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List extensive product information of Spicy Vegetables, provided by Spicy Vegetables manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Fresh Ginger
Features: 1) Fresh new ginger 2) Sizes: 50g up, 100g up, 150g up, 200g up, 250g up, 300g up 3) Clean, fat root, shine yellow color
Product Group: Ginger
Company: Shandong Great Foodstuff Co., Ltd.    China

Horseradish flakes
Total Plate Count:< 100,000/g ; Coliforms:< 100/g ; E.coli: Negative ; Yeast and Mould:< 1000/g ; Moisture:< 5% ; SO2 <30PPM ; Foreign Materials:Non.
Product Group: Horseradish Flake
Company: Linyi Wonderful Foodstuff Co., Ltd.    China

White Garlic
Features: 1) Specifications: pure white garlic, normal white garlic ; 2) Available sizes: 5.0 - 5.5cm, 5.5 - 6.0cm, 6.0 - 6.5cm and up.
Product Group: Garlic
Company: Jinxiang Golden Horse Fruits and Vegetables Products Co., Ltd.    China

Yidu Chili
1) Name: Yidu Chili. 2) Length: 5-7cm, above 7cm, above 10cm. 3) Grade: moisture <18%, no speckle, no mould, no aflatoxin, no salmonella, with stem or without stem.
Product Group: Chili
Company: Qingdao Qiangda Foods Co., Ltd.    China

Pure white garlic
Garlic: 1) Pure white (snow white) garlic and normal white(hybrid) garlic available. 2) Specifications: 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 7.0cm and up. 3) Quality: root cut clean, loose skin peeled off, no burnt garlic, not black mould garlic, no broken ones, no splits on the skin, no internal germination growth and no insects or fungous stuff. 4) Temperature control in container: -3.
Company: Rizhao Golden Nut Cereals & Oils Co., Ltd.    China

Crushed chili
crushed chili (with 40% seed): 5-8 Mesh,10-12 Mesh,20-25 Mesh, Moisture<12%, Quality: A,B & C, no afflatoxin, no Salmonella, With seeds.
Product Group: Chili
Company: Qingdao Bolan Foods Co., Ltd.    China

Dried Vegetable and Spicy
Air dried vegetables are derived from fresh vegetables by hot air for drying. Spices are natural without any additives and artificial colors.
Company: Jilong Fruits & Vegetables Products Co., Ltd    China

Frozen Vegetable Pepper
It is made of vegetable pepper, the main product includes: Red Vegetable Pepper and Green Vegetable Pepper. The luster and flavor are pure. The product specification: Dices:10x10mm. Silk:1cm.
Company: Juxian Zhonglu Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.    China

Garlic granules
we se garlic powder, garlic granule, wasabi powder, horseradish granules and horseradish powder. 1)Size: a)8-16mesh:1.25-2.5mm ; b)16-26mesh:0.71-1.25mm ; c)26-40mesh:0.45-0.71mm ; d)40-60mesh:0.28-0.45mm. 2)Color: light yello. 3)Moisture:6.0%. 4)Availability: all year round
Company: Linyi Yuanyuan Food Co., Ltd.    China

Curcumin, which gives turmeric its characteristic yellow color, is also the most active medical component in turmeric. Turmeric is a spice widely used in china in cooking various curries.

Fresh Spices
Fresh spices and fresh tropical vegetables(such as lemongrass, galanga, chilli, kaffir lime leaf, aspapagus, etc. ).

Fresh Red Onion
1) appearance - red outer skin and white flesh with skin and flesh clean, dry and firm. 2) size - ranging from 35mm to 80mm.

We are exporter of ginger,garlic,apple products in China and supply a wide range of ginger products, such as fresh gigner, fresh dry ginger, peeled ginger, minced ginger, salted ginger root etc.

Dehydrated Onion / Garlic And Toasted Onion
We are manufacturer and regular exporter of mainly dehydrated onion/garlic/other vegetables in the form of kibbled, granules, powder, minced, cubes. Ours is a 100% export oriented unit and we have a very modern manufacturing plant.

Protein% 60.12 ; ash% 6.83 ; moisture% 5.01 ; Arsenic mg/kg 80

Dehydrated And Salted Garlic
We are a reliable supplier of garlic products. The main products are: Salted garlic cloves, dehydrated garlic flakes, dehydrated garlic granules, dried garlic cloves and garlic powder.

Garlic, Peanut, Ginger, Kidney Beans
1. Drinking straws: Specification:6x210mm,5x210mm,4x190mm, customization. 2. Garlic : Size:4.5-7.0 , Pure white garlic , Hybrid white garlic , Hybrid garlic(red garlic. 3. Dehydrated onion granules/powder/slice Color: Red, yellow, white

Dry Red Chilli, Pepper Ring And Chilli Powder
We are the manufacturer of foodstuff in Yunnan, southwest of China, which supply with dry red chilli, chilli ring, dry ginger, dry boletus, dry fern, white kidney bean, pink kidney bean, star aniseed and others.

Black Cumin seeds
We are pleased to offer: Black Cumin seeds Please find our offer for prompt delivery as under Origin: Egypt Specs: By Sample Approval Packing: As required Sample: free after offer approval Payment: to be negotiated Quantity: any Season: around the year
Company: HERBS EGYPT    Giza

garlic, fresh garlic, Chinese garlic supplier
Garlic supplier, Chinese garlic, fresh garlic, garlic products. We are Chinese garlic supplier. Garlic is a kind of Herbals .generally,a head of garlic is made up of 6 to 10 cloves. The analysis of nutrient component of garlic are as follows: there is 69.8g moisture, 4.4g protein in, 0.2g fattiness, 23.6g carbohydrate , 5mg calcium, 5mg Ron, 3mg in every100g garlic. Besides, garlic also contains thiamine, riboflavin, VPP, Allicin, Citral and some other microelements. Garlic is very good for ...
Product Group: Fresh Garlic
Company: Qingdao Yushengyuan Import & Export Co., Ltd    China

ginger,fresh ginger,Chinese ginger supplier
Ginger, ginger supplier, fresh ginger, Chinese ginger, ginger products. We are Chinese ginger supplier. Ginger is a kind of Herbals with a long history.Ginger contains a lot of nutrients. There is Carbohydrate, protein, several kinds of vitamin, Ash or Mineral Matter, Gingerol, zingiberol in ginger. Ginger is often used as a kind of flavoring vegetable or traditional Chinese medicinal materials. The most useful part of ginger plant is its rhizome. People usually use it to make cooks ...
Product Group: Fresh Ginger
Company: Qingdao Yushengyuan Import & Export Co., Ltd    China

pepper powder, Chinese chili pepper powder
pepper powder, Chili peeper powder. We are chili pepper powder supplier. pepper powder,chili pepper powder: ASTA:200+ Packing:50LB kraft bag,25KG kraft bag SHU:5000-30000 16MT/20'FCL 25MT/40'FCL If you want to import chili pepper powder from China, our company will be your best choice. As we are specialized in this fiel for a long time, we can offer you goods both in good quality and reasonable price
Company: Qingdao Yushengyuan Import & Export Co., Ltd    China

Spicy Vegetable Garlic
Spicy Vegetable Garlic Specification: Style: Fresh ; Product Type: Liliaceous Vegetabless ; Type: Garlic ; Cultivation Type: Common ; Type: Normal White ; Size: 5.5cm ; CATEGORY: Pure white garlic and Normal garlic/Solo garlic ORIGIN: Shandong/Yunnan China MARKET: WHOLE WORLD SUPPLE SEASON: Fresh - June to Aug. Cold Storage - Sep. to June PACKING: 3P/4P/5P/6P/500g/1000g/10kg carton,30lbs carton,10kg/15kg/20kg mesh bags SPECIFICATION: 3.5cm-7.0cm
Company: Jining Fangda Import and Export Corporation    China

Pickles Specification: Style: Preserved ; Type: Rangzein ; Processing Type: Blended ; Preservation Process: Oil, Salt ; Flavor: Spicy ; Part: Whole ; Shape: Sliced ; Cultivation Type: Common, Open Air ; Packaging: Vacuum Pack ; Certification: HACCP ISO9001 ISO22000 ; Grade: Grade first ; Shelf Life: 12 months ; Weight (kg): 0.227 ; Flavor: Alittle bit hot ; Name :Red oleic acid cowpea Material : Rangzein, oil ,spice, salt Gatentee :12 months Flavor : a little bit hot Package : pp ...
Company: Guangzhou Yulong Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd.    China

Crushed Spicy Vegetable, Crushed Chili
Crushed Spicy Vegetable, Crushed Chili Specification: Type: Paprika ; Style: Dried ; Part: Seed ; Processing Type: Raw ; Certification: FDA ; Form: Sliced ; Shape: Round ; Thank you for your browse. We will overcome current global finance crisis together with all customers. For your first cooperation with our plant/factory, we hope you to inspect in person during packing and shipment.
Company: Qingdao Liandahang Foods Co., Ltd.    China

Pure White Garlic
Pure White Garlic Specification: Style: Fresh ; Product Type: Liliaceous Vegetabless ; Type: Garlic ; Size: 5.5cm ; Size: 5.5cm ; Type: Pure White ; Detailed Product Description Product Origin:China Brand Name:XLD Price Terms:FOB, CFR, CIF Payment Terms:L/C, T/T Supply Ability:2,000MT/month Minimum Order:1 x 20' FCL Delivery Lead Time:7 days Detailed Product Description Features: 1) Sizes: 4.5 - 5.0cm, 5.0 - 5.5cm, 5.5 - 6.0cm, 6.0 - 6.5cm, 6.5cm and up 2) Transporting and storing ...
Company: Heze Xinlida Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.    China

Dehydrated Vegetables
Dehydrated vegetables Specification: Style: Dried ; Type: Leek ; Drying Process: AD ; Certification: ISO22000,HACCP,KOSHER ; Max. Moisture (%): 7 ; Shelf Life: 24 MONTHS ; Weight (kg): 12 ; Certification: HACCP ; Processing: AD ; Dehydrated vegetables leek flakes: Moisture: 7% max. Purity: 100% Particle Size: 10x10mm Colour: green/white Flavour: characteristic for leeks Odour: free from any objectionable odour Aroma: true to type Total Plate Count: 200,000/g Salmonella: Negative in 25g E. ...
Company: Yancheng Jingwei International Group Co., Ltd.    China

Preserved Vegetable / Kimchi
Preserved vegetable / kimchi Specification: Style: Preserved ; Type: Cabbage ; Processing Type: preserved ; Preservation Process: spice ; Flavor: Spicy ; Part: Leaf ; Shape: Sliced ; Cultivation Type: Common, Open Air ; Packaging: Can (Tinned), Vacuum Pack ; Certification: BRC,HACCP ; Grade: Grade 1 ; Shelf Life: 2month ; Weight (kg): 10 ; material: chinese cabbage ; Name: Kimchi / preserved vegetable Material chinese cabbage whole,radish,cabbage,peper,ginger,etc. Seasonings ...
Company: Qingdao Jiekai Foods Co., Ltd.    China

Pure White Garlic
Pure white garlic Specification: Style: Fresh ; Product Type: Liliaceous Vegetabless ; Type: Garlic ; Cultivation Type: Common ; Size (cm): 5.5 ; Certification: HACCP ; color: red ; Garlic Features: 1) Size: 4.5 - 5.0cm, 5.0 - 5.5cm, 5.5 - 6.0cm, 6.0 - 6.5cm, 6.5cm and up 2) Supply period: all the year round. a) Fresh garlic: early June to September. b) Cold storing garlic: September. to next May. Packing: 1) Loose packing: a) 10kg/ctn c) 10kg/mesh bag d) 20kg/mesh bag 2) Small ...
Company: Chengwu County Minfeng Fruits & Vegetables Co., Ltd.    China

Chinese Spicy Vegetable
Chinese Spicy Vegetable Specification: Style: Dried ; Type: Garlic ; Processing Type: Chopped ; Drying Process: AD ; Cultivation Type: Open Air ; Part: Stem ; Shape: granule ; Packaging: bags ; Certification: CQC ; Max. Moisture (%): 6% ; Shelf Life: 1-2years ; Weight (kg): 25 ; Category: Liliaceous Vegetables ; Chinese spicy vegetable:Producted from fresh,clean,harvested garlic,then peeled,washed,cut and dehydrated. 1.Main usage:as the seasoning,as the main material of fast food ...
Company: Huaiyang County Wanyuan Garlic Foods Processing Industries Co., Ltd.    China

Spicy Hot Prickly Ash Crushed
Spicy hot prickly ash crushed Specification: 1 Product name : Spicy hot prickly ash crushed 2 Sense : Color Red brown Flavor Typical spicy hot prickly ash crushed with no off-flavor 3 Physic-chemical target : Moisture 14.0%max. Ash 7.5%max. Acid insoluble ash 5.0%max. Sieve 8-16mesh 4 Hygienic target : Total plate count 15,000 cfu/g max. Coliforms 50 ...
Company: Beijing Meiquan Food Co., Ltd.    China

Salty Flavor Vegetable Pea
Salty flavor Vegetable pea Specification: Type: Nut Snacks ; Processing Type: Baked ; Certification: FDA, GMP, ISO, QS, BRC, HACCP, K. ; Taste: Spicy ; Texture: Crispy ; Age: All ; Feature: Nutritious ; Contents: Salty flavor Vegetable pea ; Shelf Life: 12 month ; Weight (kg): 12 ; Packaging: Bag, Box ; Taste and flavor: Wasabi and strawberry flavor ; Workshop: Proceed in GMP plant ; Size of green peas: 8.5mm ; Certification: HACCP ISO22000 OU KOSHER BRC ; Style: Salty flavor Vegetable pea ; ...
Company: Suzhou Youi Foods Co., Ltd.    China

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