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List extensive product information of Plant Seed (include vegetable seeds, flower plant seed), provided by Plant Seed manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Pumpkin Seed
Sizes: 1) Grade AAA: 13cm and above. 2) Grade AA: 12.5cm above, 12cm above, 11.5cm above. 3) Grade A: 11cm above, 10.5cm above. Features: 1) Moisture: 9% (max.). 2) Admixture: 0.5% (max.). 3) Dirty seeds: 3% (max.).
Product Group: Pumpkin Seed
Company: Shandong Seamount Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Black sesame seeds
Black sesame seed: 1) Purity: above 99%. 2) Moisture: 8% max. 3) Admixture:1% max. 4) Oil rate: above more than 52%.
Company: Rizhao Golden Nut Cereals & Oils Co., Ltd.    China

Eating hemp seeds pack a significant protein punch, which rivals that of soy. Hemp seeds contain many essential amino acids, have high fibre content and are also rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin C and chlorophyll. The added benefit of hemp seeds is that there has been no known genetic modification of hemp plants, unlike with other sources of protein and antioxidants. Hemp also grows in such a way that no pesticides or chemicals are required to grow the crops. The growing of hemp plants creates ...
Product Group: Hemp Seed
Company: Yantai Yiji Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Mustard Seeds
We can provide selected,treated and purified raw herbal medicine in both traditional form(slices) and modern shapes(pellets) for extraction and decoction ues. The raw material is selected and treated specially. High standard and traditional production process to ensure best quality. Produced strictly according to the content set in The Pharmacopoeia of PRC. Safety controls the pesticide residues and heavy mentals.
Company: Hunan Yahua International Corporation Limited    China

Organic Flax Seeds
Our flax seeds belong to organic products which are growing on our own ground as well as fine in quality and reasonable in price. Organic Flax Seeds. Specification: Moisture 99.9%.
Company: Hunan Yahua International Corporation Limited    China

Pumpkin Seeds
We can supply: 1) Pink peanuts (40/50, 50/60, 60/70), HPS quality 2) Red peanuts (50/60, 60/70) 3) Snow white pumpkin seeds (12.5cm, 12cm, 10.5cm, 13cm) 4) Pinenut kernels, grade A 5) Sunflower kernels (seeds), grade A & B 6) Hempseeds, adm: 2%max, moisture: 9%max 7) Buckwheat, adm: 1%max, moisture: 12%max 8) Chestnut.
Product Group: Pumpkin Seed
Company: Dalian Happy Fortunes Trading Co., Ltd.    China

Walnut seedling and seed
1. Resistance to disease, grows quickly, the yielding ability is very strong. 2. has strong ability of resistance natural disaster. 3. The daily management is simple, the labor saving economizes4. The nut bears stores, under the normal temperature may deposit for a year not to deteriorate5. The nut quality superior, each quality index achieves the national walnut nut quality superior standard6. Nut edible convenient, takes the entire kernel to be very easy, it does not need the hammer to ...
Product Group: Walnut Nut
Company: MianYang Chuan Song Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Plant seeds
We can supply Pumpkin Seeds Kernels,Sunflower Seeds Kernels,Pumpkin Seeds from china: Snow white pumpkin seeds size: 10.5cm,11cm,12cm,13cm,14cm,15cm; Shine skin pumpkin seeds size: 11cm,12cm,13cm,14cm,15cm; specification: Moisture: 9% MAX ; Admixture:0.5% MAX. Pumpkinseed kernels size: Grade A,AA; Pumpkinseed kernels, grown without shell(GWS); sunflower kernel(confectionary grade); sunflower kernel(bakery grade); Specifications: Purity: 99.95% min ; Moisture : 7% max ; Broken ...
Company: MianYang Chuan Song Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Organic seed
we can supply all kinds of seeds and kernels of agricultural products from china. Seeds such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, rapeseed, flaxseed, primrose seeds, hemp seed, sesame seed, pinenut, bitter apricot seed, etc.
Company: Qingdao Kington Industrial Co., Ltd.    China

Black natrual sesame
Black Sesame. Model: Purity:above 98%, Moisture:7.5%-8%, Admixture:5, ACID:<1.5 mgKoh/g, Oil Rate:above 45%(dry inspection).
Company: Qingdao Bolan Foods Co., Ltd.    China

Vegetable Seeds
Producing high quality vegetable seeds form northern part of Bangladesh. Like tomato, okra, bean, yard long bean, better gourd, radish, sponge gourd, red and green amaranth, coriander, chilly etc. This all are op variety.

Alfalfa Seed, Clover Seeds
Forage seeds: Alfalfa Seeds (Lucerne Medicago Sativa), Persian Clover Seeds (Trifolium Resupinatum, Shaftal), Berseem Clover Seeds, Guar Seeds and Sesbania seeds. Vegetable Seeds: Food & Spices: Fenugreek Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Red Chilli, Chilli powder, Ajwain Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Oats, Vetch Seeds, Dry Fruit, Mung Bean, Rice, Melon Seeds, Musk Melon Seeds. Oil Seeds: Sesame Seeds, Rape Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Linseeds/Flax seed..

Bitter Gourd Seed
We can bulk supply the bitter gourd seeds&powder. It is a proved remedy in controlling diabetes. It has lately been established that bitter gourd contains a hypoglycemic or insuline like principle designated as plant insuline which is invaluable in controlling blood and urine sugar.

Cocoa And Cotton Seed, Safflower Seeds
We are holding 10000 metric tons of cocoa, 200000metric tons of cotton seed. Also supply safflower seeds, Chinese origin,Moisture 15% max,Admixture 2%, max.

Mustard Seeds
We are one of the leading im/export and food manufacturer. Our region is the one of the largest origin of many agricultral products, such as mustard seeds, sunflower seeds& kernel, broad bean, buckwheat& kernel, dehydrated vegetable, tomato paste in iron barrel, cube sugar, wolfberry puree etc.

Herbal Seed, Dry Medicinal Plant
We are exporting in herbal seed,herbs,medicinal plants,dry herbs,rare seed, stimulant and aprodisiac seeds,(like mucuna prurien,sida cordifoloia,areca catachu,withania somnifera,argyriea nervosa,argemone mexicana,etc...

Chinese Linseeds
We can supply linseeds with good quality and low price. Quality:2004Crop;Moisture: Max.14.5%;Admixture: Max.2%.

Chinese Milk Vetch ( Grass Seed )
Chinese milk vetch. (astragalus sinicus L. )is a kind of over-year herbaceous floras in the vetch genus of bean family. It is an excellent green manure material for paddy fields, and a good forage and source of honey. Meanwhile, it is also a viewed and admired plant. The seeds and every part of this plant can be used for medicament.

Fennel Seeds
We now can supply you with the new crop Fennel Seeds, our offer as follows: Commodity: Chinese Fennel Seeds ; Specifications: Moisture: 10% max ; Admixture: 1% max; Machine Cleaned.

Tea Seed Powder
Tea seed powder contains 12-15% saponin and can be used as the raw material from which the tea saponin is extracted. It is also widely used for killing snails in pond or coastal cropland, earthworms in vegetable field and underground pests in golf grassland.

Moringa Seeds, Leaf Powder, Moringa Oil
We can supply you good quality moringa olifera seeds(sowingand food purpose), moringa dried leaves, leaves powder, moringa kernel, moringa root, moringa root powder, and moringa oil, Moringa capsules(powderand extract) etc.

Shineskin/yellow Pumpkinseeds
Snow white pumpkinseeds and it's kernels including: Shineskin/Yellow Pumpkinseeds' Kernels ; Snow White Pumpkinseeds and it's Kernels ; Sunflower Seeds and it's Kernels

Black Currant Seeds
1) Contains sorts of n-3 and n-6 fatty acid, vitamin E fatty acid, α-flax acid and γ-flax acid ; 2) Processed of efficacy to lower blood pressure, soften veins, anticipate and treat heart diseases ; 3) Strong affection to anticancer and remedy cancer.

Sunflower Seeds
Specification: Oil content: Min 43% ; Free fatty acids: Max 3,0 mg KOH ; Moisture: Max.9,0% ; Admixture: Max.3,0%.

Daurian rhododendron extract
It is used in china as an excellent herb for antitussive and expectorant. We can supply Dahurian Rhododendron Leaf P.E. at any quantities with competitive prices and specification needed. So please contact us for more specification
Product Group: Banaba Extract
Company: DaXingAnLing Gadol Sports Ingredient Co., Ltd    China

Dodder Seed P.E
Product Name: Dodder Seed P.E Latine Name: Semen Cuscutae Appearance: Yellow brown fine powder Active ingredients: campesterol Detection Mothed: UV Specfication:5:1 10:1 20:1 Details: Dodder (Cuscuta), an annual holoparasitic plant of legume crops, is widely distributed both in North America and Europe. One representative of dodder is C. trifolii, which commonly occurs mainly on alfalfa in Hungary, and is fully adapted to parasitic mode of life. Dodders are holoparasitic higher ...
Product Group: Herbal Extract
Company: Ai Wei Biotechnology Co.,Ltd    china

Fennel seeds
We are manufacturer & exporter of Spices, Herbs, seeds & vegetables We are pleased to offer: Fennel seeds Please find our offer for prompt delivery as under Origin: Egypt Specs: By Sample Approval Packing: As required Sample: free after offer approval Payment: to be negotiated Quantity: any Season: around the year
Company: HERBS EGYPT    Giza

Flax seeds
We are SMA Trading Company, grower, producer, manufacturer & exporter of Spices, Herbs, seeds & vegetables We are pleased to offer: Flax seeds
Company: HERBS EGYPT    Giza

Safflower seeds
We are Trading Company, grower, producer, manufacturer & exporter of Spices, Herbs, seeds & vegetables We are pleased to offer: Safflower seeds
Company: HERBS EGYPT    Giza

Sesame seeds
We are pleased to offer: Sesame seeds Please find our offer for prompt delivery as under Origin: Egypt Specs: By Sample Approval Packing: As required Sample: free after offer approval Payment: to be negotiated Quantity: any Season: around the year
Company: HERBS EGYPT    Giza

Sunflower Seeds
Sunflower seeds Specification: Type: Sunflower Seeds ; Style: Natural ; Cultivation Type: Organic ; Sunflower seeds, type: long / round. packed in double pp bags or paper bags of 25kgs. New crop available.
Company: Qingdao Ever Green Trading Co., Ltd.    China

Lagenaria Siceraria
Lagenaria Siceraria Specification: Type: Other ; Color: Other ; Certification: AV ; Hybrid: No ; Family: Cucurbitaceae ; Genus: Lagenaria ; 1) Botanical Name: Lagenaria siceraria 2)Like warm, light, sunny climate and fertile soil which grows well with the temperature of 20-25&deg;C. 3)Germination is slow because of the thick seeds coat. 4)It&rsquo;s full of rich vitamin C, protein and various microelement which can improve the body&rsquo;s anti-virus capabilities; good effect on ...
Company: Shanghai Ru Yi Horticulture Co., Ltd.    China

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