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Detailed PEG600 Description:

Specification: PEG600
Colorless viscous liquid or Translucent soft waxy material
Clarity and color of solution
Non-concentraded, not deeper than 2 # standard solution

Average molecular weight: 560-640
Viscosity: 56-62
PH value: 5-7

This product is non-toxic and flame retardant.
Regarded as a general shipments of chemicals, it should be
sealed and stored in dry place.

The molecular weight of PEG600 is larger than PEG400, while water solubility of PEG400 is larger than that of PEG600. As the PEG600 is liquid, it has a broad compatibility with various solvents, and is well- solvent and solubilizer. It has been widely used in liquid preparations, such as the oral solution, eye drops etc.

  • Model: PEG 600
  • Packing: 25kg/carton
  • Terms of Payment: L/C TT DP Western union
  • Products ID: 29294
  • Product Category: Chemical Additives, Auxiliary
  • Post date: Nov 1, 2009
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of PEG600 in CN.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Wuhan Xinhenglong Industry and Trading Co.,Ltd
Address: Building C1 Zhongjian Plaza Zhongnan Road Wuhan city Hubei province China
Region: wuhan, CN
Contact Person: lovie
Telephone: 86-027-87739091

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