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Fresh Preserved Onions
We can supply fresh preserved onion and process various kinds of products like frozen onion ring flakes, dehydrated onion ring cube and powder. In June the new onion are showing in Shandong. And it can be supplied a whole year. Onion dia. 5-7, 7-8, 8-9, 9-10, 10cm up packed in 10/20kg, mesh bag or carton. Pink or yellow onion with peel or without peel.
Product Group: Fresh Onions
Company: Qingdao Jinhangtong Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Fresh Ginger
Features:1) Fresh new type of ginger2) Healthy food 3) Size: 50g up, 100g up, 150g up, 200g up, 250g up, 300g up4) Clean, fat root, shine yellow color5) Supplying period: the whole year6) We also can supply other ginger deep-processed products.
Product Group: Ginger
Company: Hongchang Fruits & Vegetable Products Co., Ltd.    China

Fresh Carrot
Features: 1) Fresh yellow carrots 2) Healthy food 3) Size: a) 70g/pc b) 70g -100g/pc c) 100g - 150g/pc d) 150g - 200g/pc e) 200g - 250g/pc f) 250g - 300g/pc g) 300g up/pc 4) Season: May - next March
Company: Heze Xinlida Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.    China

1) Varieties: a) Yellow onion ; b) Red onion ; c) Purple onion. 2) Sizes: 3-5cm, 5cm-7cm, 7cm-9cm, 9cm and up. 3) Packing: a) 5kg/10kg/20kg mesh bag / Carton: 20 x 2pcs/ctn ; b) Customization packing: according to clients' requirement. The onion is most fresh and have lower price. Fresh color and the perfect round shape of good quality.
Company: Jilong Fruits & Vegetables Products Co., Ltd    China

Chinese Cabbage
Features: 1) Fresh Chinese cabbage a) Size: 1 - 2kg/pc, 2 - 3kg/pc, 3 - 4kg/pc, 4 - 5kg/pc Packing: wrapped with paper 10kg/ctn, 15kg/ctn, 17kg/ctn 2) Frozen 3) Salted 4) Dehydrated (AD / FD) flakes / cubes 5) Kimchi a) Made from fresh Chinese cabbage and hot pepper b) All raw materials are taken from environmentally friendly ingredients
Company: Xuzhou Kanata Foodstuff Co., Ltd.    China

Fresh Lotus Roots
Features: 1) Fresh lotus roots: a).Water fresh ; b).Fresh ; c).Water fresh lotus roots slice ; d) Water fresh / fresh sect ; e) 190 - 210g / 220 - 240g / 250 - 270g. 2) Frozen piece / sliver / slice 3) Salted: a) Slice: 3 - 5cm / 5 - 6cm / 7 - 8cm ; b) Sect: 3 - 5cm / 5 - 6cm / 7 - 8cm ; c) Ration sect: 180 - 190g / 220 - 240g / 270 - 290g ; d) Piece: 5 - 7g / 6 - 8g / 7 - 9g ; e) Slice: 10 - 12cm, 11 - 13cm. 5) Boiled: a) Slice: 3 - 5cm / 5 - 6cm / 7 - 8cm ; b) Sect: 3 - 5cm / 5 - 6cm ...
Company: Xuzhou Kanata Foodstuff Co., Ltd.    China

Fresh Celery
1) Fresh celery: l:45 - 55cm. Packing: 1kg/polythene bag x 10bags/plastic box. 2) Frozen celery diced: 10 x 10mm. Packing: 10kg/ctn. 1) Dehydrated (AD / FD): a) Stem: 10 x 10mm, 5 x 5mm ; b) Leaves ; c) Dimensions: 10 x 10mm, 5 x 5mm, 3 x 3mm, 2 x 2mm, 1 x 1mm ; d) Moisture: less than 7%. Packing: double polybags. 5)Powder:100 - 120mesh
Company: Xuzhou Kanata Foodstuff Co., Ltd.    China

Fresh Sweet Bean
Features: 1) Fresh pea pods. a) Snow peas: Thickness: ≤0.6 ; Width: ≤1.5 ; Length: 7 - 11cm. b) Sugar snap peas: Thickness: over 0.7cm ; Length: 6 - 9cm 2) Frozen pea pods whole, cut. a) Dehydrated (AD / FD) ; b) Boiled ; c) Fired. Inner packing: 150g plastic bag, 1kg plastic bags, 4kg bulk. Outer packing:Plastic case
Company: Xuzhou Kanata Foodstuff Co., Ltd.    China

Garlic, Onion, Carrot
Garlic cloves dehydrated garlic power, dehydrated garlic granules dehydrated garlic Flakes. Fresh frozen garlic cloves, garlic sprout. Fresh onion , Fresh carrot.

Fresh Pumpkin seedlings for exportation to any part of the continent. Origin is west africa and of a high qualitity and standard.

Fresh Vegetables
We can supply fresh carrots, lettuce, green peas, cabbage and celery. Also supply cabbage, Chinese cabbage, shallot, onion, radish, etc.

Our aubergines are deep burgundy in colour with a smooth shiny outer skin. The inside flesh is creamy white with soft seeds. This particular type of aubergine is suitable for roasting and casseroles. Like most vegetables it is versatile and suitable for most types of food processing.

The taroes we deal with are full of fecula and lite taste. They are cooked into delicious dish. There are 10,000 acres of taroes.

Wild Vegetables
1) Full of 17 kinds of amino acid and various vitamins 2) Good to human body with some function to diseases like liver disease, blood vessel disease 3) A healthy food to enhance the resistance ability of human body 4) Delicious with medicine function in it.

fresh potato, Chinese potato supplier
Potato Chinese potato, potato supplier, potato products. We are Chinese potato supplier Potato is also called yam. Potato is a very important foodstuff and vegetable. By far, the Potatoes Origin is widely found all over the world. Main places are former Soviet Union, America and China. The output of potatoes in China is the biggest in the world for a long period. In China, potatoes are planted in Southwest Mountain, northwest and northeast. Shandong Province produces a great deal of ...
Product Group: Fresh Potato
Company: Qingdao Yushengyuan Import & Export Co., Ltd    China

fresh onion, Chinese onion
Onion, onion supplier, Chinese onion, fresh onion, yellow onion, we are Chinese onion supplier Onion is a kind of herbaceous plant that needs two years to be mature. It has two varieties: yellow onion and red onion.Onion has a long history with 5000 years. In 20th century, onion was introduced to China. Though the history in China is not that long,onion is very widely found now. By far,China is one of the four biggest original countries which are America, Japan, India and China. In China, ...
Product Group: Fresh Onion
Company: Qingdao Yushengyuan Import & Export Co., Ltd    China

fresh carrot, Chinese carrot supplier
Carrot supplier, Chinese carrot supplier: carrot is a kind of umbelliferae herbaceous plant which always need 2 years to get mature. Carrots we usually see are red carrots orange carrots and yellow carrots. Originally, carrot lives around the Mediterranean Sea. Then carrot was introduced to China. By far, carrot is a popular vegetable in China. In Shandong Province, Henan province, Zhejiang Province, Yunnan Province, people plant a large number of carrots. When it is autumn and winter, ...
Product Group: Fresh Carrot
Company: Qingdao Yushengyuan Import & Export Co., Ltd    China

Fresh garlic
Fresh normal white garlic 1. Feature: dry skin with purple strip 2. Size: 4.5cm, 5.0cm, 5.5cm, 6.0cm, 6.5cm and up 3. Packing: 10kg, 20kg in mesh bag; 5kg, 10kg in carton or customized 4. Supply Period: All the year round
Product Group: Fresh Garlic, White Garlic
Company: LYG Tianer Foods Co., Ltd.    China

Fresh ginger
Fresh Ginger 1. Feature: shiny dry skin, fresh flesh 2. Size: 150g/200g/250g/300g up 3. Packing: 10kg/20kg/mesh bag,10kg/carton; 4. Repack: 2kg/5kg/10kg/30lbs per plastic box 5. Supply time: all the year round
Product Group: Fresh Ginger, Chilled Ginger
Company: LYG Tianer Foods Co., Ltd.    China

Garlic Cloves In Brine
Garlic cloves in Brine Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned), PET bag, Drum ; Type: Garlic ; Style: Preserved ; Preservation Process: Brine ; Flavor: Salty ; Certification: HACCP FDA ; Shelf Life: 24 Month ; Weight (kg): 50 ; White: white ; Feature: Salinity 10 degree to 23 degrees. Salted: 20-22% and 8%-15% Specification:80-150grains/KG,150-250grains/KG, 250-350grains/Kg, 350-450grains/Kg.450-550grains/Kg,550-700grains/KG. Packing:1) PET bottle and PE ...
Company: Shandong Chizhong Group Co., Ltd.    China

140g Canned Tomato Paste
140g canned tomato paste Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned), can ; Type: Tomato ; Processing Type: cold break ; Style: Instant ; Preservation Process: Water ; Flavor: Sweet ; Part: fruit ; Certification: Halal Haccp ; Shelf Life: 2years ; Weight (kg): 3.5 ; color: red ; We can supply tomato paste ,brix 28-30%,packing:easy open cans,normal open cans. size 70g*50tins/ctns 70g*100tins/ctns 140g*25tins/ctns 198g*48tins/ctns 210g*48tins/ctns 400g*24tins/ctns 800g*12tins/ctns ...
Company: Shandong Tianlvyuan Tomato Products Co., Ltd.    China

Natural Casing
natural casing Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned), 120-150hank per cask ; Style: Cooked ; Preservation Process: Salt ; Flavor: Salty ; Shelf Life: 24 months ; Leading features: Saturated free without raw water Condition of storage :In the 0-5°C Cold storage Expiration date: 24 months Packing request :out packing in Chinese plastic cask Inner packing in Chinese plastic bag or net bag
Company: Nantong Youlong Casing & Food Co., Ltd.    China

Canned Sweet Corn
canned sweet corn Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned), BOTTLE /TIN IN CARTON ; Type: corn ; Processing Type: Seasoned ; Style: Preserved ; Preservation Process: Syrup ; Flavor: Sweet ; Part: corn ; Certification: ISO HACCP FDA BRC IFS KOSHER ; Shelf Life: 3 YEARS ; Weight (kg): 0.4 ; flavor: sweet ; canned sweet corn Specification : specification n.w. d.w. 397g/24 397g 238g 400g/24 400g 200g 425g/24 425g 240g 820g/12 820g 480g 314ml/12 280g 170g ...
Company: Celtic Co., Ltd.    China

Pickled Cucumber
Pickled cucumber Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned) ; Type: Cucumber ; Style: Preserved ; Pickled cucumber: Glass jar packing Description Specification Net weight Drained weight Can type Cartons/20ft Remarks pickled cucumber 12×330g 330g 170g 370ml 3000 pickled whole& sliced cucumber 12×530g 530g 290g 580ml 2000 12×680g 680g 380g 720ml 1600 1. Minimum order quantity: 1 FCL /20'GP 2. Carton: Standard cartons ...
Company: Anhui Tongchuang Foodstuff Co., Ltd.    China

Frozen Garlic Clove
Frozen Garlic Clove Specification: Style: Preserved ; Certification: BRC ; It is made of garlic rice. The product specification: garlic segment, garlic dices 4x4x4mm,mashed garlic. We have gotten HACCP certificate, BRC certificate, KOSHER certificate, and FDA certificate.
Company: Juxian Zhonglu Food Stuffs Co., Ltd.    China

garlic cloves Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned) ; Type: Carrot ; Preservation Process: Brine ; Processing: In Brine ; Type: Garlic ; Size: 4.5,5.0,5.5,6.0,6.5cm: Web: http: // Variety: chinese . ; We are one of the biggest argricultural products import &export companys in local. We mainly deal with all kinds of vegetables and fruits,like:garlic,ginger,onion,carrot,potato,taro,apple,pear,peanut,beans,chestnut and so on.If you are interested in our ...
Company: Jining Trans-High Trading Co., Ltd.    China

Air Dried Garlic Slice
Air dried garlic Slice Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned), bag or can ; Type: Garlic ; Style: Preserved, Snack, Cooked ; Flavor: Sweet ; Certification: BRC HACCP ISO QS FDA ; Shelf Life: 365days ; Shape: Slice ; Type: Garlic ; Efficacy: Kill bacteria,provide power to the br. ; We are Shandong Sunwell Green Food Co.,Ltd.that located in China.Our company produce vacuum frying and AD and FD vegetables & fruits and IQF vegetables & fruits.Our company can produce many kinds ...
Company: Shandong Sunwell Green Food Co., Ltd.    China

Pickled Radish
Pickled radish Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned) ; Type: Radish ; Style: Preserved ; Shape: Whole ; Processing: Pickle ; Pickled Radish The weixin food Limited company is founded September, 2007, the company located at the Qingdao Jiaozhou rubber Dong Town industry garden, existing fixed asset more than 300 ten thousand Yuan, factory district area 3000 square meters, floor space 1500 square meters This kind of product is dilicious and healthy,which will be good to your health. Looking ...
Company: Qingdao Weixin Food Co., Ltd.    China

Chinese Canned Loguat
Chinese Canned Loguat Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned), can/tined ; Type: loguat ; Processing Type: syrup ; Style: Preserved ; Preservation Process: Syrup ; Flavor: Sweet ; Shelf Life: 2years ; We can supply all size of canned asparagus per your request. eg: Canned Loquat in syurp: 1) 567g*24tins 1300carton/20'FCL 2) N.W: 225g D.W:567g 3) BRIX:14-18
Company: Xiadongxin Trade Co., Ltd. Xiamen    China

Canned Bamboo Shoots
canned bamboo shoots Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned) ; Type: Bamboo Shoot ; Preservation Process: Water ; Certification: HACCP ; Shelf Life: 3Years ; Canned bamboo shoots (whole ,sliced ,strips ,diced ,half) According to your requirement , can be with your own brand Specification : 2950gx6,D.W 1800g 18L,D.W 11kg Packing : inner with plate can or glass bottle outter with carton
Company: Xiamen Xinxin Yuan Fruit Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Preserved Tomato
preserved tomato Specification: Style: Preserved ; Type: Tomato ; Processing Type: Fried ; Preservation Process: Vinegar ; Flavor: Sweet ; Part: Whole ; Shape: Ball ; Cultivation Type: Common, Plastic Sheeting ; Packaging: Bulk ; Shelf Life: eighteen months ; Weight (kg): 12.5 ; Dried tomato So2:max 100ppm Moisture:below 22% packing:12.5kg/ctn
Company: Longkou Fulin Foodstuff Co., Ltd.    China

Garlic Cloves In Brine
GARLIC CLOVES IN BRINE Specification: Style: Preserved ; Type: Garlic ; Processing Type: Other ; Preservation Process: Brine, Oil, Salt, Syrup, . ; Flavor: Sweet ; Part: Whole ; Shape: Cube ; Cultivation Type: GMO ; Packaging: Drum ; Certification: HACCP ; Grade: FIRST GRADE ; Shelf Life: TWO YEARS ; Weight (kg): 20 ; WHITE TO CREMY: PURE WHTE ; 1. Sensory Characteristics -Appearance/Colour : white to creamy color, not transparent without dark spots -Odour : typical like garlic, without off ...
Company: Heze Aixin Native Produce Import And Export Co., Ltd.    China

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