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Detailed Electric Bicycle Description:

Features: 1) Luxury pedal, rear expanding brakes. 2) Anti-wear brushless motor, rare earth permanent magnet products. 3) Patented, antirust, enhanced nylon wheels, car class roast paint. 4) Auto-control charge system, non-class accelerator. 5) Electric driving control system, power display. 6) Lowest voltage, over-current and brake power off protection system. 7) Front and rear shock absorption, flashing buzzer call and electric horn system. 8) Front lighting, turning and overtake indicator system. 9) Auto-auxiliary charge system. Specifications: 1) Distance per charge: 45 - 55km. 2) Battery: maintenance free lead acid battery, 12Ah, 36V. 3) Motor: 240-380W, efficiency: >72%. 4) Charger: 220/110V, 50 - 60Hz. 5) Charger life: >250 times. 6) Charging time: 2-6 hours. 7) Controller: a) Lowest volt protection: 31.5V ; b) Over-current protection: 15+/-1A. 8) Net weight: <50kg. 9) Max. load: 120kg

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