Poly Aluminum Chloride

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Detailed Poly Aluminum Chloride Description:

Poly aluminum chloride
Specification: Classification: Chemical Auxiliary Agent ; CAS No.: HQ-PAC ; Other Names: PAC ; MF: [Al2(OH)nCl6-n]m ; EINECS No.: 215-477-2 ; Purity: 30% ; Type: water purification ; Usage: Leather Auxiliary Agents, Paper Chemical. ; Color: White ; Shape: Powder ; Content: Al2O3 ; Basicity: 80% ;
PAC is a kind of inorganic macromolecule flocculant. Through the hydroxyl ion bridging function and the polyvalent anion polymeric function, it produces large molecular and high electricity inorganic macromolecule. It adapts a wide PH range of 5.0~9.0, and the best is between 6.5~7.6.
1) Purification of river water, lake water and underground water
2) Purification of industry water and industry recycling water.
3) Purification of waster water
4) Reclaiming coal from coal-washing waste water and kaolin in ceramic industry
5) Purification of the waste water in printing and dyeing industry, leather industry, brewage industry, meat-processing industry, coal-washing, metallurgy industry, mine, pharmacy, paper-making, and purification of the waste water containing fluorine, oil and heavy metals
6) Tannage and cloth cockling-prevent
7) Cement Solidifying, and moulding
8) Refining of pharmaceuticals, glycerine and sugar
9) Catalyzer carrier
10) Paper-making glue

Poly Aluminum Chloride
  • Model: HQ~PAC
  • Packing: Export Standard
  • Terms of Payment: T/T,T/C
  • Delivery Time: 30 Days
  • Products ID: 78458
  • Product Category: Plastic Auxiliary
  • Post date: Apr 16, 2011
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Poly Aluminum Chloride in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Henan Huaquan Water Supply Material General Factory
Address: Tian Ming Road
Region: Zheng Zhou, Henan, China
Contact Person: Ms. Stacy Yu
Telephone: 86-0371-86061822

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