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List extensive product information of Shoes Parts, Materials & Accessories (include Shoe Insole, Shoe Brushes, Shoe Laces) , provided by Shoes Parts, Materials & Accessories manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Rubber Sole
We can supply high and middle grades rubber soles, rubber foamed soles and sole-imitated leather combined soles. These soles are durable and refined.
Company: Wenzhou Dengbao Hardware Co., Ltd.    China

Wood Shoe Trees
Fully lasted lightweight hardwood men's shoe trees. Keep shoes in shape and help prolong their life; Supports the whole of the shoe. European continental sizes 36-46 available.
Company: Wenzhou Dengbao Hardware Co., Ltd.    China

Shoe Soles, Gel Insole
Shoe Soles: 1) Customized packaging available ; 2) Different sizes. PU Gel insole, Cushion comfort.
Company: Wenzhou Dengbao Hardware Co., Ltd.    China

PVC Calender Leather
PVC Calender Leather: 1) Transit leather ; 2) Thickness: 0.6mm ; 3) Color: beige ; 4) Fabric: knitting fabric ; 5) Material: PVC

Carbon Fiber Keep Warm Shoe Mat
1) The mat faces to adopt the natural palm tree as material, in the center keep warm for the carbon fiber slice.2) Can promote the feet bottom blood circulation, a nerve of slow feet.3) Surface temperature:25 degrees are or so.4) Be applicable to various male type shoes, woman's type shoes.5) Very in keeping with work outside indoors, the crowd have the study, and old people, child.6) Quality control, the safeties apply.

Shoe Materials
1) synthetic fabric for upper. 2) synthetic fabric adhesive with PU foam (eva/PE/rubber) for making upper or insole. 3) thermal activated, double/single side adhesive coated non-woven. 4) chemical sheet. 5) PVC/PU artificial leather & PU/PVC backing. 6) non - woven fabric for shoes. 7) EVA/PE sheet. 8) hook & loop. 9) shoe lace & upper. 10) the other accessories of shoes.

Shoe Lace
We are manufacturing polyurethane transparent elastics, plastic adjusters and shoelaces. We have wide range of production capabilities like thickness, width and color.

Latex Insoles
1) Thickness: 1-10mm ; 2) Density: D15-D25 ; 3) Width: 90-150cm ; 4) Absorbs sweat and orders ; 5) Lightweight and long lasting ; 6) Ideal for any type of shoes.

1).Materials: PP, nylon, polyester, etc. 2).With various colours and woven in addition to printed logo. 3).Colours and woven can be changed at customer's request.

Shoe Chain
1) Vulcanized rubber ring ; 2) Case hardened welded links ; 3) Excellent toe and heel coverage ; 4) Easy on/off ; 5) Sizes: a) Medium men's 5 - 9 ladies 7 - 11 ; b) Large men's 10 - 13 ladies 8 - 15.

Shoehorn, Shoe Polish
Shoehorn: 1) L: 300mm; T: 10mm ; 2) Material: hardwood. Shoe Polish Set: a) Material: ABS ; b) 4 x AA batteries ; c) Dimensions: 25 x 18.5 x 6cm

High Heel Transparent Crystal Shoes Soles
1) High quality material ; 2) Suitable for ladies' dancing shoes ; 3) Different colors, styles, and materials available. Fit for all sizes.

Bamboo charcoal insole, magnetic insole, massage insole, shock-proof insole, PU insole, warm insole, latex insole, leather insole, work insole, arch support, gel insole, heel grips, all in different sizes and colors.

Sublimation Transfered Shoelace
1) Materials: PP, nylon, polyester, etc. ; 2) Colors and logo as customer's request ; 3) Length: 120cm (75cm, 90cm, 150cm) ; 4) Width: 1cm, 1.5cm

Gel Insole
These soft soothing liquid gel filled inner soles are designed to fit easily into any type of shoe, boot, or sneaker. The gel filled soles gently massage your feet, improving blood circulation, and relaxes your feet as you stand, walk, jog, or exercise.

Cork Footbed
Our cork footbeds are made of cork, rubber,jute etc. It's durable and enviromental, which we produced with advanced mahine and fine workmanship. It's mainly used for casual sandal, suede clog. We are in a position to offer you cork footbed with cow suede or without, and the leather

Reflective Leather PU Type
1) Consisting of high index reflective micro glass beads ; 2) Can be used to various sports shoes, leisure shoes ; 3) Can be applied to various traveling cases.

Gel Foot Pads
1) Ideal for all foot types ; 2) Made from 100% gel ; 3) Prevents foot from sliding forward, superior shock absorption ; 4) Pressure is not increase as a result of inappropriate corrective action ; 5) Heel areas reduce shock at the pressure points of the foot to alleviate or eliminate painful irritation ; 6) The pad can be worn in walking, sport and work shoes ; 7) Reusable and washable ; 8) Size: 90 x 70 x 2mm

4 Piece Shoe Polish Kit
This 4 piece kit includes shoe polish, boot polish, brush, and cleaning cloth. Super high quality wooden shoe brushes with pig bristles.

shoes material, accessory, toe puff
Shoes material, shoes accessory, toe puff, shoes counter, toe cap, back counter, footwear part, insole, inner lining, lining, shoe sole, outsole, non-woven fabric, Waterproof stripe insole board series(SIA-)and stripe insole board series (SIB-): Thickness: 1.25mm, 1.5mm, 1.75mm, 2.0mm Specification: 36" X 54" or custom made. Color: White or others Functions: 1. Durable, keep in shape, keep no stinking 2. Good for one's health, Help for one's blood circulation. ...
Company: Quanzhou Zhenhon Shoes Material Co.,Ltd.    China

Nonwoven fabric, textile, shoes lining, insole
Nonwoven fabric, textile, shoes lining, fiber insole, cellulose insole, shoe sole, Chemical sheet series(CS—): Thickness: 0.8mm-3.0mm Specification: 1Y×1Y or custom made Color: White or others Functions: 1. Strong glutinosity, well bonding. 2. High tensile, good breaking and peeling resistance. 3. Good in toughness, deflection and flexibility Applications: Mainly used for upper and heel of sports and leather shoes. For inner lining of various briefcase and suitcase etc.
Company: Quanzhou Zhenhon Shoes Material Co.,Ltd.    China

Rui'an city Feiyun Health Insole Factory is the manufacturer and supplier of insoles.Our products are mainly including EVA insoles,GEL insoles,PU insoles,herb insoles,leather insoles,cotton insoles,latex insoles,lambswool insole,etc SKYPE is LLibra11
Company: Rui'an city Feiyun Health Insole factory    china

Nylon Cambrella
Nylon Spunbond Nonwoven Lining Composition: 100% nylon polyamide. Color: Black, white, and Color. Width: 0~ 152cm Weight: 100~200GSM Embossing Grain: "-" and "+" Price is very competitive! Delivery time: Within 10days upon get your IRRECOCABLE L/C at sight or 30% deposit. Our produce are 100% surely environment-friendly.
Company: Jinjiang Quanyi Nonwoven Co., Ltd.    China

Non Woven Chemical Sheet
From raw material produced to semi-finished products and finished products process, we manage strictly and business accounting. Make our products process with stable highly quality and lowest cost. Specification: 1. Thickness: 0.4-3.0mm 2. Color: White color 3. Size: 100cm x 150cm ( Remark: We also could make any size according to the customer request) 4. Packing: 25sheet by polybag or packing by roll (50M/roll) 5. Have many quality grades according the different market 6. We ...
Company: Jinjiang Quanyi Nonwoven Co., Ltd.    China

Paper Insole Board
Thickness: 1.0mm-3.0mm usually 1.25mm, 1.5mm, 1.75mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.0mm. Speciation: 54''*36'', 1m*1.5m. Others can be ordered. Color: Main color is pink. Any color can be made. Mimum order quantity for each speciation: 1000sheets. Package: Double plastic bags Port of shipment: XIAMEN Payment: We prefer T/T and L/C at sight. Functions 1. Durable, Not easy to change, keep no stinking 2. Good for one's health, Help for one's blood cycle. ...
Company: Jinjiang Quanyi Nonwoven Co., Ltd.    China

Non Woven Hot Melt Sheet
*Thickness: From 0.40mm~3, 00mm are all available. * Feature: Good toughness, deflection and flexibility. * Size: Roll size and sheet size are OK! * Roll size: 36" or 1.00M or 54" inches width. * Sheet size: 36" x 54" inches. 1.00M x 1.40M or 1.00M x1.50M. * Packing: The packing are generally 20 piece/package. Or 50y/50m per roll, each for one poly bag, or be packed according to the requirement of customers * Port or Shipment: Xiamen Port or other main port of ...
Company: Jinjiang Quanyi Nonwoven Co., Ltd.    China

PP Cambrelle
Product Name: PP spunbonded nonwoven fabric, PP nonwoven fabric Line of Production Intake materials -- high temperature molten -- spunlaid -- high temperature hot-rolled -- Cutting & Convoluting Composition: 100%polypropylene Specification -- Technic: Spunbonded -- Weight range: 15- 260g -- Width of machine: Max. 170cm at present -- Embossing: DOT, Sesame and "+" -- Printing: Various design avaliable or customerized -- Color: A lot of colors for ...
Company: Jinjiang Quanyi Nonwoven Co., Ltd.    China

Nonwoven Imitation Leather
* Material: Polyester * Color: White, Black, Beige, OEM. * Thickness: 0.6-2.0mm. * Width: 36", 44", 54", 58", 60", OEM. * Packing: Roll packing in Polybag. * Port: Xiamen, China. * MOQ: 1000meters. * Function: Abrasion-Resistant (No holes till 12800 turns in wet, No holes till 25600 turns in Dry) * Tear-Resistant, High tensile strength, Breathability. * Purpose: Shoes interlining, Especially for Safty shoes, Military boots, the base cloth of PU leather.
Company: Jinjiang Quanyi Nonwoven Co., Ltd.    China

Low Temperature Hot Melt Sheet
1) Width: 36" 2) Texture: Non woven, declain, with hot melt single/double side 3) Colors: Natural white 4) Thickness: 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm(0.4-1.5mm all are provided) Characteristics: Easy molding, and never change after molding deformation Excellent flexibility. Low temperature, it can be use without any additional equipment Its stickiness unchanged for used many times in a RO Its non-stick hand products After heating to soften Direct suture in ...
Company: Jinjiang Quanyi Nonwoven Co., Ltd.    China

Stitch Bond Nonwoven Fabric
Stitch Bonded Nonwoven Fabric, Recycled Stitch bonded cloth Material: 100% polyester Width: 290cm, it can be slitted accordingly. Weight: 80GSM-180GSM Color: Any color is available Pattern: Dyed Style: Plain Nonwoven technics: Stitch-bonded Feature: Eco-friendly, anti-static, breathable, tear-resistant Application: Shoes, handbag, packing fabric, mattress ticking for spring mattress, sun cloth, medical bandage, interlining and so on Advantage of our products: 1) ...
Company: Jinjiang Quanyi Nonwoven Co., Ltd.    China

Nonwoven Insole Board
Nonwoven Insole Board Thickness: 0.90mm, 1.25mm, 1.50mm, 1.75mm, 2.00mm, 2.50mm, 3.00mm, 4.00mm. Size: By sheet 0.914M x 1.37M and 1.00M x 1.50M Color: Yellow, Pink, Beige, Black. As per Client's request OEM. Brand: We can print Client's own brand on the board, and Opening board charge is 270USD. Materias: It is made from good fiber, white and without defeat. Packing: By polybag and by pallet are ok and outside with strong plastic bags. MOQ: 500sheet per size. ...
Company: Jinjiang Quanyi Nonwoven Co., Ltd.    China

Nonwoven Shoe Stripe Insole
Thickness: 1.25mm-3.0mm Specification: 36"X 54"or any special size Color: White or others Specifications Stripe insole board We are manufacturer We offer all kinds of nonwoven fibre products Stripe insole board The stripe insole board includes two kinds of technics: Needle- punched and laminated. The laminated stripe insole board is stronger than the needle- punched one. Features: 1. Durable, keep in shape, deodorant 2. Good for one's health, ...
Company: Jinjiang Quanyi Nonwoven Co., Ltd.    China

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