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Frozen Rabbit
Specifications: 1) Fresh, without head, skin, paws and viscera. 2) With bones. 3) Weight (calibrated): 600 - 1,000g; 1,000 - 1,500g; 1,500g up.
Company: Winlinks International Co., Ltd.    China

Livestock products: Raw wool, greasy wool, scoured wool, carpet wool, crossbred wool, cashmere, wool top, wool yarn, cashmere yarn, cashmere sweater, fleece scarf, camel hair, live sheep, lamb, frozen mutton.
Company: Winlinks International Co., Ltd.    China

We can supply goats and sheep in large quantity. And we have experience to shipping live stocks in large quantity from Indonesia.
Company: Putra Malaka. PT    Indonesia

We sell healthy, salmonella free dayold chickens for eggproduction, brand: hy-line w98, cv-20, hy-line Brown and hyline silver. We also sell hatching eggs.
Company: Putra Malaka. PT    Indonesia

Frozen Chicken Meat
1) We offer: a) Frozen whole chicken bone-in / boneless ; b) Frozen chicken breast boneless ; c) Frozen chicken fillet. 2) Fresh quality and well frozen.

Poultry & Livestock Feed
1) Rice protein concentrate shows excellent performance in feed stuffing for animals 2) Relying on its high protein content and low fat, having much flexcibility for mixed 3) Feed of small aminal or cattle 4) The rice protein produced by our company is made after fermentation with high quality rice, so it has the chatacter of less damage on nutrition and high purity.

Lives Cow
We are an export company with the ability to export brasilian lives cow for meat or milk production.

White Rabbit
White colored rabbit also know as The Big White. Color:white ; Length:60-65 cm ; Weight:5,5-6 kg (max 12 kg).

Galvanized Fence Posts
Name Weight steel fence post 1.58kg\m 1.86kg\m 1.90kg\m 2.04kg\m Surface bitumen or galvanized Length(cm) 45 60 90 135 150 165 180 210 240 260 280 Holes(Australia) 2 3 5 11 14 14 14 7 7 Holes(New zealand) 7 7 7 8
Company: Tianjin Rui Zhe Metal Products Co., Ltd.    China

Chicken Glasses
good quality easy to use prevent chicken pecking feathers prevent chicken fighting it is used in chicken who like pecking feathers and fighting.but it doesn't effect chicken eating and drinking.the price of chicken who wear glass is higher than no wear glasses.because the chicken have good feather and look beautiful. middle size glass:width 5cm,it is suitable for 0.5 to 2kg chicken big size glass: width 5cm.it is suitable for 2--4kg chicken
Company: Shenzhen SDC Opto-electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Gas-powered Milking Machine
Mini type portable milking system have two type: single jar and double jar. Single jar is for one cattle once time , and two cattle for double jar. It is 5 to 8 minute for per milking . Single jar is suit for 10 cattles and 15 to 20 for double jar. Frame is made from hot dipped galvanised mild steel giving a long lifDirect drive vacuum pump with silencer Runs from 220 - 240v 50hz 13A socket. (Must be connected via an RCD rated at 30mA) Interceptor tank, made from galvanised mild steel with ...
Company: Beijing Kingpeng Global Husbandry Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Compound Betaine Feed Chemical
- Compound Betaine (EH002) feed chemical is a highly effective methyl donor it is capable of partial replacement of methionine and Choline Chloride, reduces feed cost, and improves the production of animals. Moreover, betaine has the effect to adjust the osmotic pressure of cells and act as a feed flavor. Main ingredients: Pure betaine, corncob and so on Ingredient content: Pure betaine not less than 30% Notice: 1. Mix equally in compound feed 2. This product is hygroscopic, please ...
Company: Hangzhou Union Biotechnology Co., Ltd.    China

Rabbit Breeds
We will provide you HYLA grand parent (GP), all pedigree breed,single-sex, that is line-A male, line-B female, line-C male and line-D female. The reproduction mode of grand parent is cross breeding, that is, cross-breeding of line-A male with line-B female will produce parent male (female from cross-breeding of line A and line-B will be kept as commodity rabbit), cross-breeding of line-C male with line-D female will produce parent female (male from cross-breeding will be kept as commodity ...
Company: Qingdao Kangda Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.    China

Adc-k Foaming Agent
Properties :This product is faint yellow povided. A normal mospheric temperature ,it can be stored for a long tine and it is not easy to go bad or to lump . This product is a strong organie foaming agent of position type . The decomposition temperature range is small .This product can be decomposed into N2 CO CO2.. The product is free from poison ,but it can be decomposed at high temperature (120) . Uses: It is used as a ...
Company: Hoully Int'l Industrial Corp Limited    China

Plucker Model DS-50 DS-55 DS-60 Weight 80kg 85kg 90kg Inside Barrel Diameter 500mm 550mm 600mm Packing size 680x630x960 700x650x960 780x730x960 Electric 220V 220V 220V Power 1.1kw 1.5kw 1.5kw Motor Speed 1400rpm/minute 2-3chickens 4-5 chickens 5-8 chickens
Company: Wuxi Onelye Livestock Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Packing Bag For Food
Material:D2W(OXO-Biodegradable) size:58*39/32*23 packing:1248 per ctn/5555 per ctn D2W Eco-compatible 1.does not leave fragments of petro-polymers in the soil. 2.passes all the standard eco-toxicity tests 3.is safe for long-term contact with food. 4.does not contain heavery metals 5.can be made from recyclate 6.can be safely recycled D2W products are wholly in keeping with these important environmental principles: Reduce, Re-use and recycle
Company: Foshan Printing Plastic Material Package Factory    China

Crisscross Nozzle
Advantage: The product is of high quality, have passed ISO9001 and checked by AQSIQ of China. That design is convenience for chicken, its cleanness and sanitation, water conservation and can protect the environment against pollution, also could improve the economic benefit.
Company: Cixi Maite Hardware Co., Ltd.    China

Sulfamonomethoxine Sodium Injection 33.3%
Indications: It can rapidly alleviate such symptoms like high fever, repeated ups and downs in body temperature, anorexia, cough, watery nasal discharge, wheeze, dyspnea, empurple or ecchymosis in the skin of ear tips or buttocks, subcutaneous dropsy in eyelids or forelimbs, hind limbs unable to stand, anemia, jaundice, palor, backward standing of furs on the back, yellow or red urine, diarrhea or constipation, bloody stools etc. It is used for the treatment of eperythrozoon, toxoplasmosis, ...
Company: Hebei Junyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.    China

Actinidia Polygama Fruit
actinidia polygama fruit No Product name Specification 1 Actinidia polygama fruits normal fruits. 2 Actinidia polygama leaves dried. 3 Actinidia polygama sticks straight,dried, 120mm length, 5-13mm width. 4 Actinidia polygama root piece dried, 30-50mm length, 10-40mm width 5 Actinidia polygama fruits raw powder brown color powder, mesh size:80 mesh, solubility:NLT95% soluble in water. 6 Actinidia polygama fruits extarcted powder ...
Company: Hunan Changsha Yuanhang Biology Product Co., Ltd.    China

Duroc Swine
Duroc pigs: it is characterized by good fathership performance, long body, thick hip and front shoulders, wide back, strong legs and excellent anti-stress properties. Production performance Average survival piglets per litter: 10.2 Days took to reach100kg: 158 days Average back-fat thickness: 12.1mm Carcass lean-meat percentage: 69.2% Feed / gain ratio: 2.51:1
Company: Tianjin Baodi Agriculture And Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Feed Additives Anhydrous Betaine
[Molecular Formula] C5H11NO2 Assay: 98% [Physical Properties] White powder, excellent liquidity, with a particular odor, easy to deliquescence. Heating was carried by 310 degrees to decompose. [Product use] with other single flavoring agent, attractants, there are no off fragrance, too thick to stimulate smell and taste, to avoid poultry, aquatic animals, there sense of smell, taste fatigue and numbness of the phenomenon, the maintenance of appetite, induced eat good effect. Betaine ...
Company: Hangzhou Chuanggao Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Genuine Cowhide Belt
1. It's made of Genuine Cowhide 2. Elegant and Durable 3. The buckle is znic alloy 4. Special process mode makes it very soft and comfortable 5. supply OEM and ODM service 6. Length:41" width:3.9" Thickness:3mm
Company: Hongye Leather Co., Ltd.    China

Lomefloxacin Hydrochloride
Commodity name:Lomefloxacin Hcl Appearance:white or almost white crystalline powder Identification:(1)IR:Meet the requirement conform (2)Retaining time:Meet the requirement conform (3)Positive conform PH: 3.5-4.5 4.0 Clarity of solution:Meet the requirement conform Related substance:single impurity:0.5% max conform Total impurity:1.0% maxLoss on drying: ...
Company: Qingdao Dacon Trading Co., Ltd    China

Cattle Shape Usb Hub
Cattle shape usb hub; usb1.1 & usb2.0 (optional); 5 ports usb hub (1 input/4 output); 3 cattle calls when connenction; color:blue,white,golden, yellow,rose red; packing by color box meas: 58.5*36.5*47.5cm qty: 200pcs/ctn n.w./g.w.: 15/16kgs
Company: Shenzhen Hongwangxin Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Semen Bag
1.first class barrier property against moisture, oxygen, light and puncturing. 2.strong sealing strength;bonding strength and excellent compression strength. 3.Non-breakage, Non-leakage. Non-delamination. 4.Excellent acid and alkaline resistance 5.Longer shelf life 6.Non benzene manufacturing
Company: Dongguan Yason Pack Co., Ltd.    China

Layer Cage
Scope:Rearing Layersand Growing Components:Cages, front frame, end frame, auto-feeding system, automated manure removing system, nipple drinking system Features:1. Automated controlled system;2. High rearing efficiency;3. Designed for rearing and growing;4. Floor saving and cost efficient;5. Easy maintenance and operation;6. Hot galvanized,anti-corrosive,long durability. Certified by international quality systems such as ISO9001 , the products are trusted by customers for their good ...
Company: Anping County Yingtaida Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.    China

Snacks Packing Machine
snacks packing machine STANDARD SPECIFICATION... MODEL JTC-05 Carton size (L)200 - 600mm (W)150 -500mm (H) 120-500mm Table height min. 650mm,max. 800mm Working speed 300--750 (ctns/hr) Machine size (L)1690mm (W)830mm (H)1180mm Power 110/220V single phase, 50/60 Hz or, specified by client Pneumatic 5kg Tape width 48mm, 75mm alternative use Machine net weight approx.180kgs
Company: Dalian Jialin Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd.    China

Bluetooth Marketing Device Long Range
Do you ever imagining that being able to go to an exhibition sending your business details to thousands of people in just a few hours with no effort or cost. This is what a BT-Pusher can do, in our experience we have hit over 2000 phones in only a few hours using a bluetooth at a busy exhibition. why not take action,and send the messages as below to your potential customer's cell phone ? 1)Your product or offer 2)Your location 3)Your price Take action. It is No Cost involved to ...
Company: Guangzhou Devicegate Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Stainless Steel Cutting Teeth Clamp
buyers must-read 1. Commodity prices will also change with market conditions. 2. product photo shoot for the physical, due to scanning, shooting, shows, and many other factors and in-kind exists in color, kind of goods are subject to color; many goods are not specifications such as size, shape, measurement error will appear, product size to the real product. For questions please call in advance
Company: Shaoxing County Wanjia Appliance Co., Ltd.    China

Full Technology And Function · Digital temperature, humidity and turning frequency displaying. · Automatic turning system tilting the eggs 45º once per two hour (Setter Only). According your actual request, you can set turning interval time you need. · Forced air circuit by 1 fans with automatic heating and humidifying system. · The door is transparent, made of organic glass. You can observe the whole hatching process through the door. ...
Company: Shaanxi Shitong Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.    China

Farrowing Penning
The farrowing penning offer superior comfort for sows and her babies; Hot dipped galvanized making it more durable; Crush bars prevent piglets from crushing by their mother; The crush bars and bows are adjustable according to requirements; Fitted with stainless steel feeder, providing healthy food for mother pig. Easy to install; Can be made as customers' requirements; Can be powder coated or dipped painted.
Company: Qingdao Haylite Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Fish Meal,poultry Feed
Company: Wudi Xinlong Foreign Trade Corporation Limited    China

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