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Hot Melt Adhesive Film
hot melt adhesive film Specification: Classification: Hot Melt Adhesives ; Main Raw Material: Other ; Usage: Construction ; pu,pa,eva film: pu,pa,eva film ; we special produce diversified hot melt adhesive films (EVA, PE, PA, PET, PU, PP, PO) in different specs ,Thickness 0.05mm to 2mm, Bedsides, we are continuously developing better, new hot melt adhesive films to meet customers needs. Kelong products are widely used in car, packaging, textile, clothing, aviation, telecommunication ...
Company: Jiangyin Kangqi Trade Co., Ltd.    China

High Temperature Binder
High temperature binder Specification: Binding strength: 2.0MPa ; Packaging: plastic bucket ; JGN high temperature binder Performance index Brand JGN-12 JGN-14 JGN-16 JGN-18 Classic temperature () 1200 1400 1600 1800 Binding strength (Mpa) ≥1.0 ≥2.0 ≥2.0 ≥2.0 JGN high temperature bonding powder Brand JGNF-12 JGNF-16 Classic temperature () 1200 1600 Auxiliary products for calcium silicate board ...
Company: Beijing Finsulatech Co., Ltd.    China

Silicone Sealant For Alumimum Stray To Draw
silicone sealant for alumimum stray to draw Specification: CAS No.: DGM-1021A ; Other Names: silicone sealant ; Classification: Other Adhesives ; Main Raw Material: Silicone ; Usage: Construction, aluminum, glass, ceramic t. ; Color: black, grey,white or customized ; Packing size: 300ml cartridge*24 / carton ; Complies with the standards: : BG 20HM GB/T 146. ; silicone sealant for alumimum stray to draw Properties: sisilicone sealant for alumimum stray to draw is a single component, low ...
Company: Jiangmen City Daguangming Viscose Co., Ltd.    China

Cynoacrylate Adhesive
Cynoacrylate adhesive Specification: Main Raw Material: Acrylic ; Usage: Construction, Fiber & Garment, Footwear . ; Grade: SY ; Packing Packed in plastic barre of 25kg or 20kg,and then per barrel in a carton. Quality Grade SY (SY grade is the best quality of glue). Appearance Colorless transparent liquid. Setting time Rapid:3seconds Standard:3-10seconds Slow:20seconds Shelf life Rapid:6-7months Standard:10months Slow:12months Usuage Wood, PVC ...
Company: Ruichang Golden-Three-Second Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Hot Melt Power
Hot melt power Specification: Classification: Hot Melt Adhesives ; Main Raw Material: Epoxy ; Usage: Fiber & Garment ; color: white ; package: 25KG/barral ; scope: Mixed with glue water ; Item: Hot melt power Color: White Scope: Swimsuit, diving suits, high elastic cloth, cotton, nylon cloth, chemical fiber cloth Specification: Thick powder (80-200 μ) Fine powder (0-80 μ). Printing methods: Choosing different kinds of hot melt ...
Company: Shanghai Jianghan Printing Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Fully Refined Paraffin Wax 58/60
Fully refined paraffin wax 58/60 Specification: CAS No.: 8002-74-2 ; Other Names: hard paraffin ; MF: CnH2n+2 ; EINECS No.: 232-315-6 ; Classification: Hot Melt Adhesives ; Main Raw Material: Silicone ; Usage: Construction, Fiber & Garment, Packing ; white: solid ; SpecificationsRaw materials from the PetroChina FUSHUN and DAQING Petrochemical Company Slack Wax Semi and Fully Refined Paraffin Wax 60-62 Fully Refined Paraffin Wax Items Quality Specification ...
Company: Wuqiang County Huiquan Dyestuff Chemicals Co., Ltd.    China

Epoxy Glue,adhesive Glue,epoxy Adhesives
Epoxy glue,Adhesive glue,Epoxy Adhesives Specification: Classification: Double Components Adhesives ; Main Raw Material: Epoxy ; Usage: Construction, Fiber & Garment, Packing, . ; AB glue: Curing temperature 5 minutes. ; AB glue Item number: TY-B5 Specification: 28g Measurement (cm): 48*30*49 It can stick materials of the same and different kinds including metals, plastics and wood, which are widely used for making or repairing vehicles, channels, furniture, lighting, signboard, ...
Company: Yiwu Tongyang Adhesive Co., Ltd.    China

Dhesive For Food Packing
FX-3 dhesive for food packing Specification: Classification: Hot Melt Adhesives ; Usage: Footwear & Leather, Packing ; color: colorless ; Main Raw Material: syntherubber and synthetic r. ; specification product model:FX-3 Appearance: buff transparent block viscous elastomer ingredients: synthetic rubber and synthetic resin solid content: 100% melting viscosity :190 c 1700CPS±200CPS 180°c 2300CPS±200CPS 170°c ...
Company: Quzhou Kecheng Fuxing Adhesive Factory    China

Bonnet Specification: CAS No.: 003 ; Other Names: bonnet ; MF: None ; EINECS No.: None ; Main Raw Material: Plastic ; Usage: Construction, Fiber & Garment, Footwear . ; colour: purple ; 1.can print customised logo 2.customised colors are available 3.customised designs are welcomed 4.competitive price, high quality and prompt delivery time 5.we will track producing process for you and let you know the producing schedule 6.this product suitable for selling at 1 dollar 7. we have many ...
Company: Ningbo DOT Import Export Co., Ltd.    China

Polyamide Hot-melt Adhesive
polyamide hot-melt adhesive Specification: CAS No.: 63428-84-2 ; Other Names: polyamide adhesive ; Classification: Hot Melt Adhesives ; Main Raw Material: polyamides ; Usage: Fiber & Garment, Footwear & Leather, Pac. ; Features: transparent, light yellow viscous solid, non-toxic, no stimulation, soluble in most organic solvents, non-soluble in water. Use: Polyamide hot-melt adhesive can be soluble in general organic solvents.It has good mechanical strength, good fluidity, ...
Company: Shandong Huijin Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Joint Filler
joint filler Specification: CAS No.: ISO9001 ; Other Names: construction joint filler ; Classification: Hot Melt Adhesives ; Main Raw Material: Gypsum ; Usage: Construction ; Standard: GB ; Color: White ; Detailed Production Natural gypsum as base material,high strength,100% free from toluic aldehyde Construction materials used for internal and external wall and floor application. Mixing with water,excellent workability No toxic Specification:5kg,10kg,20kg.
Company: Luofeier Building Materials (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.    China

Water-base Glue
water-base glue Specification: CAS No.: 860-888 ; Other Names: contact adhesive ; MF: C12H24 ; EINECS No.: 227-189-4 ; Classification: Other Adhesives ; Main Raw Material: CR rubber ; Usage: Construction, Fiber & Garment, Footwear . ; color: pink ; water based glue: environment-friendy , nonpoisonous and healthy glue , powerful, heat resistant, aging resistant, durable, high solids, non flammable, safe. different kind of glue have different usages. Please contct our sales
Company: Shenzhen Taiqiang Chemicals Co., Ltd.    China

Eva Hot Melt Adhesive/hot Melt Glue Stick
EVA Hot Melt Adhesive/hot melt glue stick Specification: Classification: Hot Melt Adhesives ; Main Raw Material: EVA ; Usage: Construction, Fiber & Garment, Footwear . ; EVA Hot Melt Adhesive/glue stick Glue Stick SeriesApplications: Decorations/Toys/Handcrafts/ Impact-absorbing materials/ All kinds of packaging Woodenware assembly/ General assembly/ DIY/ Electronics industry UL-94V0 Granule and pellet SeriesApplications: Decorations/ Toys/ Handcrafts/ Impact-absorbing materials/ ...

Super Glue Gel
SUPER GLUE GEL Specification: CAS No.: NEW DGS-400 ; Other Names: SUPER GLUE ; MF: ADHESIVE ; EINECS No.: 133 ; Classification: Double Components Adhesives ; Main Raw Material: Cyanoacrylate Adhesive ; Usage: Construction, Fiber & Garment, Footwear . ; NEW SUPER GLUE GEL 401,495, 406,416,498 From Cyanoacrylate Adhesive. Bonds:Rubber,Metal Glass ,Plastics Ceramics.WOOD. Features:1.A few seconds, quick curing 2.Single use convenient 3.Higher adhesive strength 4.Adhesive ...
Company: Taizhou Avatar-Glue Co., Ltd.    China

Slow breaking emulsified bitumen
Slow breaking emulsified bitumen Specification: Classification: Hot Melt Adhesives ; Main Raw Material: lignin ; Usage: Construction ; Outward appearance: Brown liquid ; Active substance content: 30±2% ; Set PH value: 2-3 ; Dosage: 1.5-2.5% ; Packaging: 150kg/Barrel ; The emulsifier is woodiness amine cation asphalt emulsifier.Low price.Suitable for slurry seal,primingoil ,cold filling. Outwatd appearance Brown liquid Active substance content 30±2% Set PH ...
Company: Xinxiang Tongda Road New Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Silicone Sealant 300ml
silicone sealant 300ml Specification: Main Raw Material: Silicone ; Usage: Construction, Fiber & Garment, Footwear . ; silicone sealant 280ml: silicone sealant white,. ; silicone sealant 350ml: silicone selant transpa. ; silicone sleant 300ml: silicone sealant ; silicone selant 300ml Superior quality,multi-oyroise seakabtm.Offers long-lasting flexibility and excellent adhesive.Provide a weatherproof,waterthight seal around non-porous surface.Resists creacking,crumbing and ...
Company: Sanmen Shundebao Industry And Trade Co., Ltd., Taizhou    China

Rtv Construction Sealant
LJ-793 RTV Construction Sealant Specification: Main Raw Material: Silicone ; Usage: Construction, Transportation ; Color: Black/white/grey/clear ; Capacity: 260ml 280ml 300ml ; Character: Neutral Curing ; LJ-793 RTV Construction Sealant Product Character: 1. One component, neutral, room curing, can be used under wide weather conditions. 2. Fast curing speed, having excellent bonding capacity to many kinds of base materials. 3. Having weather and age resistant performance, ideal sealant for ...
Company: Jiangyan Zhongyi Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

218N Mastic Sealant
218N Mastic Sealant Specification: CAS No.: 6683-19-8 0.1 - 0.5 ; MF: 3,5-DI-TERT-BUTYL-4- ; Main Raw Material: Polybutylene ; Usage: Electrical and Telecom ; Mastic Sealant: Black ; Shareware 218N is a conformable mastic rubber electrical insulating and sealing sealant. It is designed for moisture sealing applications. Shareware 218N can be used on copper or aluminum conductors rated at 90°C, with an emergency overload rating of 130°C. It offers excellent resistance to ...
Company: Shanghai Shareware Electrical Material Co., Ltd.    China

Silicone Sealant Sealant Sealant Sealant Sealant Sealant Sealant
silicone sealant sealant sealant sealant sealant sealant sealant Specification: Classification: Other Adhesives ; Main Raw Material: Silicone ; Usage: Construction, Transportation, Woodworkin. ; color: white/black/clear ; 1),One component, RTV-1, Neutral Curing at room temperature silicone antimidew sealant; 2),Excellent weatherproofing performance, Excellent anti-ultraviolet proper; 3),No need to prime coated, excellent joint to most building material; 4),Neutral curing, no corrosive ...
Company: Guangdong Girafe Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.    China

Cts Type Polyimide Resin
Cts Type Polyimide Resin Specification: Classification: Other Adhesives ; Main Raw Material: Other ; Usage: Other ; state: liquid ; CEN® CTS Polyimide Resin CEN® CTS polyimide resin is a high tensile strength, thermal stable, and viscose resin solution based on aromatic polyimide. The product offers high modulus value and high dimensional stability with lower coefficient thermal expansion (CTE) after cured. Nano size fillers can be dispersed with the resin for coating, and ...
Company: CEN Electronic Material Co., Ltd.    China

Hot Melt Glue Gun
Hot Melt Glue Gun Specification: Classification: Hot Melt Adhesives ; Main Raw Material: Other ; Usage: Construction, Woodworking ; Are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances industry, especially for home-made hand-industry; Can be used for bonding paper, cloth, wood glue, stone, ceramics, leather, metal, etc. Excellent temperature capabilities
Company: Cixi Liyuan Tools Co., Ltd.    China

Industrial Gelatin
Industrial Gelatin Specification: Main Raw Material: collagen ; Usage: Fiber & Garment ; Viscosity: 20-50 Mps ; Industrial Gelatin:Industrial Gelatin (Technical Gelatin), made from animals skin and bone, is often used as glue/adhesive in works of printing, publication, wood working, furniture, match, and so on. It also can be used as glue/adhesive, its viscosity is very important, even the crucial parameter. The gelatin manufactured by our plant has won the gold prizes for many ...
Company: Xiamen Kono Food Industry Co., Ltd TongAn Branch    China

Silicone Oil Water Repellent Agent
silicone oil water repellent agent Specification: Main Raw Material: Silicone ; Usage: Footwear & Leather, Packing ; Hydrogen Content: 1.58-1.60 % ; Viscosity : : 20.00-30.00 ; Flash Point: >=160 ; Volatile Component: <=3.00 % ; silicone oil water repellent agent/Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Fluid CAS NO 63148-57-2 Apperance & Property Colorless transparent liquid Hydrogen Content (%) 1.58-1.60 Viscosity (25°C, ...
Company: Zhejiang Sucon Silicone Co., Ltd.    China

Rat Glue
Rat Glue Specification: Color: plenty ; This product is a non poisonous mouse and rat killing glue of great efficiency and easy to use. It must be spread on a piece of board or cardboard and put in the area where the mice and rats move,they get stuck to the board. Some bait(cheese etc.)can be put on the support as to attract the animals. Put in front of the opening of holes,it stops insects,lizards and small animals. It can be spread around plants as a defence ring. Being ...
Company: Zhejiang Yiwu Hongshun Import & Export Co., Ltd.    China

Sealing Gum
sealing gum Specification: Other Names: sealing mastic ; MF: butyl ; Classification: Double Components Adhesives ; Main Raw Material: Polyurethane ; Usage: Construction, Fiber & Garment, Packing, . ; Color: red, black ; material: butyl ; sealing compound of red, yellow, grey and black color Tape 55 stress relief mastics Tape 65 anti tracking waterproof sealing mastics Tape 75 black void filling mastics
Company: Yueqing Huayi Cable Accessories Co., Ltd.    China

Photocatalyst Nano-tio2 Used For Paint
Photocatalyst nano-tio2 used for Paint Specification: CAS No.: 13463-67-7 ; Other Names: Nano tio2 ; MF: tio2 ; Classification: Other Adhesives ; Main Raw Material: Other ; Usage: Other ; Particle Size: 5.5nm ; Appearance: Transparent Liquid with Light Blue ; PH: 6 ; Photocatalyst nano-tio2 used for coating paint cosmetics additive pigment home car and indoor air freshener. Our photocatalyst(nano tio2 series products, which have excellent of Remove unplesant smell in toilet.Removing of pet ...
Company: Tomorrow Nano Science and Technology Co., Ltd.    China

silicone sealant
BSS804 Silicone Sealant belongs to RTV-1. Good extrusion and thixotropy between 4℃~+40℃. Easy to use; Neutral curing, non-corrosive cure system; No unpleasant odor during cure; Excellent resistance to weather, UV, ozone, water; Good adhesion to most common building material; Good compatibility with other neutral silicone sealants.SS804 Silicone joint sealant is one-component, neutral curing, general purpose construction silicone sealant with good adhesion to glass, aluminium, ...
Company: YIP-SUN chemical industrial co.,ltd    china

thermal gap pad with fiberglass reinforcement, fiberglass thermal gap pad, fiberglass TIM
Shenzhen Kuayue Electronic Co.,LTD manufactures thermal management & thermal interface material for several years, with the strength of High Thermal conductivity pads, general thermal pads, Self-adhesive LED Thermal pads, fiberglass reinforced Thermal pad, Thermal conductive gap filler, Thermal gap pad, natural/ manmade Thermal Graphite films, Graphite sheets,etc. Specialized and eco-friendly products can help you solve the thermal conductive/thermal management/ heat transfer/ ...
Company: 深圳市跨越电子有限公司    China

Piperonyl Butoxide Manufacturers
Product Name Piperonyl Butoxide CAS No. 1951-3-6 Categories Pesticide Synergists NOME NCLATURE Common name: piperonyl butoxide; piperonyl butoxyde IUPAC name: 5-[2-(2-butoxyethoxy)ethoxymethyl]-6-propyl-1,3-benzodioxole; 2-(2-butoxyethoxy)ethyl 6-propylpiperonyl ether Chemical Abstracts name: 5-[[2-(2-butoxyethoxy)ethoxy]methyl]-6-propyl-1,3-benzodioxole Other names: PBO CAS RN: [51-03-6] PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY Composition: 95% min. piperonyl butoxide. Mol. wt.: 338.4; M.f.: ...
Company: Shanghai Kima Chemical Co., Ltd    CHINA

General Purpose Siliocne Seaalant
GENERAL PURPOSE Silicone sealant 1.Chemical Properties Silicone Sealant is a one-component,Main Raw Material is Silicone,The product is made for building purpose assembled, specially for glass curtain-wall building glazing and insulating-glass making etc. It can be used at any time under -60 to +280 environment. It can maintain an even viscosity and can be easily squeezed out. The product has the following unique features. 2.Characteristics One part silicone;Fast dry;Forms strong and ...
Company: Huzhou Longtong Chemical Co.,Ltd    Zhejiang

PVA wood glue
PVA Glue Alias:Waterproof White Glue Product Description: This glue is copolymerized mainly by PVA, AA, VAC and VAE. Have the characteristic of non-toxic, non-smell and high-strength. It can be used as adhesives in textiles, printing, painting, wood-working, house-furnishings, composite floor, home decoration, converting etc.Its waterproofness can reach above European D3 grade and also have the detection standard of Chinese man-made wood waterproof grade-II. It is ...
Company: Huzhou Longtong Chemical Co.,Ltd    Zhejiang

Common name:chlorpyrifos(97%TC,68-80%EC,40%EC) Chemical name: O,O-diethyl O-3,5,6-trichloro-2-pyridyl phosphorothioate CAS No.:2921-88-2 Molecular formula:C9H11Cl3NO3PS Molecular Weight:350.58 Packing: 97%TC:250kg/drum 68-80%EC:250kg/drum 40%EC:250kg/drum Introduction: Chlorpyrifos is used to control and eliminate fleas, insects, termites, pests and mosquitoes. As one of the most widely used organophosphate insecticides,chlorpyrifos is used in cotton,corn,almonds and fruit ...
Company: Guangzhou EHT Agro-chemical Supply Chain Co., Ltd.    中国

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