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Detailed Hospital Elevator Description:

Great hospital elevator adopts the highly integrated full intelligent control system including 32-bit microcomputer control network, intelligent group control of 8 computer experts, VVVF digital variable frequency drive, absolute memorization of cabin’s displacement. It can timely adjust the speed for the comfortable need of human body, run steadily, achieve high leveling accuracy, and make the sickbed run as easily as waling on firm earth. The soft and cozy decoration makes passengers feel meticulous human consideration. Great elevator’s leading technology of permanent magnetic synchronization for the SMR & MRL elevator keeps its superior character: energy saving, environment friendly, space saving and reduction of building costs.
Great hospital elevator is the ideal choice of hospital, sanatorium and other medical institutions.

Hospital Elevator
  • Products ID: 149448
  • Product Category: Activated Carbon
  • Post date: Aug 20, 2014
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Hospital Elevator in jiangsu.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Suzhou Great Elevator Co.,Ltd
Address: Room 605, 23-B Time Square, SIP, Suzhou City
Region: Suzhou, jiangsu
Contact Person: zhangyan
Telephone: 86-512-65936199

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