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List extensive product information of Mushroom & Truffle (include white truffles, dried mushrooms, shiitake mushroom, fungus), provided by Mushroom & Truffle manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Dehydrated mushroom
a good supplier sell dried mushroom with good quality and low price. Mushrooms are not a true vegetable in the sense that it does not have any leaves, roots, or seeds, and really does not need any light to grow. Mushrooms are found all over the world and have been a very honored food in many cultures. Ancient Egyptians considered mushrooms to be food for the royals. Mushroom Benefits:Mushrooms are brimming with protein, B vitamins (riboflavin, niacin and pantothenic),and minerals (selenium, ...
Product Group: Dehydrated Mushroom
Company: Shandong Seamount Trade Co., Ltd.    China

A substance extracted from shiitake, lentinan is currently under investigation for potential anti-tumor effects, blood pressure-lowering effects, and cholesterol-lowering effects.
Product Group: Shiitake
Company: Hangzhou Botanical Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Dehydrated mushroom
We can supply frozen mushrooms as below: 1)IQF Pleurotus Ostreatus (Oyster Mushroom) ; 2)IQF Shimeji ; 3)IQF Shiitake ; 4)IQF Nameko ; 5)IQF Champignons.
Product Group: Dehydrated Mushroom
Company: Fujian Lubao Group Co., Ltd.    China

Frozen Boletus Edulis
Frozen Boletus Edulis: Whole: length: 2-4cm, 4-6cm(cap).(inclusion 5% white worm;95% without worm) Packing: N.W.10kgs/carton. Cut: 2.5cm X 2.5cm. OR 3 X 3 cm. Slices : length: >2cm, Thickness: 0.5--0.7cm
Company: Sichuan Medicines and Health Products I. / E. Corp.    China

Dehydrated mushroom
Dehydrated mushroom / flake / sliver / granules / powder: 1) Diameter: 2 - 4.5cm; 2) Thickness: 2 - 10mm; 3) Moisture: less than 6%; 4) Deep processed mushroom: a) Fresh; b) Frozen; c) Fired; d) Canned; e) Roasted;
Company: Sichuan Medicines and Health Products I. / E. Corp.    China

IQF Shiitake Mushrooms
Features: 1) Easy for transportation and storage ; 2) Freezing processes beneficially alter the flavor of the mushrooms, enhancing its natural aroma ; 3) When thawed, serve many culinary purposes ; 4) Shares a big market of many restaurant and retail Specifications ; 5) Whole: cap dia. 2-4cm, stems <0.5cm ; 6) Quarters: processed from cap dia. 4 - 6cm, cross cut into quarters ; 7) Slices: thickness 4-6mm.
Company: Dalian J&N Foods Co., Ltd.    China

Pleurotus Ostreatus
We have 3 assortment: mushroom in brine, IQF mushrooms and mushrooms in jar and tin. Now we are on the best position to supply IQF mushrooms, the variety includes nameko, shiitake, oyster mushrooms and shimeji, with various specifications. The package is 10kg carton, polybag inside or 500g, 1000g retail polybag package.
Company: Dalian J&N Foods Co., Ltd.    China

Mushroom assortment
Our company is specilized in mushroom products such as Nameko, Shiitake, Oyster mushroom, straw mushroom, champignon, boletus edulis, chanterelle, suillus granulatus, shimeji, a-mellea, boletus luteus and mix assorti etc. Now we have three assortmemt: mushroom in jar and tin, mushroom in brine, IQF mushroom. The flavor can be marinated, salted, in tomato pasta, in sunflower oil.
Company: Dalian J&N Foods Co., Ltd.    China

Monkey Mushrooms
Monkey Mushrooms: 1) Natural and healthy 'green' foods ; 2) Suitable for stewing with meat or cooking dish ; 3) Cancer resistant.

Champignon Mushroom
We can supply the champignon mushroom in brine and boiled.and the specification are:2-3cm whole and pieces.

Fresh And Dried Wild Cultivated Mushrooms
Fresh and dried shiitake mushroom; champignon mushroom; ovato mushroom; plenrotus eryngii; oyster; shemeji; enoki; agaricus blazei murrill; boletus edudis, truffle, the beech mushrooms, etc...

White King Oyster Mushroom Spawn
1) Once the mushroom spawn enter farm, the White King oyster mushrooms can grow from them in 5 to 15 days, and will be harvested in 15 to 20 days. 2) In this way, the farm can reduce the capital greatly that will be invested in equipment, workshops and salary.

Dried Fungus (Black, White)
We can supply dried black fungus, white back black fungus and white fungus to your specific requirements. 1) Black fungus, wan yee, white fungus ; 2) Whole, strips, diced.

Dried Black Fungus
Dried black fungus(one side white). Whole: Wash/un-wash. 10mm-20mm,20-40mm,30-50mm,50mm up,40-60mm,60-100mm. Strip: Length:10-20mm,20-40mm,40m up,40-60mm,60-100mm. Dice: Dried black fungus(both side black) 0.8-1.2cm,1.2-1.8cm,1.8cm up. (Washed/unwashed) ; Dried white fungus 7cm up.

Mushroom Series Products
01 Grifola frondosa(Maitake) export level ; 02 Agaricus blazei 1.8-2.5cm, above 2.5cm ; 03 Ganoderma Lucidum(Reishi) 3-5cm 5-8cm 8-12cm ; 04 High Quality SHiitake export level ; 05 Lentinus edodes(Shiitake) export level ; 06 Hericium erinaceus export level ; 07 Pleurotus ostreatus(Oyster mushroom) export level ; 08 Pleurotus Citrinopileutus export level ; 09 Tremella Fuciformis export level.

Mushroom Slices,Mushroom dices
The product is produced from fresh vegetables. This technology of freeze-dried guarantees to retain perfectly the ingredients of fresh vegetables and boast a long shelf life.

Boiled Mushrooms
We offer many varieties of mushrooms: boiled beech mushrooms, boiled goprinus comatus mushrooms, boiled king oyster mushrooms, boiled gray oyster mushrooms, boiled pholiota nameko mushrooms and boiled golden mushrooms.

Tricholoma Matsutake
Grows in mixed pin-leaf and wide-leaf pine forests, at an elevation of 2,500m.Delicate flavor and tender, selling well in Japan.

White Fungus
We are supplying Standardized Herb Extracts Powder Angelicae P. E. Ligustilides HPLC ; Astragulus P. E. Astragaloside0.2%; 0.4% HPLC, Polysaccharides16%; 70% UV ; Artemisia P. E. ; Artemisnini99% UV ; Bilberry P. E. Anthocyanidins25% HPLC ; Centella AsiaticaP. E. Asiaticoside20%; 36%; 44% HPLC, Triterpenic Genines 54%; 64% ; Citrus Aurantium P. E. Synephrine4%; 6%; 8%; 10%; 30% HPLC ; Echinacea P. E. Total Polyphenolic4% UV, Chicoric Acid2% HPLC. Epimdium P. E. Icariin10%; 15%; 20%; 30%; 40% ...

Fresh truffle, canned / dried / frozen truffle
we're one of the main supplyers of chinese truffle, we provide fresh truffle, canned truffle,dried truffle and frozen truffle with higher quality and very competitive prices. the season of fresh winter black truffle will begin from Oct,and the other products we supply all the year round.
Product Group: Truffles
Company: Chengdu Orient Foodstuff Trading Co.Ltd.    China

Minlongda Flower Mushroom
MinLongDa Flower mushroom Specification: Product Type: Mushrooms ; Type: Flower Mushroom ; Style: Dried ; Drying Process: AD ; Color: Brown ; Part: Whole ; Processing Type: Seasoned ; Shelf Life: 1 year ; Certification: ISO9001: 2008 ; Packaging: Bag ; Flower mushroom is the nonesuch one in all kinds of champignons, having the effects of nourishing Yin and kidney, moisturizing the lung, strengthening the body, activating blood circulation, boosting the brain, and enriching the blood. It ...
Company: Shanghai Minlong Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Canned Nameko Mushroom
Canned Nameko Mushroom Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned) ; Product Type: Mushrooms ; Type: Nameko ; Part: Whole ; Shape: Whole ; canned nameko mushroom 314*12 580*12 In can or glass jar All size available
Company: Xiamen Rayen Co., Ltd.    China

Wild Mushroom Of Zhangzi Bacteria
Wild mushroom of Zhangzi Bacteria Specification: Product Type: Mushrooms ; Type: Fungus ; Style: Fresh ; Color: Brown ; Source: Wild ; Part: Whole ; colour: brown,dark yellow ; Product:The mushroom of zhangzi bacteria colour:brown,dark,yellow inner packing:polybag outer packing:plastic drum packing:at 50kg(D.W.) per drum we remain at your disposal to provide you with sample and quotation or any other information you deem necessary.
Company: Chengdu Eagle Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Brined Mushroom In Drums
Brined Mushroom in Drums Specification: Product Type: Mushrooms ; Type: Pleurotus ; Style: Preserved ; Packaging: Drum ; Color: Yellow ; Source: Wild ; Part: Whole ; Processing Type: Seasoned ; Shelf Life: 2 Years ; Weight (kg): 50 ; Certification: CIQ ; Flavour: Salty ; Packaging &amp; Delivery Packing: 50kg/drum inner with preserved bag outter with plastic drums Specification:
Company: Liaocheng Wuxing Import & Export Ltd.    China

Dehydration Shiitake
dehydration shiitake Specification: Product Type: Mushrooms ; Type: Shiitake ; Style: Dried ; Drying Process: AD ; Color: Black ; Source: Cultivated ; Part: Whole ; Processing Type: Raw ; Shelf Life: 2 years ; Weight (kg): 20kg ; Certification: ISO9001\HACCP\GREEN FOOD\QS\FDA\. ; colour: black ; variety dehydration shiitake size(diameter) 1-2cm 2-3cm 3-5cm above 5cm original area SuiZhou Hu Bei growth term from October to next year April good quality ...
Company: Hubei Huatai Food Co., Ltd.    China

Canned Mushroom
Canned Mushroom Specification: Product Type: Mushrooms ; Type: champignon ; Style: Preserved ; Packaging: Can (Tinned) ; Color: yellow ; Source: Cultivated ; Part: whole, slice, pns ; Processing Type: whole, slice ; Shelf Life: 3years ; Weight (kg): _ ; Certification: _ ; item 1: mushroom ; item 2: canned mushroom ; item 3: canned champignon ; preserve type: Brine ; taste: salty ; Canned mushroom size: whole, slice, pns packing: tinned/canned specification: 184gx24/ctn,D.W.:114g ...
Company: Fujian Agrotech Oriental Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.    China

Fresh Mushroom In Brine
Fresh Mushroom in Brine Specification: Product Type: Mushrooms ; Type: Champignon ; Style: Fresh ; Color: bright yellow ; Source: Cultivated ; Part: slice ; Processing Type: in brine( in salt) ; Shelf Life: 2-3 years ; Weight (kg): 48 ; Certification: CIQ ; Color: Bright Yellow ; Packaging: Drum ; Fresh Mushroom in Brine (in drum) 1-health food 2-rich in nutrition 3-320-340drums/20'flc 4-inner packing: polybag Packing: 50kg or 105kg in drums Specification: A1A2 : ...
Company: Hongliang Food (Longhai) Co., Ltd.    China

Canned Mushrooms
Canned Mushrooms Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned) ; Product Type: Mushrooms ; Certification: CIQ/Buyer&#39;s ; 1. 24/184g whole/sliced/pieces & stems2. 24/400g whole/sliced/pieces & stems3. 24/850g whole/sliced/pieces & stems4. 6/2840g pieces & stemsPrice Term: FOB / CFR / CIF on inquiry
Company: Xiamen International Trade & Industrial Co., Ltd.    China

Frozen Champion Mushroom
Frozen Champion Mushroom Specification: Product Type: Mushrooms ; Type: Fungus ; Style: Frozen ; Freezing Process: IQF ; Color: White ; Source: Cultivated ; Part: Whole ; Processing Type: Seasoned ; Shelf Life: 18 months ; Weight (kg): 10 ; Certification: HACCP ISO14000 FDA ; Packaging: plastic trays ; frozen mushroom raw materials is picked from our air-conditioned house which is the biggest three-dimensional breeding house in Asia Producing method:blanched,unblanched Commodity:whole slice ...
Company: Shandong Jiufa Edible Fungus Corporation Limited    China

Vf Mushroom
VF Mushroom Specification: Product Type: Mushrooms ; Style: Dried ; Color: Black ; Packaging: Bulk ; VF (VACUUM FRYING ) FRUITS AND VEGETABLE The Vacuum Frying Fruits and vegetable have four 5 advantages: 1, A rich variety of choice of origin of raw materials 2, Not adding any pigment, perfume and preservatives, without a hidden danger to the traditional fried cancer. 3, Maintain the natural color of fruits and vegetables, nutrition and flavor. 4, Crisp texture, flavor heterogeneous and ...
Company: Shandong Chizhong Group Co., Ltd.    China

Dried Organic Flower Shiitake
DRIED ORGANIC FLOWER SHIITAKE Specification: Product Type: Mushrooms ; Type: Flower Mushroom ; Style: Dried ; Drying Process: AD ; Color: White ; Source: Cultivated ; Part: Cap ; Certification: HACCP ; ORGANIC CERTIFICATION: EEC AND NOP CERTIFICATIO. ; Lentinus edodes (shiitake) is a famous traditional Chinese mushroom, in the world it is the earliest mushroom which was cultivated by human being. Lentinus edodes (shiitake) has many nutritional elements and tastes good, so that it is named ...
Company: Lin An Quality Mushroom Co., Ltd.    China

White Back Black Fungus Slice
WHITE BACK BLACK FUNGUS SLICE Specification: Product Type: Truffles ; Style: Dried ; Drying Process: AD ; Packaging: Bag ; Color: Black ; Shape: Block ; Source: Cultivated ; Processing Type: Other ; Part: Whole ; Shelf Life: 2years ; Style: Dried ; Color: Black ; Shape: Block ; Source: Cultivated ; Part: Whole ; Packaging: Bag ; Certification: inspection ; Shelf Life: 2years ; We can supply dried black fungus, white back black fungus and white fungus to your specific requirements. ...
Company: Longhai Wei Cheong Food Co., Ltd.    China

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