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Detailed Sealing Materials Description:

1) Metal spiral-wound gaskets: a) Made of stainless steel as framework, and flexible filling materials of graphite or special asbestos or PTFE, being processed from a special winding machine ; b) With characteristics of intensified strength, great flexibility, perfect performance of sealing effect, wide application and long life.

2) Metal jacketed gaskets: a) Made of a special material with non-metal materials, as the core jacketed with a metal sheet ; b) The core of the gaskets may be of asbestos or graphite etc., while metals sheets are selected on their flexibility, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, which are main issues of stainless steel, galvanized iron sheet, copper sheet c) Easy to make irregular gaskets like oval and square types.

3) Metal serrated gaskets: a) Depending on metals, are applied to maximum temperature of 600oC and pressure range of 6.3-16.0MPa for flange connections of high temperature and pressure steam pipelines, heat exchangers and steam pressure vessels and valve caps ; b) The production can be arranged as per requests of foreign standards

Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Sealing Materials in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Beijing Comens Chemical Co., Ltd.
Address: No.8, Yanshan Industry Zone, Fangshan District
Region: Beijing, China

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