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List extensive product information of Salted Vegetables, provided by Salted Vegetables manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Mushroom (Champignon) in Brine
1) Champignon whole/P&S/Slice in Brine ; 2) Specification: Grade A, B,C,D,E ; 3) Packing: 50kg/Plastic drum, with inner strong plastic bag ; 4) Qty/20' FCL: 320 drums.
Company: Juxian Zhonglu Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.    China

Salted Garlic
We supply Salted garlic. 1) Size: 150-250/250-350/350-450/450-550pcs/kg ; 2) Salinity: 15-21% or as per buyer's requests
Company: Linyi Yuanyuan Food Co., Ltd.    China

Sushi ginger
1) Japanese style ; 2) Thickness: 0.7-1.1mm ; 3) Ingredient: ginger, water, salt, vinegar, citric acid, sodium cyclamate (aspartame), potassium sorbate ; 4) Color: red #40.
Company: Linyi Yuanyuan Food Co., Ltd.    China

Straw Mushroom in Brine
Straw Mushroom in brine collected by fresh raw material, kept in brine. it could be packed in drums, 45kgs/50kgs per drum, 320drums per 20` container it could be also processed as whole, cut, etc.
Company: Dalian J&N Foods Co., Ltd.    China

Salted Cucumber
We offer Salted Cucumber from china. Features: 1) Crisp, full taste. 2) Length: 5 - 7cm (dia. 1cm); 7 - 9cm (dia. 1cm).
Company: Xuzhou Kanata Foodstuff Co., Ltd.    China

Garlic Cloves in Brine
Features: 1) Size: LL, L, M, S, SS (from 160-750 as per buyer's options) ; 2) Salted: 10 - 12 baume degrees ; 3) Citric acid: 0.3 - 0.5pct ; 4) Acetic acid: 0.5 - 0.7pcs ; 5) PH: 4 max. or the cargo be processed as per buyer's option.
Company: Xuzhou Kanata Foodstuff Co., Ltd.    China

Pickled ginger sprout
Pickled ginger sprout is the seafood's compaion .it is not only delicious but also healthy . When you eat the seafood ,it is the first choice.
Company: Xuzhou Kanata Foodstuff Co., Ltd.    China

Salted Vegetables
We can supply: Mushroom in Brine, Mushroom in Vinegar, Garlic Segments in Brine, Garlic Segments in Vinegar, Ginger in Brine, Shiitakes in Brine, Cucumber in Brine.

Salted Red Pepper
We also supply other salted mushrooms and vegetables, such as button mushroom (whole or slices), oyster mushroom, white oyster mushroom, shiitake (whole or slices), peurotus eryngii (whole or slices), nameko mushroom, stropharia merdaria, grifola frondosa, abalonus mushroom, boletus impolitus, matsutake, coprinus comatus, yellow pepper, green pepper, green chilli, garlic.

Slightly Salted White Radishes
1) Grown on our farm ; 2) Residual pesticides below limit ; 3) Peeled ; 4) Circular ; 5) Naturally low-salted ; 6) Season: all year round.

Fd Korean Kimchi
1. Air Dehydrated Vegetables ; 2. Freeze Dehydrated Degetables ; 3. Spices ; 4. Organic Vegetables ; 5. Froozen Vegetables ; 6. Packed Food Ingredients.

Canned Baby Corn
Canned Baby Corn Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned), carton ; Type: corn ; Processing Type: Blended ; Style: Instant, Preserved ; Preservation Process: Brine ; Flavor: Sweet ; Part: whole ; Certification: QUALITY CERTIFICATE ; Shelf Life: 2 years ; Weight (kg): 0.425 ; 425G x 24/CTN D.W: 200G: colour : yellow ;
Company: Zhangzhou Native Produce & Animal By-Products Imp. & Exp. Corp.    China

Water Bamboo Shoot,first Sliced And Then Cooks
water bamboo shoot,first sliced and then cooks Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned), can(tinned) ; Type: Bamboo Shoot ; Style: Cooked ; Preservation Process: Water ; Flavor: Sweet ; Certification: ISO;HACCP;JAS ; Shelf Life: 360 ; Weight (kg): 18 ; China bamboo shoots have been used as "Vegetarian treasures"since ancient times.Ancient Chinese proverb "would rather eat no meat, not eating no bamboo shoots" . According to nutritionists research on bamboo, ...
Company: Fujian Jianou Chengmao Agricultural Co., Ltd.    China

Frozen Soy Beans/edamame
Frozen Soy Beans/edamame Specification: Style: Frozen ; Freezing Process: IQF ; Part: Whole ; Packaging: Can (Tinned) ; Certification: HACCP KOSHER BRC ; Grade: spring bean ; Type: Bean ; Style: Whole ; Processing: IQF ; Shelf Life: Shelf Life ; Product: Frozen Soy Beans/ edamame Season: June-July, Sep-Oct Processiong: IQF Spec:30% three beans, 70% two beans Packing: 454gx 20, 400gx20, 500gx20. or according buyer's requirement There is two season for the soy beans here and all the ...
Company: Longhai Gelin Foods Co., Ltd.    China

Canned Vegetable
canned vegetable Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned) ; Type: Other ; Processing Type: Other ; Preservation Process: Brine ; Certification: HACCP ; Shelf Life: 1year ; Type: canned food ; Qingdao Nurturing Rain Foodstuff Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise which integrates manufacturing and trading together. Our company mainly produces and processes a variety of canned vegetable and fruit, pickle vegetable, frozen vegetable and kinds of seafood which have been exported to the United ...
Company: Qingdao Nurturing Rain Foodstuff Co., Ltd.    China

Canned Green Peas
canned green peas Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned), carton ; Type: green peas ; Processing Type: cooked ; Style: Instant, Preserved, Cooked ; Preservation Process: Syrup ; Flavor: Sweet ; Part: 7-9 ; Certification: HACCP, ISO, QS ; Shelf Life: 36 MONTHS ; Weight (kg): 10 ; TASTE: SWEET ; Brix: 7-9 ; Jilin Rich Green Food Co., Ltd. specialized in canned foods for more than 15 years. the procucts have been exported to Japan, South Korea, Russia, Mid east, and Northeast Asian countries ...
Company: Jilin Rich Green Foods Ltd.    China

Canned Bamboo Shoot
Canned Bamboo Shoot Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned), canned,tin,plastic bag ; Type: bamboo shoot ; Processing Type: boiled ; Style: Cooked ; Preservation Process: Water ; Flavor: little sweet,natural flavour ; Part: slice,whole ; Certification: qs ; Shelf Life: 12 months ; Weight (kg): 0.22 ; white,little yellowy: boiled ;
Company: Hongyuan International Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Canned Baby Corn/canned Food
canned baby corn/canned food Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned), A10 can ; Type: baby corn ; Processing Type: Other ; Style: Instant ; Preservation Process: Water ; Flavor: Sweet ; Certification: FDA,BRC,HACCP ; Shelf Life: 3 years ; Weight (kg): 1.42 ; Canned baby corn new season products: Size: 300up Pack: 6/2840gG, D.W.: 1500G 1008CTNS/20' fcl
Company: Guangxi Jisheng Foods Inc.    China

Sushi Pickled Ginger And Garik Shoga
Sushi Pickled Ginger and Garik Shoga Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned), plastic pack ; Type: Ginger ; Style: Preserved ; Flavor: Sweet ; Shelf Life: 12 months ; Shape: Pieces and Stems ; Processing: Pickle ; Style: Pickled ; Type: Ginger & Turmeric ; Sushi Ginger is a type of pickled vegetable. It is sweet, thinly sliced pickled ginger that has been in a solution of sugar and vinegar. It is often served and eaten after sushi , and is sometimes called Gari Shoga.
Company: Nantong Haida Aquatic Food Co., Ltd.    China

Food Can Box
Food can box Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned), National standard ; Type: any food ; Processing Type: Peeled ; Style: Round ; Preservation Process: any ; Flavor: Salty ; Part: Rich ; Certification: ISO2008 ; Shelf Life: 1 year ; Weight (kg): 15 ; Size: 211*401mm ; Any kinds of food can box we can produce, with more than 15 years experience to work on can, the quality we can promise to you. we are one of the largest factory to produce tin-plate products in china, and we produce all kinds ...
Company: Guang Hing Loong Metal Printing & Can (Shenzhen) Company Limited    China

Peas And Carrots
peas and carrots Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned), as per requirements ; Type: mix ; Processing Type: Chopped ; Style: Frozen ; Preservation Process: Water ; Flavor: Salty ; Part: whole ; Certification: HACCP ; Shelf Life: 12 months ; Weight (kg): 0.4 ; Color: green and red ; Taste: Delicious ; Canned Green Pea and Carrot Pea+Carrot Dice Mixed Vegetables 12X314ML, D.W.:170G 12X400G, D.W.:230G 12X800G, D.W.:460G 6X2840G, D.W.:1800G
Company: Laizhou City Duodali Import & Export Co., Ltd.    China

Tomato Paste
tomato paste Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned), tin ; Type: Tomato ; Flavor: Sour ; Certification: HACCP,FDA,ISO ; Shelf Life: 2 year ; tomato paste: tomato paste ; Tomato paste in tinplate can,normal can and easy pen can available. SIZE:70gx50tin,70gx100tin,198gx48,210gx24,400gx24,425gx24,800gx12,850gx12,1000gx12, 2200gx6,3000gx6,4500gx6. Brix:28-30%,22-24%,24-26%,30-32%,36-38%. MOQ:1x20'ft.
Company: Weifang Naike Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.    China

Canned Broad Bean
canned broad bean Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned) ; Shelf Life: Shelf Life ; Shape: Whole ; canned broad bean specification:1*24*397g can size 7106 1*24*397g can size 962 corrugated cardboard boxes
Company: Hubei Yuguo Mushroom Co., Ltd.    China

Caned Red Kidney Bean
caned red kidney bean Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned) ; Type: bean ; Processing Type: Other ; Preservation Process: Salt ; Flavor: Salty ; Certification: ISO9000;HACCP ; Shelf Life: 24months ; 1.Name:Caned red kidney bean 2.Normal spec:184gX24 , 284gX24 400gX24, 425gX24, 800g*24, 2840gX6 or as your requirement 3.Place of orgin:China 4.We sell canned fruit, canned vegetables, canned beans, tomato sauce, fruit jam, frozen fruit, vegetable products, fruit juice and organic foods.We have ...
Company: Xiongxian Guantong Caps Manufacture Co., Ltd.    China

Frozen Taro
Frozen Taro Specification: Style: Frozen ; Type: Taro ; Processing Type: Blanched ; Freezing Process: IQF ; Part: Whole ; Shape: Ball ; Packaging: Can (Tinned) ; Certification: BRC,GAP,ISO,HACCP,KOSHER ; Grade: A ; Style: Pieces and Stems ; Processing: IQF ; Shelf Life: 2 years ; milk white: milk white ; Type: Taro ; frozen Taro Detailed Selling Lead Description 1.Port: Qingdao 2.Payment terms: By irrevocable L/C at sight or by T/T ( t/t 30% to us after sign the sales ...
Company: Laiyang Kangsheng Foodstuff Co., Ltd.    China

Sweet Corn
sweet corn Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned), canned ; Type: corn ; Preservation Process: Water ; Flavor: Sweet ; Certification: haccp ; Shelf Life: 18months ; Sweet corn 24x340g 1750CTNS 24x425 1750CTNS 6x2125g 1125CTNS
Company: C&C (Far East) Corp. Ltd.    China

Canned Whole Es
Canned whole peeled tomatoes Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned), tin ; Type: Tomato ; Processing Type: Peeled ; Style: Instant ; Preservation Process: Syrup ; Flavor: Sour ; Part: whole ; Certification: HACCP.ISO.KOSHER ; Shelf Life: 2 YEARS ; Weight (kg): 0.4 ; color: red ; Products Specification Ctn/20fcl Wholo peeled tomatoes 850g*12tins/carton 1750 Wholo peeled tomatoes 400g*24tins/ Carton 1750 Wholo peeled tomatoes 3000g*6tins/carton ...

Canned Bamboo Shoots
Canned Bamboo Shoots Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned) ; Type: Bamboo Shoot ; Style: Instant, Cooked ; Preservation Process: Water ; We are a professional supplier of canned bamboo shoots in China. We can supply a variety of canned bamboo shoots. Specifications: 1) Slices, strips, whole, halves, diced 2) Packing: a) 2950g x 6 tins b) 567g x 24tins c) 227g x 24tins d) 18L/tin
Company: Fujian Sanming Fushan Imp / Exp. Co., Ltd.    China

Canned Sweet Corn
Canned Sweet Corn Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned), can(tinned) ; Type: Canned Sweet Corn ; Style: Preserved ; Preservation Process: Syrup ; Flavor: Sweet ; Part: Corn ; Certification: IFS,HACCP,ISO09002 ; Shelf Life: 3 YEARS ; Weight (kg): 340 ; color: yellow ; haccp,ifs: certificate ; Canned Sweet Corn,canned food,corn 1.Ingredients: Fresh Sweet Corn,water ,sugar 2.Packing in Normal lid or Easy open 3.Taste: sweet,natural flavor,good-eating 4.Food quality and safety are guaranteed ...
Company: Zhangzhou Foreign Trade Corporation, Fujian Province    China

Canned Asparagus
canned asparagus Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned), glass packing ; Type: Asparagus ; Processing Type: Other ; Style: Cooked ; Preservation Process: Water ; Flavor: Other ; Part: whole ; Certification: organic certification ; Shelf Life: 720 days ; Type: Asparagus ; Our company supply the canned asparagus: The specificatinon is : 370# NW :320G DW :210G 580# NW:530G DW:320G Packing by the five ply paper bags.
Company: Henan Shijixiang Edible Mushroom Co., Ltd.    China

Canned Peeled Tomatoes
Canned Peeled Tomatoes Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned), TIN ; Type: Tomato ; Processing Type: Peeled ; Style: Other ; Preservation Process: Other ; Flavor: Other ; Certification: HACCP ; Shelf Life: 2YEARS ; Weight (kg): 9.6 ; Canned peeled tomatoes: 1.Canned tomato: whole peeled tomato is red in matural tomato 2.pack: 400g 425g 850g 3000g Features: 1)Grows in well-chosen tomato fields with excellent geographical location and unique favorable growing dimate for tomatoes,thus ...
Company: Zhangzhou Topbest Trading Co., Ltd.    China

Canned Baby Corn, 425g, Canned Food
Canned Baby Corn, 425g, canned food Specification: Packaging: Can (Tinned) ; Type: baby corn ; Processing Type: Peeled ; Style: Instant ; Preservation Process: Water ; Flavor: Salty ; Part: whole ; Shelf Life: 24 months ; Weight (kg): 10.2 ; We can supply canned baby corn in a big quantity at favourable price. Please feel free to contact with me anytime. We know well food world, provide you one step service.
Company: Nanchang Wan Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd.    China

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