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Detailed Mulberry Tea Description:

Murtea (Mulberry Tea) - Taking Murtea (mulberry Tea) will be good for health of kidney. Persons with kidney disturbance may best avoid sweet food. Murtea can help restore health from ailment caused by kidney conditions, such as migraine, insomania, contaminated blood, diabetes, leukorrhea, medication/food poisoning, drug addiction, gout, cholesterol, bone degeneration, et cetera. Other benefits of MURTEA ; keeping aged peopleout of diseases, maitaining stamina, preventing stroke, normalizing blood pressure, optimiaing body weight, help do away with ulce and constipation, lowering fat cencentration in the heart; it contains chlorofil an Vitamin c dan neutralize poisoning thanks to its detoxification property.
Also Murtea has other calue added as well because its AMPAS has high fibre content so as to be beneficial for digestion. To drink it, the Murtea(AMPAS) may be mixed with vegetables or instant noodle.

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  • Post date: Sep 18, 2008
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