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Detailed Ginseng Flower Tea Description:

The best of all herbal tea - bing han ginseng flower tea. Panax ginseng is a precious plant full of therapeutic and nutritious actions. In the han dynasty medical text "shen-nong's book on material medica" it was said that panax ginseng exhibits the ability to nourish the five vital organs of the human body, tranquilize mental tension, calm down jitters, stop palpitation caused by fear, expel evil environmental influences, aid visual acuity, improve the ease of mind and the power of intelligence. It also States that constant administration of panax ginseng can help to prolong human life span and to preserve agility of the human body. In another ancient Chinese medical book written by li shi-zhen of the ming dynasty, panax ginseng was said to have the ability to cure all kinds of anemic feebleness inflicted upon male or female patients. In recent studies, panax ginseng was also shown to contain very high therapeutic values.

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