all meet export inspection standards. 3) Season, July. 4) Store temperature, below -18. 5) Shelf life, 24months.
Company: Yuyao Yinshu Green Food Co., Ltd.    China

Fresh Apples
Features: 1) Colors available: red, yellow, green. 2) Specifications: 32#, 36#, 40#, 44#; 64#, 72#, 80#, 88#; 100#, 113#, 125#, 138#, 150#, 163#. 3) Variety: first class/second class/third class. 4) Season: late September - December
Product Group: Apple
Company: Hongchang Fruits & Vegetable Products Co., Ltd.    China

1.100% essence of Luohan fruit, scientific research achievement, patent production, key project of Guangxi science and technology development. 2.Modern medical research indicates the product not only has the traditional functions of Luohan fruit (clear a way heat nd nourish lung, alleviate cough and eliminate phlegm, strengthen liver and spleen),but also can lower blood sugar and slow aging 3.extracted from fresh Luohan fruit, the product retains the various active nutrition ingredients of ...
Company: Guangzhou Weiguan Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Mandarin Orange
Mandarin Orange othername: SATSUMA CLEMENTINE. 1) Size: 60mm,65mm,70mm,75mm,80mm,85mm. 2) Counts per CTN/10KGS: 65mm 80-83pcs, 70mm 65-68pcs, 75mm 58-60pcs, 80mm 48-50pcs, 85mm 45-47pcs. 4) Season: Available from Nov. to next April. 5) Capacity per 40RH container: 2650cartons, each carton 10KGS. 6) Storage temperature: 4-8 celsius degree.
Product Group: Orange
Company: Xiamen Rayen Food Co., Ltd.    China

Honey Pomelo
Honey Pomelo is typical and the largest Chinese citrus fruit which have ever been the tribute to the kings and queens. 1) Figure: Weight per piece various form 1kgs to 2. 5kgs or even up. It is oval-round shaped with 10-30cm of diameter. 2) Skin: Greenish yellow or light yellow, smooth on the surface and white spongy under the surface. 3) Flesh: Juicy, tasty,semi-transparent and nice looking. 4) Taste: Light sweet and sour. 5) Function: Nutritious, The fruit is nutritious, with health ...
Product Group: Pomelo
Company: Xiamen Rayen Food Co., Ltd.    China

Kiwi / Pear
We supply fresh, frozen kiwi and Pear fruit all year round from china. High quality .Size and packing as the buyer requiry.
Company: Heze Xinlida Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.    China

Ya Pear
Ya Pear: 1) Packing and Size : 112 96 80 or 60 pcs/carton , within tray ,foam net and plastic bag . 2) N.W. : 18kg/ctn 3) Conveyance : Qty / 40 RH 1200 ctns.
Company: Jilong Fruits & Vegetables Products Co., Ltd    China

Chinese fuji apple
Fuji Apple Feature: 1)Grade : class 1. 2)Red, crisp, juicy. 3)Available : Oct.Aug. 4)Inner packing : With tray, foam net and plastic bag. 5)Outer packing :10kg/ctn(size : 24 28 32 36 40 44 50 56) ; 20kg/ctn(size : 64 72 80 88 100 113 125 138 150 163 175 198 216).
Company: Jilong Fruits & Vegetables Products Co., Ltd    China

Fuji Apples
1) Colors available: red, yellow, green ; 2) Variety: first class/second class/third class ; 3) Season: late September - December ; 4) Supplying period: October - next July.

Fresh Coconuts
We can supply Fresh Coconuts without husk and with inner shell also semi husk coconuts. Our product is rich in oil content, and milk content more than 65%.

We offer fresh grapes as per the following specification, We can supply the same at any required quantity at a very competitive price. Interested buyers kindly contact for ore details. PRODUCT: FRESH GRAPES VARIETY: THOMSON SEEDLESS SIZE: 150 TO 300 GRAMS, BERRY SIZE: 16MM TO 18MM SHAPE: OVAL COLOUR: GREENISH YELLOW RIPENESS

Supply period: Through out the year Availability: 500 kg /Day Variety: 2-Red Banana Weight: 250 to 300 gms each Supply period: Through out the year Availability: 500 kg /Day Variety: 3- Tholuwan Weight: 150 to 299 gms

Our company can supply all kinds of fruit, such as peach, watermelon, pear, plum, apple, lichee, apricot, longan, orange, and supply garlic and ginger, such as garlic 5.5CM, 6.0CM and GINGER 200G 250G, which all have high quality.

Navel Orange
The navel orange of the world, the world of the navel orange --The south of Jiangxi of China, specialities offer network selling to propagate Navel orange of navel orange Anyuan of Xunwu of navel orange of Xinfeng of south navel orange of Jiangxi of navel orange of Ganzhou of navel orange.

Fresh Longan
Longan is one of the most preferebly fruit in the market as it can be sold in fresh, canned and dried. Our longan seed is originally from Thailand and we have about 200 acres of longan farm and we are confident to give continuos supply to wholesaler as we can produce our longan for the whol year even during out-season.

Fruit Pulps, Mango, Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Acerola
We are looking for final foreign buyer for Brazilian and argentine fruit Pulps, concentrate juices. The mainly types of tropical fruits are mango, Guava, pineapple, passion fruits, acerola, melon, grape. The plants are well Structures with eurogap, haccp certification.

China Honey Pomelo
The largest citrus in the world, the pomelo can easily reach 30cm in diameter with a greenish yellow smooth spongy skin that encloses segmented translucent flesh.Taste: Light sweet and sour.

We also have the following products: 1) Wild blueberries frozen ; 2) Wild blackberries frozen ; 3) Wild edible boletus frozen ; 4) Wild chanterelles in brine. ; 5) Juice Concentrate: Apple, sour cherry, pear. ; 6) Edible chestnuts.

fuji apple
Fuji apple, apple, fresh apple, apple supplier, we are Chinese apple supplier, Fuji apple supplier. Apple is a kind of fruit which is native to Europe and western Asia. Apple is very popular for its Sweet and sour taste and many people love it including olds and yongs. There is also nutrient value and medical value in apples. In English, there is a proverb called: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. On the face of it, we can know that apple is very healthful to human beings. People who ...
Product Group: Fuji Apple
Company: Qingdao Yushengyuan Import & Export Co., Ltd    China

Fresh and green cavendish banana
we are highest in banana supplies and our banana is best. Pleasesend us your contact infos including your email address so that we cansend you more infos regarding our banana. we sell mostly at 4usd per box CIF to all European ports. We sell at 4usd per box of18.4kg net weight CIF to all European ports. We also pack in boxes of13.5kg, 18.4kg, 18.5kg and 20kg. Please get back to us for moreinformation such as specification ETC.

Fresh Cavendish Bananas
Philippines Fresh Green Cavendish Bananas packed in ecah carton 4-5-6 hands of bananas separate by each grade, every carton packed in 13.5kilos net weight and 14.5kilos gross weight.
Product Group: Banana
Company: ETEXIM TRADING COMPANY    philippines

Philippines Sweet Cavendish Bananas
Philippines Sweet Cavendish Bananas available for export in each carton packed with 4-5-6 hands of bananas separate by each grade, in every carton packed 13.5kilos net weight and 14.5kilos gross weight
Product Group: Banana
Company: ETEXIM TRADING COMPANY    philippines

fresh red dragon fruit
Dear We are Viet dragon fruit Hi co.,Ltd mainly in supplying only vietnam fresh red dragon fruit, if you are interested in our product, do not hesitate to contact me: John(at)vietnam-dragon-fruit(dot)com Hope to have any chances to serve you My kind regards John Carley
Product Group: Dragon Fruit, Fresh Dragon Fruit, Fresh Red Dragon Fruit,
Company: Viet dragon fruit Hi Co., Ltd    Vietnam

Goji Berry
goji berry Specification: Style: Dried ; Style: Pieces and Stems ; Planting environment:The farm of Ningxia-red gojiberry trade is located at the hometown of gojiberryZhongning county,Ningxia.Our gojiberries is planted around the Quanyan hill in south of the county.There are beautiful scenery and rich soil,but no pollution of industry and mine.The ecologicao environment is very good there.Applied by organic compost and irrigated with Yellow River,the other things ,good weather and our ...
Company: Ningxia Red-Goji Berry Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Frozen Strawberry
frozen strawberry Specification: Style: Frozen ; Type: Strawberry ; Shape: Whole ; Freezing Process: IQF ; Shelf Life: 24months ; Processing: IQF ; Style: Whole ; Type: Strawberry ; Frzoen strawberry,we can supply Grade A, Grade b Varieties:American 13, All star Specs:15-25mm,25-35mm Packing:10kg/ctn,25kg/kraft bag
Company: Shandong Wanrong Food Co., Ltd.    China

Fresh Honey Mandarin Orange
Fresh Honey Mandarin Orange Specification: Style: Fresh ; Product Type: Citrus Fruit ; Type: Mandarin Orange ; Cultivation Type: Common ; Color: Orange ; Certification: Global G.A.P ; Grade: Grade A ; Maturity: 90% ; Size (cm): 3.5-5.5cm ; Weight (kg): 10 ; Mandarin Oranges: Yellow ; Fresh Baby Mandarin We offer fresh Baby Mandarin/Mandarin Orange in lovely size; it is easy to peel, and tasting sweet and juicy. Size Dia: 3.5-5.5cm; Selflife: 3 months Supply Period: From Nov. to Feb. ...
Company: Xiamen East Phenix Import & Export Co., Ltd.    China

Canned Mandarin Orange
Canned mandarin orange Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned) ; Type: Mandarin Orange, Orange ; Preservation Process: Syrup ; Cultivation Type: Common ; Certification: HACCP ISO 9001 Kosher ; Shelf Life: 3 years ; Raw Material: fresh mandarin orange ; Canned mandarin orange: 1)312g x 24tins/ctn 2)425g x 24tins/ctn 3)3000g x 6 tins/ctn Now it is new crop, and we provide you excellent goods with top quality at competive price!
Company: Wuhan Kang Xin Xing Trading Co., Ltd.    China

Iqf Sweet Corn Kernels
IQF sweet corn kernels Specification: Style: Frozen ; Type: sweet corn kernels ; Shape: kernels ; Freezing Process: IQF ; Cultivation Type: Common ; Packaging: AS PER REQUIREMENT ; Certification: ISO22000,BRC, HALAL, HACCP ; Shelf Life: 2 YEARS ; Weight (kg): 10 ; Type: Corn ; Processing: IQF ; IQF sweet corn kernels Specification: Dia:6-10mm Brix : super sweet 12-15% normal sweet 8-10% Packing: 10kg / carton or as per your requirement Supplying time: all year round Storage: -18 HACCP ...
Company: Hebei Deli Foodstuff Co., Ltd.    China

Chinese Navel Orange
chinese navel orange Specification: Style: Fresh ; Product Type: Citrus Fruit ; Type: Orange ; Cultivation Type: Organic ; Color: orange ; Certification: ISO9001: 2002 ; Grade: AAA ; Maturity: 90% ; Size (cm): 7.0-9.5 ; Weight (kg): 15 ; taste: sweet ; Our company is located in the advantageous planting area of Gannan Navel Orange, with its unique advantages on four main indexes influencing the quality of navel orange -- annual average temperature, effective accumulated temperature, ...
Company: Xinfeng Tianye Fruit Cooperative    China

Canned Fruit- Mandarin Orange In Plastic Cup
canned fruit- mandarin orange in plastic cup Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned) ; Type: Orange ; Preservation Process: Syrup ; Certification: BRC,IFS,FAD,KOSHER,ISO. ; Shelf Life: 1 year ; Mandarin orangre in light syrup Ingredient:orange,sugar,water,ascorbic acid. N.W:113G D.W:65G or N.W:120G D.W:70G bix:14-17% IF IN PEAR JUIXE ,THE BRIX:9-12%. 3300CTNS /20FCL 6400CTNS/40FCL COMPETITIVE PRICE SEASON:WHOLE YEAR FRESH MATERIAL
Company: Jiangsu Huixiang Foods Co., Ltd.    China

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