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Detailed Diallyl Phthalate Description:

DAP monomer (Diallyl Phthalate monomer)

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DAP monomer has two acrylic groups which is steady in room temperature, but highly active with heat and catalyzer. Also, it can be used to produce DAP pre-polymer which is used in thermoset plastics.

CAS NO. :131-17-9

Package: Steel drums, net 200kg/drum

Diallyl Phthalate is widely used in the following fields.

1.Electrical connectors 2.Switches 3.Insulation 4.Crosslink agent 5.Electrical and electronic parts 6.Hot tamping foil 7.Grindstones 8.UV curable ink 9.Crosslinker 10.Dispersant 11.Plasticizer 12.Unsaturated polyester 13.Acrylic resin

The DAP monomer has the following typical data:

Appearance Colorless or slightly yellow transparent liquid, Density at 20 degree centigrade (g/cm3): 1.110 to 1.114, Freeze point (degree centigrade): -70, Boiling point (degree centigrade): 105Pa)/td: >305, Flash point (degree centigrade): 160, Autoignition point (degree centigrade): 435, Viscosity at 20 degree centigrade (mPa.s): 8.5, Surface tension 20 degree centigrade, dyn/cm: 39, Refractive index 20 degree centigrade: 1.519, thermal expansion coefficient: 20 degree centigrade to 40, degree centigrade 7.6*103/degree centigrade, Solubility: Slightly soluble in water.

Shandong Huanya Chemical Company, Diallyl Phthalate monomer supplier in China.

Diallyl Phthalate
  • Model: 131-17-9
  • Packing: 200kg drum
  • Terms of Payment: l/c t/t
  • Delivery Time: 10days
  • Products ID: 133432
  • Product Category: Plastic Auxiliary
  • Post date: Feb 20, 2013
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Diallyl Phthalate in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Shandong Huanya Chemical Company
Address: Taierzhuang
Region: Zaozhuang, China
Contact Person: Ted Tan
Telephone: +86-632-6510078

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