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List extensive product information of Grain (include rice grain, wheat grain, cereal grain, bread grain, flour grain), provided by Grain manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.
Barley (48)
Corn (63)
Millet (48)
Oats (38)
Rice (71)
Sorghum (47)
Wheat (53)

Glutinous Rice
Sell Glutinous Rice, 10% broken produced by Vietnamese state-owned agricultural enterprise. SPECIFICATION: Broken ( 2/3) % max 10 Moisture % max 14 Yellow Kernels % max 1.5 Red & Red Streaked Kernel % max 2.0 Rice admixture (3/4) % max 10 Damaged Kernels % max 2.5 Foreign Matters % max 0.2 Paddy ( grains per one Kg) Grains max 10 Milling Degree Well milled
Product Group: Glutinous Rice
Company: K. P. R. Fertilisers Private Limited    India

Sweet Corn Kernels
Features: Natural and pure sweet corn no impurities. Hygiene, microorganism and pesticide levels all meet export inspection standards. Season: June. Store temperature: below -18. Shelf life: 24 months.
Company: Yuyao Yinshu Green Food Co., Ltd.    China

BCS Organic Millet
Name of Products: Organic Millet. Specification: Dehulled. Appearance & color: Yellow. Moisture: Max.14.0%. Package: Gunny bag. Storage: Store in dry, cool and aired special warehouse.
Company: Yiwu Haofeng Import & Export Co., Ltd.    China

Toasted Corn
Specifications: 1) Code: toasted 2 ; 2) Name: toasted organic corn ; 3) Moisture: 6.5-7.5% ; 4) Admixture: 0.05% ; 5) Color: dark coffee.
Company: Qingdao Qiangda Foods Co., Ltd.    China

Hybrid rice seed
98.0% be the seed with good germination Percentage, the Rice produced be good quality with higher Portein.and high vitmin content.
Company: Qingdao Qiangda Foods Co., Ltd.    China

Chinese buckwheat
admixture: 0.5% maximum; wild buckwheat:2% maximum; moisture 14% max. imperfect grains: 2% max. HL Weight: 65kg; qulity food grade.
Company: Dalian Ruifeng Grain Processing Co., Ltd.    China

Chinese Wheat
Chinese wheat. Protein:13.5% min ; Moisture:12.5% max ; Foreigh material:1% max ; Test weight:77kg/hl min ; Damage kernels:3% max. Shrunken and broken kernels:5% max ; Total defect:6% max ; Wet gluten:30% max.

Herbs, Extracts, Rice, Wheat, Sugar, Spices
We are exporters of natural products, medicinal herbs and their extracts. We can offer oleoresins, essential oils, spices and spices oils. We can supply you natural colours for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textile industry i. E. Red sanders, bixin, curcumine, indigo, saffron, chilly, straw flower, yellow colour, for cosmetic applications. Herbal powders/extracts like hibiscus, wheat germ oil, soap nut powder, basil oil etc. Can be offered. Food items like indian long grain, short grain rice ...

Wheat Flour
We are producers and millres for the wheat flour. We used to export wheat flour for african countries especially the commessa countries.

Yellow Corn
Moisture 14,0 % max ; Foreign matter 2,0 % max ; Grain admixture 4,0% max ; Protein 11,5% min ; Wet gluten 23,0% min ; Test weight 77 KG/hl min ; Falling number 230 sec. Min

Masoor Dal
We want to sell red lentil (masoor dal) from china with following spec. China origin whole red kidney beans with black husk & red kidney beans split.

Glutinous White Rice, Buckwheat
Chinese Glutinous White Rice: 1) Moisture: 14.5% Max ; 2) Foreign matters: 0.3% Max ; 3) Broken: 5%, 10%, 15% ; 4) Purity: 90%, 95%, 99%. Buckwheat: 1) Moisture: 14% max. 2) Admixture: 1% max. 3) Imperfect: 3% max.

Baby Corn
Baby corn, young and quality, produce in canned baby corn, frozen baby corn and also supply in fresh baby corn regularly to most main airport and seaport in reasonable and competitive prices.

White Rice, Parboiled Rice, Millet
We want to sell all kind of Basmati Rice, Long Grain White Rice. Also supply rice vermicelli (premium grade) "royal elephant" brand: Packing 400 g.. Millet: 1) Max. moisture: 14.5% ; 2) Max. impurity: 0.1% ; 3) Max. imperfectness: 0.1%.

White corn
Outstanding exporters and manufacturers of White corn, yellow corn, soya beans and refined edible oils. We are the best exporters of quality cereals ( maize, beans, soya beans,) and oils with great qualities.
Product Group: White Corn
Company: WADA Company Limited    Cameroon

rice Specification: Type: Rice ; Texture: Hard ; Kind: White Rice ; Variety: Short-Grain Rice ; Style: Fresh ; Cultivation Type: Common ; Color: White ; Broken Ratio (%): 5-25% ; Certification: sgs ; china: heiho ; rice: rice ; short rice: short rice ; china rice: china rice ; Maturity: 100% ; Weight (kg): 5 ; Rice Moisture:15%max Foreign matter:0.5%max Damaged:0.5%max Chalky:2%max Broken:5%max
Company: Coast Economic Development (HK) Ltd.    China

Green Tea Instant Noodle
green tea instant noodle Specification: Product Type: Noodles ; Type: Somen ; Primary Ingredient: Durum Wheat ; Style: Dried ; Processing Type: Refined ; Feature: Low-Carb, Low-Sodium ; Certification: FDA, HACCP, QS ; Packaging: Bag, Box ; Weight (kg): 11 ; Shelf Life: 12 months ; Form: Dried ; Primary Ingredient: wheat ; green tea instant noodle packing: 454gx24bags / carton - Noodle specification: protein 10%, ash 0.60%, gluten 28% Moisture: 13%, - Brand: Logia - Ingredient: fine ...
Company: Everglory Int'l Co., Ltd.    China

Frozen Sweet Corn
FROZEN sweet corn Specification: Type: Corn ; Glutinous: Glutinous ; Style: Frozen ; Freezing Process: IQF ; Cultivation Type: Organic ; Color: Yellow ; Certification: HACCP ; Weight (kg): 10 ; 2010 new crop frozen sweet corn , high quality ,good price , HACCP whole , cube , slice , Grade A, clean and healthy
Company: Qiubei Yuntai Foodstuff Co., Ltd.    China

Vital Wheat Gluten
Vital wheat gluten Specification: Type: Wheat ; Style: Other ; Cultivation Type: Common ; color: white yellow ; form: powder ; Vital wheat Gluten. Features: Vital Wheat Gluten is a natural vegetable protein derived from wheat or wheat flour with the starch removed. It consists of relatively high gluten content and plays as functional protein due to its good water absorption capacity and viscoelasticity of formed dough when hydrated. Appearance: White Yellow Flowing Powder ...
Company: Zhengzhou Planet Import and Export Limited Company    China

RICE Specification: Type: Rice ; Texture: Hard ; Kind: White Rice ; Variety: Long-Grain Rice ; Style: Dried ; Drying Process: AD ; Cultivation Type: GMO ; Color: White ; Broken Ratio (%): 5% / 15% / 25% / 100% ; Certification: YES ; RICE: WHITE LONG GRAIN ; Maturity: 15 months ; Weight (kg): 50 ; Irri-6 (long grain rice) Broken. 5-10% Polish: Regular delivery: 35 days Minimum qty: 500MT packing; 50kg pp bag, 25MT in 20' container. Irri-6 (long grain rice) Broken. 15% Polish: ...
Company: ZAPTRON LTD    Hong Kong

Longxu Noodles
longxu noodles Specification: Product Type: Noodles ; Type: Ramen ; Primary Ingredient: wheat flour ; Style: Dried ; Processing Type: Refined ; Feature: Gluten-Free, Low-Fat, Sugar-Free ; Certification: HACCP, ISO, QS ; Packaging: Bag ; Weight (kg): 1 ; Shelf Life: 15 Months ; Form: Dried ; Type: Vermicelli ; longxu noodle(vermicelli) specification:1kgx12,608gx20,450gx24,1kgx15 size:1*1*198 1*1*220 dried noodle (Serving procedure): Put appropriate amount of noodle into appropriate ...
Company: Sichuan Ruonan Food Co., Ltd.    China

Frozen Bamboo Rice
Frozen Bamboo Rice Specification: Type: Rice ; Style: Frozen ; We have in the high-pressure high-temperature sterilization pot, automatic filling machines, sealing machine Vacuum packaging machine and other advanced production equipment and three large single-freezing machine, six flat plane, such as vegetable practical machine-made equipment. HACCP management strictly enforce the production process, potential growth. Our products include: Frozen vegetables food, Chestnut series of ...
Company: Shandong Chizhong Group Co., Ltd.    China

Soba Noodles
soba noodles Specification: Product Type: Noodles ; Type: Soba ; Primary Ingredient: Durum Wheat ; Style: Dried ; Certification: BRC, HACCP, ISO, KOSHER ; Packaging: Bag ; Weight (kg): 0.33 ; Form: Dried ; Type: Somen ; Primary Ingredient: Wheat ; Lian Yi Development Co.Ltd., a modernized foodstuff manufacturing enterprise,is engaged in the manufacturing, developing and trading of foodstuff under "ChainKwo" brand for many years. We supply the world our traditional and ...
Company: Lian Yi Development Co.,ltd. Guangzhou Office    China

Sweet Potato Chips Feed Grade
sweet potato chips feed grade Specification: Type: Other, starch ; Style: Other ; Cultivation Type: Common ; Certification: ISO ; color: White ; Sweet potato chips without pesticide and fertilizers.It is a kind of green food and very nutritious.Sweet potato is an annual plant,native to Central and South America,which can be planted in many areas on earth,it is widely planted in Junan area,which consist of 70% of all the planted areas in the world.It is one of the main corps in Southeast ...
Company: Junan Dehong Trading Co., Ltd.    China

White Rice
White Rice Specification: Type: Rice ; Texture: Soft ; Kind: White Rice ; Variety: Short-Grain Rice ; Style: Fresh ; Cultivation Type: Common ; Color: White ; weight: can be packed as you requirement ; Maturity: 100% ; the famous rice in china with the good taste we can offer you the best product and the best price
Company: Tianjin Fengsui Grain And Oil Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Vermicelli Di Riso
Vermicelli di Riso Specification: Product Type: Noodles ; Type: rice noodle ; Primary Ingredient: Rice ; Style: Dried ; Processing Type: Hand Made, machine ; Feature: Low-Fat, Low-Sodium, Sugar-Free ; Certification: HACCP ; Packaging: Box, Sachet ; Weight (kg): 0.4 ; Shelf Life: two years ; Vermicelli di Riso Nutrition Facts per 100g Energy 350 kcal Proteins 7 g Carbohydrates 84 g Fat 0.7 g Net Weight: 400g Ingredients: Rice Flour, Water
Company: Longhai Bangwei Food Co., Ltd.    China

Perilla Seed
Perilla Seed Specification: Type: Other ; Style: Dried ; Cultivation Type: Common ; Certification: ISO 20002: 2005, HACCP,GRRN FOOD. ; DRIED PERILLA SEED: dried ; Perilla seed also can be called white perilla seed, grey perilla seed, black perlla seed, red perilla, etc. [Perilla frutescens(L.) Brltt.var.arguta Benth.Hand.Mazz.] It owns special sweet smelling. Gansu Province Zheng Ning County has over 2000 years' history of perilla seed planting, with the annual planting area of 110000 ...
Company: Zhengning Jinniu Industrial Co., Ltd.    China

Frozen Purple Corn Paragraph
frozen purple corn paragraph Specification: Type: Corn ; Glutinous: Glutinous ; Style: Frozen ; Freezing Process: IQF ; Cultivation Type: Common ; Color: Purple ; Length (cm): 3 ; Maturity: 70% ; Certification: HACCP ; Weight (kg): 10 ; taste: glutinous ; color: purple ; Within package:0.8kg Outer package:8kg frozen purple corn paragraph has been certified Haccp.
Company: Linyi Mingda Food Co., Ltd.    China

buckwheat Specification: Type: Buckwheat ; Color: Black ; color: green,cream ; Produced was planted in the colden mountains,natural,pure and without chemistry polution.The manufacturer is located in the main buckwheat producing areas,away from pollution sources,has been certified to be pollution-free agricultural products.
Company: Linyi Luozhuang Jinlong Grain Agency    China

Chinese Yellow And Red Millet Sprays
Chinese Yellow and Red Millet Sprays Specification: Type: Millet ; Color: Red ; Glutinous: Non-Glutinous ; Style: Dried ; Drying Process: AD ; Cultivation Type: Common ; Size (mm): 205 ; Certification: -- ; Processing Type: air-cure ; color: yellow and red ; size: 6"/ 8"/ 10"/ 12" ; Chinese Yellow and Red Millet Sprays: (2009) H.S. Code: 1008200000 1. Yellow: Size: 8"/ 10"/ 12" Red: 6~9" (Unavailable) New order ...
Company: Tianjin Jin Yong Feng Import And Export Co., Ltd.    China

White Sorghum
White Sorghum Specification: Type: Sorghum ; Color: White ; Color: white ; White Sorghum Details: 1.Specifications: moisture 16% max, admixture 1% max. 2.Origin: Inner Mongolia of China 3.Crop 2009 4.Quality: grade one 5.Shipment time: 15 days 6.Packing: 25-50kg/new PP bag
Company: Dalian Masoo International Trading Co., Ltd.    China

Broomcorn Millet With Husk
Broomcorn Millet with Husk Specification: Type: Millet ; Color: Black ; Color: Red ; Type: Hulled ; We can supply yellow and white broomcorn millet with husk, red millet broomcorn millet, black broomcorn millet and yellow broomcorn millet.Specifications:1) Moisture: 14.5%2) Impurity: 1%3) Different color: 2%Conveyance:Qty/20' FCL: 21MT
Company: Laoting Best Fortune Trading Co., Ltd.    China

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