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List extensive product information of Tea (include Green Tea, Black Tea, Oolong Tea, Herb Tea, Chinese Tea) , provided by Tea manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Herbal tea
We produce a wide range of chinese herbal tea ,the ingredietns are all natural herbs and dried flowers,which are processed through scientific method and the evaluation of many experts ,no any side effects.Natural ,health and fashionable are the characteristics of our herbal tea. we supply these items as follows: Slimming herbal tea ; Lower-fat herbal tea ; Cool herbal tea ; Strengthen-body herbal tea ; Anti-ageing herbal tea ; Moisten-throat herbal tea ; Eye-protect herbal tea ; ...
Product Group: Herbal Tea
Company: Hebei Qixin Traditional Chinese Medicine Pellets Co., Ltd.    China

Mulberry tea
1) Whole dried leaf; 2) Slice; 3) Tea cut; 4) Powder (100mesh); 5) Extract powder. As one kind of folk medicinal materials, mulberry leaves are effective for the treatment of diabetes, high blood sugar, and the prevention of senility.
Product Group: Mulberry Tea
Company: Hangzhou Botanical Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Oolong Tea
Oolong tea: also called "sun-dried green tea", or "semi-fermented tea", a basic kind of the tea species. This product is made of Taiwan oolong. Before the tea being manufactured, its fresh leaves will be processed with several methods such as sun drying, leaf cooling, making green, fixation, rolling, and baking. This product is glossy and blackin color, long lasting fragrant in aroma, full in taste and golden yellow and bright in liquor. This tea can be brewed 5 - 7 times ...
Product Group: Oolong Tea
Company: Shaoxing Yuchacun Tea Co., Ltd.    China

Green Tea
Steamed green tea (Sencha) is one kind of Japanese harvest method green tea. It maintains the original characters because of steaming process technology, plus the additional scientific program. These series of steamed green tea (Sencha) are famous for their fresh delicious taste and excellent fragrance. They are labeled into 8911,8912,8913,8914 . These four categories due to different raw material, different taste and diferent aroma. Appearance: green color with characteristic taste. ...
Product Group: Green Tea
Company: Shaoxing Yuchacun Tea Co., Ltd.    China

Matcha is a kind of high quality powder-formed green tea, which can be used as food additives in ice cream, bread, instant tea. It's demension from 5μm to 75μm ( 200mesh to 2500mesh ).It is made of steamed green tea. The raw material of this product comes from the Spring tea farm, and harvest by the Japanese method.
Product Group: Matcha
Company: Shaoxing Yuchacun Tea Co., Ltd.    China

Eucommia Leaf Tea
Eucommia leaf tea can enhance humans immunity system, improve sleep, reduce the amount of cholesterol and blood fat. It also can prevent cardiocerebral vascular disease, activate brain cell, enhance memory and sexuality. Eucommia leaf tea can reduce fattiness, enhance metabolism and energy consuming, so as to help people keep a slim body shape. It is also a good medication for constipation thanks to its abundant storage of Vitamin.
Company: Shaoxing Yuchacun Tea Co., Ltd.    China

Anti-Hypertensive Tea
Features: 1) This kind of tea are made from Chinese medicinal herbs and oolong tea 2) This functional tea can improve your blood pressure situation 3) Used for the prevention and treatment of vascular hypertension4) Also it has the effect to lower cholesterol 5) Long time drinking will be good for health.
Product Group: Herb Tea
Company: Xiamen Sharing Medicines & Health Products Imp./Exp. Co., Ltd.    China

Jasmine Slim Tea
Jasmine slim tea is made from hawthorn berry, gerninated barley, tangerine peel, phaseol calcaratus, radish seed, pogostemon cablin, and jasmine tea. It acts on regulating appetite as well as having a gentle laxative effect. Enjoy the flavor of jasmine tea, and keep fit and healthy.
Product Group: Jasmine Tea
Company: Xiamen Sharing Medicines & Health Products Imp./Exp. Co., Ltd.    China

Ginseng Green Tea
This tea is a blend of Chinese ginseng and selected Chinese green tea. It is tasty and refreshing. Long time drinking can fight aging and keep you strong body and good health.
Product Group: Green Tea
Company: Xiamen Sharing Medicines & Health Products Imp./Exp. Co., Ltd.    China

Green Tea / Red Tea Extract Powder
We can supply various tea including green tea, Red Tea, Chinese herbal tea, jasmine tea, Oolong tea, Black Tea, and other teas. 1.Green Tea P.E. TP50%min ; 2.Green Tea P.E. TP80%min ; 3.Green Tea P.E. TP 90%min ; 4.Green Tea P.E. TP 95%min ; 5.Green Tea P.E. TP 98%min ; 6.Green Tea P.E. TP 98%min ; 7.Common Green Tea Powder ; 8.Organic Green Tea Powder ; 9.Red Tea Extract.
Product Group: Green Tea
Company: Shaanxi Wuzi Green Tea Co., Ltd.    China

Green Tea (Superfine)
Features:1) Rich in zinc and selenium 2) Contents: a) Zinc: 53.5 67.5mg/kg b) Selenium: 85.8 - 96mg/kg 3) Green food, all natural, not polluted by pesticide 4) Orchid looking, and turns into emerald green 5) Taste: tender flavor, fresh and mellow 6) Patented packing means keep tea fresh 7) Super fine classIt is ideal for improving digestion, promoting weight loss, beautifying skin and lowering blood pressure
Product Group: Green Tea
Company: Shaanxi Wuzi Green Tea Co., Ltd.    China

Flower Tea
We can supply all kinds of Flower Tea from china. Ku-Ding Tea Features: 1) Light green in color. 2) Tastes bitter first and sweet afterwards. 3) Reputed as "green gold" for its marvelous effects. Ju-Pu Tea Features: 1) A kind of our fruit and flower tea series. 2) Ideal beverage with its delicious taste which will make delightful surprise to senses. Chrysanthemum Tea: Chrysanthemum tea is a kind of fruit and flower tea, used for fever, headache caused by wind and ...
Company: Shaanxi Wuzi Green Tea Co., Ltd.    China

Jasmine Tea
Jasmine tea is a kind of famous tea made from green or pouchong (Chinese green) tea leaves that are scented with jasmine flowers. The jasmine flowers are harvested during the day and stored in a cool place until night. During the night, the flowers bloom with full fragrance. The flowers are layered over the tea leaves during the scenting process. The quality of jasmine tea is determined by the quality of green tea used as its base and the effectiveness of the scenting. We can offer jasmine ...
Product Group: Jasmine Tea
Company: Shenzhen Shenbao Huacheng Foods Co., Ltd.    China

Instant Black Tea
Cold water soluble instant tea: Produced from top quality tea leaf (Camellia sinensis) through water extraction and spray dried process. The products retain the characteristics of color, aroma and flavor of tea leaf and are ideally suitable to produce iced tea mixes and RTD tea beverage. Instant tea suitable for carbonated tea drinks: One of our patent products which retains the characteristics of color, aroma and flavor of the tea leaf (Camellia sinensis) without turbidity and bubble on ...
Product Group: Black Tea
Company: Shenzhen Shenbao Huacheng Foods Co., Ltd.    China

Oolong Tea
Features: 1) Form: concentrated juice. 2) Flavor: pure and original tea flavor. 3) Color of tea water: clear and orange. 4) Chemical-physical quality: Concentration: 15.0±1.0 Brix, tea polyphenol: ≥35.0 g/l, caffeine: ≥4.0 g/l. 5) Excellent in color, aroma and flavor, which remains the characteristics of oolong tea.
Product Group: Oolong Tea
Company: Qingdao Bolan Foods Co., Ltd.    China

Tea Extract
We have involved in developing tea extracts for many years. We have the powder or concentrates of various green tea, black tea, oolong tea, jasmine tea, white tea, etc.
Company: Qingdao Bolan Foods Co., Ltd.    China

Herbal Tea Extract
we supply the powder or concentrates of radix isatidis, licorice, honeysuckle flower, heartleaf houttuynia herb, Mexican frangipani, bamboo leaf, mulberry leaf, barbary wolfberry fruit, chrysanthemun Hangzhou flower, nelumbinis folum, sour plum, abrus mollis, mesona, ginkgo biloba, roasted ricettea, sweet tea leaves, broadleaf holly leaf, fresh tea leaf, puer tea, barley, coffee, five-flower tea.
Product Group: Herbal Tea
Company: Shenzhen Shenbao Huacheng Foods Co., Ltd.    China

China Iron Guan Yin Tea
Of the well-know Chinese teas, oolong tea, partly fermented, has its distinctive features. It is best described as being halfway between green tea and black tea. Its manufacturing combines the techniques of processing green tea with that of black tea. Having blended the freshness and pureness of green tea with the sweetness and mellowness of black tea, Oolong Tea may please you with a wonderful aroma and refreshes you with a lingering taste. Packing: Bulk tea.Guan Yin Wang is the best of Tie ...
Product Group: Oolong Tea
Company: Shenzhen Shenbao Huacheng Foods Co., Ltd.    China

Benefit Hypertension Regulating Tea
Essential hypertension and atherosclerosis are common cardio-cerebral vein diseases. Essential hypertension complication is harm for heart, brain and kidney; and it may cause cerebral apoplexy, cardiac infarction, renal failure and uremia. In recent years, preventing these diseases has become hot points in the field of researching and preventing diseases. Benefit Hypertension Regulating Tea takes cyclocarya paliurus leaves, scholartree flower, chrysanthemum flower and green Tea as main ...
Company: Beijing Outsell Health Product Development Co., Ltd.    China

Benefit Ganoderma Tea
Ganoderma is defined by Chinese people as a 'Magic Herb' that can cure hundreds of diseases, and it is also applied for longevity. With selected and high quality ganoderma pulverized as raw material, Benefit Ganoderna Tea is produced by modern technical process in a hygienic manner that assures each batch meets high standards of quality and purity. The nutrient ingredients and biological activity ingredients are easy to be absorbed by human body, which can improve the immunity, ...
Company: Beijing Outsell Health Product Development Co., Ltd.    China

Black Tea
We can suply: 1) High quality tippy black tea grade: BP1, BOP, FBOP, PEKOE, PF1, PD and DUST ; 2) Special quality tippy green tea: green tea (special flavour tea) ; 3) Many kinds of herbal tea

Mulberry Tea
Murtea (Mulberry Tea) - Taking Murtea (mulberry Tea) will be good for health of kidney. Persons with kidney disturbance may best avoid sweet food. Murtea can help restore health from ailment caused by kidney conditions, such as migraine, insomania, contaminated blood, diabetes, leukorrhea, medication/food poisoning, drug addiction, gout, cholesterol, bone degeneration, et cetera. Other benefits of MURTEA ; keeping aged peopleout of diseases, maitaining stamina, preventing stroke, normalizing ...

Ginseng Flower Tea
The best of all herbal tea - bing han ginseng flower tea. Panax ginseng is a precious plant full of therapeutic and nutritious actions. In the han dynasty medical text "shen-nong's book on material medica" it was said that panax ginseng exhibits the ability to nourish the five vital organs of the human body, tranquilize mental tension, calm down jitters, stop palpitation caused by fear, expel evil environmental influences, aid visual acuity, improve the ease of mind and the ...

Oolong Tea Powder
The product is the extract from tea leaf. It is suitable for the application of tea beverage(eg.iced tea, pure tea, fruit tea) as basic raw material or as food additive for cake, candy, chocolate,etc. Comparing with tea leaf for beverage industry, the instant tea powder is easier to handle without the process of extraction from tea. It may guarantee the stability on the quality of tea drink and is suitable for tea producer to develop various taste of drink.

Herbal Teas For Health
The teas are a high quality product made from china trees and selected herbs. There are 15 tea bags in a box, each individually wrapped. Each tea has its own story to tell and is closely linked with historical Medicinal use and folklore. We are a very environmentally focused company and carefully source all packaging. We are also committed to a tree planting programme and for every ten packets of tea we sell, we plant a tree. We are Seeking suitable outlets to sell the teas.

Snow Tea
Treatment: treats throat pain and stomachache, reduces weight, reduces blood pressure, no adverse effects for long-term application, ideal natural health beverage.

Green Tea, Black Tea, Tea Bags, Special Tea
We can supply gunpowder 3505/9374/9380 and other types of tea including black tea, special tea, bag tea, and we can also make the packages according to the demands of customers.

Herb Tea
In recent years, the level of people's life keeps improving and people pay more and more attention to heath care and beauty. And they are apt to enjoying natural herb tea and flower tea in daily life.We provide many kinds of herbs tea and dried flowers. They are native to China and are clean, dried. The specifications for herb tea are dried whole leaf, slice and tea cut (3mm-60mesh).

Golden Buds Pu'er Tea
Golden Buds Pu'er tea is of benefit to human health, reducing weight and removing fat. It also can excrete the harmful matters in body, lubricating intestine for easy digest. It can balance body metabolism, making you always in good moods. Golden Buds Pu'er Tea also function well in body protection: anti-cancer, anti-radiation,brighteningeyes, removing cholesterin and improving body immune system. Sanleaf Golden Buds Pu'er Tea is pure and light sweet in taste, bright red ...

Black Tea Extract
Appearance: Reddish brown powder Aroma: Strong with original tea flavor Flavor: Pure and mild. Feel well. Tea soup: Darked and bright. Particle Size: Mesh 80 Black tea extract 30-90% polyphenols Product Specification :30-90% polyphenols Latin Name :Camellia sinensis O. Ktze. Product Type: Brown powdered extract Part of the Plant Used :Leaf Extract Method: Water/ Ethyl Acetate Black tea is the most popular tea in the world. It is the tea most widely used in making iced ...
Product Group: Black Tea Extract
Company: Changsha Natureway Co., Ltd.    China

Black tea extract
Form: powder Flavor: pure and original tea flavor Color of tea water: clear and red Chemical-physical quality: Moisture: =25%, Caffeine: >=3.0% Excellent in color, aroma and flavor, which remains the characteristics of black tea Includes Keemum black tea and China Yunnan black tea Packing for powder: 5kg/bag x 4 bags/carton Aluminum foil bags in paper carton
Product Group: Black Tea Extract
Company: Shenzhen Shenbao Huacheng Foods Co., Ltd    Guangdong

We are pleased to offer: Chamomile, Chamomile flowers, Chamomile petals, Chamomile pollen, Chamomile TBC Please find our offer for prompt delivery as under Origin: Egypt Specs: By Sample Approval Packing: As required Sample: free after offer approval Payment: to be negotiated Quantity: any Season: around the year
Company: HERBS EGYPT    Giza

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