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Detailed Non-Cyanide Zinc Plating Chemicals Description:

1. Characteristics,

Cyanide Free, environmental friendly

It can achieve elegant and bright zinc plating over a wide range of current density

Extremely even plating thickness, with high dispersion capacity

Plating is extremely soft and easy to chromate passivation, the deformation process can be processed after plating

Process stability, high tolerance for impurities and good temperature resistance

Plating solution is simple and stable, without any control hassle

Suitable for hanging galvanized and roll galvanized production line

2. Plating bath composition and operating conditions,

Plating bath composition and process conditions

Scope of application

Average amount of usage

Zinc oxide 8-12 g / l 10g/l

Sodium hydroxide 100-140g/l 130g/l

Brightener HN-NK 18-10 mg / l 10 mg / l

Additive agent HN-NK2 8-10 mg / l 10 mg / l

Refiner HN-NK3 5-10 mg / l Depends on the water quality

Temperature 15-40° C Room temperature

Current Density 0.5-8 A/dm2 ---------

Voltage 2-6V ---------

3. Plating solution preparation methods,

A. Put one fifth of water into the plating bath, adding required sodium hydroxide and keep stirring till complete dissolution;

B. Then mix zinc oxide with water into a paste, slowly pour into the bath, stir to completely dissolve

C. Once the zinc oxide is completely dissolved, add water to the the required volume;

D. Continuous electrolysis for 30 minutes using Wavy false cathode at a low current density (0.2 A/dm2)

E. Finally, adding the calculated amount of various additives, stir well, then the plating is ready to start

4. Equipment Requirements,

Plating bath: Steel tanks lined with plastic or plastic tank.

Circulation filter: The circulation filter can prevent rough coating.

5. Additive function and complementary,

1) Polish agent HN-NK1: Fine crystalline plating can be achieved over a wide range of current density. Insufficient amount can result in low potential zone with lightless and a small amount of gray fog, in case of excessive, cathode hydrogen evolution severe and result in low current efficiency.

2) Additive HN-NK2: The Plating can improve brightness and leveling, prevent white Plating in a high potential zone. Insufficient amount can result in Less brightness in middle potential zonet, and whitish in high potential zone; While excessive can result in cathode hydrogen evolution severe, and low current efficiency.

3) Impurity agent HN-NK3: Special anti-hard water and Metal impurity agent, the water can complex Ca, Mg and other metal impurities, Thereby reduce the impact of metal impurities contamination

Non-Cyanide Zinc Plating Chemicals
  • Model: HN-NY
  • Packing: N.W 5kg or 25kg per tin
  • Terms of Payment: T/T
  • Delivery Time: Within 15 days
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  • Post date: Jun 30, 2014
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